Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oh Porn Crush, Where Art Thou?

Gee, I wonder what my porn crush, Francesco D'Macho, was up to during Pride weekend in San Francisco. I checked his blog, and it has not been updated. What a bad boy, not updating Machotube! Bad boy Francesco! It was not until yesterday that the Hot House blog posted these photographs showing what a bad boy my porn crush had been over that weekend. What a bad boy! Having all that fun and not posting about it. Well, I will do it for him. Tsk, tsk. Some things are best done by one’s self. So here we go:

Here he is! You can see him on the right of his colleagues, of course he is the sexiest one of the bunch. Oh, Francesco, you are who I want to see coming to rescue me! Carry me off with your big strong arms! Love the sun glasses; very European and classy. I volunteered once for the fire department, and I looked nothing like that in the turnouts....

There seems to be a wardrobe malfunction in this shot. Butt, Francesco is the second from the left. See how high and tight and firm he is compared to everyone else. Okay boys, turn around!

Sigh. Francesco is a god. Look at that body. Lordy! I don't know anyone else that could take a fireman's coat and make it into such a sexy wardrobe item. Look at that expression on his face; it says I've got what you want and I know it. Come and get it. Maybe, just maybe, I'll give it to you. By the way, that is a vintage Fire Truck that the boys are posing on.

Here he is pretending that the huge water gun is an extension of his, er, you know. The thing he should have won a Grabby for but got ripped off. Sigh. His is beautiful by the way. So thick, so long so perfect. Makes me want to li... Oh! What am I saying? That was close. This is just a fantasy and we are each spoken for. (Je suis très dèsolé Monsieur Sagat. )

Here is my porn crush cooling the crowd down with a super soaker. I am sure they needed it and not just from the hot day either.

So that is what my porn crush was up to last Sunday during Pride. If you would like to see more photos, go to the Hot House Blog. Gotta go swoon now. This old girl is due for lie down and I just wonder who she will be thinking of?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 4, Egyptian Escapade

I awoke the next morning to the bright Egyptian sunshine streaming into my windows and creating beautiful shadows through the lattice work covering them. I stretched to my full length and felt great. I sat up and put my toes on the soft pile of the Egyptian carpet at the foot of my bed. It was going to be a great day. I showered, dressed and went down the hall to meet Ernst for breakfast.

He looked very happy to see me as well. His eyes shone bright and so did his smile. We dined on the same soft boiled eggs and falafel as did Roble and Mr. Butterfly earlier that same morning. We also had hot tea. Today we were going to tour the farms. I couldn’t wait.

We went outside and got into his truck; he opened my door for me, and we drove off towards the fields. Everything seemed to be in bloom. The artichokes were explosions in purple. I had never seen those in bloom before and I had to get out of the truck and take a closer look. Seeing an entire field of them was quite impressive. Ernst was proud to have shown me something I had never seen before.

I also got to see whole fields of Echinacea and chamomile in bloom. They were also growing hibiscus and peanuts.

Native workers were out tending the fields and we also saw some large combines used for composting driving across the fields.

We then pulled into a modern building used as an office. Ernst and I got out of the truck and went into the building. While there, Ernst gave me an overview of the operation from seed into ground, to the plant in bloom, to the field harvest, to the dollar coming back in. It was fascinating. I asked some intelligent questions that resulted in small changes in the flow of the operations and earned remarks from Ernst like, “You’ve already earned your stay with that one comment.” So I was feeling pretty good about my contribution. When we were done, it was late afternoon and almost time for dinner. I felt woozy with hunger all of the sudden, having eaten nothing since breakfast and only having drunk some tea and munched on some almonds and dates.

Ernst and I drove quickly back to the house for dinner. Though I was starving, Ernst insisted that I bathe before dinner. So I went to my room and had a nice bath. I luxuriated in it. I got all soapy, and then I put some fancy almond milk oil on my skin that I found in the bathroom. It felt wonderful. I put on a beautiful coral toned sleeveless silk shift that I thought Ernst would appreciate, with cameo earrings I bought on my last trip to Naples and Spanish leather slides with small heels. I was ready. I headed for the dinning room.

