Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wardrobe Malfunction

Closeup from Pink & Wrinkly more photos and story there.

"Olympic gold medalist Ricky Berens split the backside of his bodysuit just before his heat in the world championships in Rome, but decided to swim anyway. He won. Unrelated to Berens' butt-crack, swimming's governing body decided today to ban the full bodysuits in future competitions after numerous speed records were broken thanks to their high-tech materials."

Source: Joe.My.God

It is about time they disallowed those suits as many long held records have been broken already. It is too bad they can't go back and swim those races over again. Better late than never?


Stan said...

Only the skimpy speedo bikini style should be allowed. The skimpier the better! Hell make them wear thongs!

Anonymous said...

I agree Sue. Soon they will be sticking rockets up their you know
wheres and blasting down the pool.

Its becoming a joke with all these
new speed enhancing suits and whatever.

I thought that picture was phony first time I saw it because the guy
beside him is not even off the mark
hardly. His hands are still down LOL

Your prairie friend Jim

Sue said...

I think all swimmers, male and female should swim in the nude. Then nobody could cheat.

Pick said...

I'm with you on that one Sue ... said that on another post about this last night actually.

Had swimming been part of the original Greek games, for damn sure they would have been nude. I'm all for authenticity! ;o{)

Cristiano Mancini said...

What a great image ! That ass is hard and sculptured as a work of art !

Sue said...

Cristiano - Ah yes! Did I ever tell you that my husband was a swimmer??? His butt is still pretty good! Though I can only dream of how he looked in his college years or when he was doing masters' swimming... We went to the pool just yesterday! So we are working on it!

Ray Avito said...

I've been listening to the championships from Rome on Universal Sports so now I'm thinking I should've been watching instead of just listening...

Anonymous said...

Cute naked tushie - almost looks like a new SLICK IT GEAR suit !

Patric said...

Does this mean the speedo is gonna make a comeback? (crossing fingers)

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Dillinger said...

You know what I find that pretty lame.
Sure records were busted, but guess what records are made to be broken just like egg shells.
It's a futuristic technology advancements.
Look at Rowing...the technology of the boats of have changes, even the material of the paddles. If records are being broke fast in rowing... should they ban all the new boats? You know give them Canoes and wooden paddles instead?
All Swimmers are on a level playing field in the olympics. The country and sponsors are sinking money into them like a Cock to an Ass. So they all can afford the fancy suits.
Personally I prefer the bodysuit over the speedo...sorry STAN..I still love you.
But I'm talking from personal expirence. Your skin is less irritated from the chlorine.
But thats just me.