Ernst was dressed in a collared dress shirt with long sleeves and slacks, leather loafers and no socks. God, he looked sexy. If he was for dinner, I was going to eat my fill!

“You look absolutely gorgeous Sue! I love that dress. Is it silk?”

“Of course. You’re no slouch either there! So, are you the dinner entrée or will there be actual food?”

The ubiquitous Nuri

He laughed politely and signaled to Nuri. In came the trays of food. It was a veritable feast of Egyptian specialties. I tried not to eat too much, but it was difficult. Everything was so delicious! I complimented the chef, who turned out to be Nuri. I wondered just how many other talents did the ubiquitous Nuri had? After dinner we retired to the living room with our wine.

Ernst put Begin the Beguine by Cole Porter on and asked me to dance with him. How could I refuse? When I stood and walked to where he was standing, he held me closer than he was supposed to though. But I was glad. We held each other tightly, like we were in high school, our arms wrapped around each other. But he could dance; his foot work was correct. His hands traveled up and down my back and mine traveled over his. His head drew back and I knew he wanted to kiss me. So I drew my head back too and tilted it to the right. He tilted to the opposite direction and our lips met. His were soft, so soft. I could feel him exhale through his nose onto my face and I loved it. He opened his mouth a little and I opened mine, he gently put his tongue into my mouth and I allowed it in. I felt a bit dizzy as blood went south suddenly and I felt a swoon coming on. I let myself go a little limp in his arms to let him know that he was affecting me in this way. He held me tighter and I knew that he understood as I sucked on his tongue just a little bit. Suddenly, he just lifted me up, like I weighed nothing and carried me off towards my room.

When we got there he laid me on the bed gently and asked me if I was okay with his being there. I said that I was. He took off his shoes and he slipped off mine and he joined me on the bed. We resumed kissing right away. He plunged his tongue into my mouth and I reciprocated. He stroked the length of my leg from my foot up to my thigh, lifting the hem of my dress to my thong panties and placed his hips on top of mine. I could feel the hardness of his erection pressing on my pubis. That needed to be released from its clothing right away. So I put my hand down to undo his belt and slacks. He lifted up a bit and did not stop me. I got the belt undone, and unzipped his slacks. Meanwhile, he unbuttoned his shirt. Then he rolled off of me so I could see what I was doing. God, he was a beautiful man. What a body! I just had to lick him all over. I began at his neck and licked my way down to his sternum, then to his nipple and pectoral. He was writhing with pleasure already and got his arms out of his shirt. I grabbed the waist of his slacks and pulled them down over his hips, exposing his silk boxers, as I continued licking my way down his pleasure trail. At the top of his boxers, I paused and licked a line across the top. He suppressed a scream of agony that I had paused there. He impatiently pulled them down exposing his thick uncut hardon in a bushy nest of hair, which bounced around a bit. It was too tempting to ignore, so I kissed the head and swallowed as much as I could. He kind of moaned a bit as if that was what he was waiting for. I bobbed my head up and down as sloppily as possible, drooling all over him. With my left hand, I played with his nuts and with my right hand I stroked his shaft smearing my drool all over. He began flexing his legs and curling his toes, plus he rolled his head back, so I was pretty sure I was doing a good job.

But I was still fully dressed. After a short while he came back to himself and said, “Oh, Sue. I feel so selfish. Let me help you undress.”

Then he stood, lost what was left of his pants and shorts, helped me pull the dress off (there were no fastenings on it) and remove my scanty under things. He admired my naked body with his eyes, smiled and we hugged. I handed him a condom and he looked a bit embarrassed that I had one. But, he put it on. He sat on the edge of the bed and bade me come and sit on his lap facing him. I did so and that is how he penetrated me. He gently lowered me down on his erection and it felt so good to feel him enter me. I just wanted to scream with the satisfaction of it; I had wanted him inside me so badly from the first time I set eyes upon him. Then he stood and leaned me up against a pillar. I helped him by holding onto his meaty shoulders and wrapping my legs around his waist and posting on him as if he was a fine Arabian stallion while he made love to me up against the pillar. The great thing about it was that gravity was working for us, so every time he pushed up, gravity helped with the force to make me come. I was able to help him until I began to lose control with my excitement. Then he took over, holding me in place and pumping up into me. In no time I came; big time, loudly and with abandon. My spasms were so hard he had to fight to stay inside me. Then he came with a groan of pleasure. When we were done, he carried me back to the bed while he was still inside me. We laid side-by-side and gazed into each others’ eyes. He leaned forward and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. He said, “I think I could get used to having you in my bed Sue.” Then he smiled and I smiled back, not quite knowing what to say.

We slept through the night peacefully in each others’ arms. By the time we awoke it was past 8 AM and the sun was up. We had slept in after our long day yesterday. I turned and Ernst was also awake and beautiful in the morning sun. We moved closer to kiss, when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?”, called Ernst.

“It is I, Nuri.”, replied Nuri. “Sir there is an emergency. May I enter?”


The door opened and Nuri came in.

“Sir. Dr. Castagno and Mr. Butterfly were abducted last night from the house where they were staying.”

“Last night! And we are only hearing of it now!”

“Sir, the owner and his wife were beaten, gagged and tied up and only found by the neighbors this morning.”

“And Odji?”

“Gone. We must assume he was in on it.”

Ernst was sitting up in bed now. “That boy! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him with his name meaning evil!”

I said, “Are we going to call the police?”

“No. Not for this. Trust me. They are not who we want. Nuri, get me Basim on the phone.”

“Yes sir, right away.” With that Nuri rushed away.

“Basim, who is Basim?”

“He is my head of security.”

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Happy Pride! Here are all the Hot House Hotties on their Fire Truck to bring the heat to your dreams tonight! Mine is right in the middle... see him... oooh! Francesco! Baby, I am all yours! Light my fire! Which one is your hottie?

Honduran Hooky - Part 1, Arrival in Honduras

In 2004, I had been back to work for 5 years since my brain surgery in 1999 and it had become a drudgery. I was exhausted and really needed a break. So Sean and I planned a vacation with the Woody and Katy and the rest of the dive group. We planned for some "Honduran Hooky"!

Click on images to enlarge

For Sean, Woody and Katy it was a first trip to a Third World Country. We planned to visit the Mayan ruins in
Copan for a few days before meeting up with the dive group in Roatan for the balance of the trip. Our departure date was February 11, 2004 and we arranged for a native guide, Carlos, to meet us at the airport and drive us to Copan.

We flew down on American Airlines through
Miami and found our next gate without problem. We relaxed over tiny cups of café Cubano while waiting for our connecting flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The Miami Airport construction had been completed and all was in order there, unlike our previous visits where we had to run through a maze to make our flights. The next leg of the flight continued with out incident to San Pedro Sula. We deplaned and the airport seemed a very controlled environment in that there weren't many people around. We soon found out why. We collected our bags from the conveyor belt and turned around and could see that the relatives of arrivals and riffraff were all behind the ropes and not allowed into the airport proper at all. It was a solid mass of people and pretty much daunting to think of wading into it.


But there at the front was a man with a sign with our names. He was neatly dressed in a short sleeve shirt and slacks and had a mix of a Mayan and Hispanic facial features. We went over to him and he introduced himself as our guide, Carlos. We introdu
ced ourselves. He helped us with our heavier bags and began to lead us out of the airport. On our way out, we were beset by people begging and selling little hand made dolls. There were adults, and families and children selling dolls. I and the men ignored them and I advised Katy to do the same. But Katy, who is a big softy, could not ignore the kids. She bought some dolls from a little girl. That was all the encouragement needed for her to attract a swarm of people begging and selling these little dolls. But we were close to our van now, and she was able to escape them by getting in.

A little girl selling the same dolls in Copan.

She looked a bit embarrassed, but said, "At least I got something for my money." as she showed us the dolls she had bought.

Carlos got all of our stuff stowed in the van and we got on our way. He was very friendly and humorous and quite the story teller. But it was
midday in San Pedro Sula, and we hit traffic leaving the city. So he told us about the high unemployment in Honduras and about the economy and about politics in general. We did see an inordinate number of healthy adults just standing around looking like they had nothing to do. He explained that in the smaller towns, police and army presences had been beefed up to control general unrest from these unoccupied people. But, it was felt and hoped that they would not make trouble for tourists, since tourism was a large part of the Honduran economy. But, there was a fear that Honduras was coming to resemble a police state.

The other issue Carlos discussed with us was child labor. He said that we would see little children at work. He explained that a 5 year old child could earn money in one day that was equivalent to that of an adult, and could be useful for his family just by picking coffee beans and filling a basket. So families would tend to send all of their children off to work rather than send them to school because they could not afford not to. There was no work for adults, but plenty for children. He said that he hated seeing the lazy adults stand around and send their children off to work.

Finally the traffic broke and we got out of
San Pedro Sula and began the 160 km (99.4 miles) drive up into the tropical green hills towards Copan. The first little town we came to had a military checkpoint where all vehicles were stopped my men in uniforms with machine guns, and some vehicles were searched. We were stopped, but Carlos showed his tour guide papers and we were allowed to proceed without further ado.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Another evening is upon us my friends. What shall we dream about tonight? Shall we dream of this muscle god pleasuring us? See his huge pectorals, shoulders and arms and soft, soft skin. The firm grasp of his large manly hand as it grips his... what is that he's gripping? How the rest of the evening goes is up to you.

Photo credit: Brawny Stud

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Greetings gentle readers and good evening. Our gentleman tonight is ready for your sensual pleasure. Does he not look ready? Eyes closed, head back, he is naked and willing, almost in a trance. How will you begin? What will you do next?

Photo credit: Brawny Stud

Sophomore Year - Part 3, The Bodybuilder

It was about mid-semester and I went up to Cornell to visit Tom again on a Friday night. I hung out at the Frat, playing pool with my brother and waiting for Tom to show up. He was uncharacteristically late. He strolled in around 10 pm and we went upstairs together. We stripped unceremoniously and he got on top of me and banged away until he was done, rolled off and went to sleep. It was completely unromantic and I felt as if we had been married for years. He sure wasn’t interested in talking about it the next day. His attitude was that I was expecting too much from him. I was pretty angry and voiced my displeasure.

That Saturday night, there was a big party at another Fraternity and I decided to go alone. I put on my best slacks and a pretty blouse, both of which I had invested in since I met my new classy roomies, and hit the party. This frat had way cooler guys than the one my brother belonged to. The frat house itself was Tudor in style. Most of the guys dressed in a preppie way and looked like they came from old money or better. I felt pretty because girls who attend Cornell are notoriously unattractive. So, I drew quite a bit of attention which was nice for a change. Cute guys were actually scoping me out!

I danced with a few guys, but this shorter body builder one really caught my eye. His name was Zach. I just wanted to touch him, his body was so entrancing. Even though he was wearing long sleeves, I could see that he was really muscular. It was obvious to me that he had done some bodybuilding. His thighs looked so thick; I just wanted to see him with his clothes off. I had never dated a bodybuilder before and was really curious. He was into me too and it didn’t take long for us to leave the party together and head to a dorm room that he had set aside in case he met someone that night.

As soon as we got into the room we began kissing furiously. He was like an animal in that his breathing became hard right away and there was a sense of urgency in all his moves. He undressed me with vigor, standing behind me and unzipping my slacks, unbuttoning my blouse. It was such a turn on. His breathing made a constant growling, grumbling noise that added an animalistic sensation to our encounter. His body was amazing. His chest was so broad and muscular, his thighs were solid muscle. I just wanted to face him and adore his naked body, the like of which I had never seen in real life before. To run my hands up and down his warm flesh and feel his huge muscles as they flexed would have been fantastic. My hands were so tiny compared to his larger muscle groups, which were so hard, like stone, but warm. He laid naked beneath me with his erection in my ass crack and played with my body as no one had before. I could feel his whole muscular body flex beneath me. He breathed in my ear roughly and had one hand on my nipple and the other one was working busily on my crotch. Every now and then his gentle kisses turned to playful, but painful bites. He claimed to have honed his technique on older women in his mom’s club in Florida. Thus he brought me to levels of ecstasy previously unknown to me. I squirmed with delight as he pleasured me. This growling and passionate animal of solid muscle beneath me, my god he was just so hot! He was like an orgasm ride, put in a quarter and get the ride of your life. But I did not have sex with him, because at that time I didn’t do that on the first date. He would only have been my second lover. Silly me.

So, I stayed the night. I used to enjoy lying curled up across his chest, around pec level with his arms circling me. But mostly we slept like spoons. He told me that there was a party the following weekend and could I come to that and I said absolutely. I was happy that we were going to see each other again so soon. He did not have all of the athletic obligations that Tom had, so we could see each other far more often.

The next morning I got dressed and it was time to go. I kissed Zach good bye but I really didn’t want to leave. He put his jeans and a shirt on and offered to walk me back to the frat. He walked me part way but was wary of going in since I had told him that my boyfriend was there and he didn’t like the idea of being beat up. So, we said our good byes again. I hugged that wide muscular body. God, I was going to miss that. I walked into the frat and who did I see on my way in? Tom. There I was in my last night’s outfit walking back in again and there was Tom. The message was clear. Our relationship was over. Tom didn’t look too upset and I sure wasn’t. I said my good byes to Verne and told him I would be up next weekend.

Zach Photo credit: Unnatural Devotions

Monday, June 25, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Late in the evening it is... here is the trick that you nodded to at the bar, come to the mens' for a hookup. How the rest of the night goes is up to you.

Photo credit: GlovdCopSF

Discovering Vasco da Gama: Mommy's New Puppy!

Mom is just thrilled with her new little ball of white fluff Portuguese Water Dog. He weighs in at 10 lbs and 4 oz and the vet says he is healthy as can be and ready for love. He is so active when awake that it is hard to take a photo that is not just a blur. So far, he enjoys sitting at mom's feet, on laps, playing with his many toys, zipping around the yard, eating his food, pooping outside (that's right, he lets her know when), peeing when and where he can, though if there's paper available he will use it. He is a friendly and loving puppy and mom is very pleased with the job that the breeder did with the puppy testing. Here is your Vasco fix:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fairview Welcomes a Hot New Link!: Brawny Stud

Welcome to Brawny Stud! The blog that is the source for most of our Pleasant Dreams and hot character photos, like Roble and Ernst from the Young Explorer Friday Fantasy series. (Most of the photos from Brawny Stud are too explicit to be shown on Fair View without our trademark rubber ducky.) Especially I would like to thank Pete for parting with this secret source of his. Thanks Pete! Without further ado, more from Brawny stud:

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

[Eep! Whose idea was it to tap this guy on the shoulder anyhow? He looks kind of scary....]

"Uh, excuse me Sir? Yes, Sir I did mean you. [Oh my god, now I'm sweating!] Um, Happy Pride!"

Photo credit: GlovedCopSF

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 3, Egyptian Escapde

Dinner conversation was pleasant and engaging. Mr. Butterfly continued to flirt shamelessly with Roble, who seemed surprisingly receptive and professional all at the same time. Afterwards, there were drinks and music and finally it was time for bed. Mr. Butterfly walked me to my room and we said our good nights. I got into my nightie, got my mystery book and went under the covers to read.

A bit later, there was a soft knock on the door. I said, "Enter." It was Mr. Butterfly.

"Oh god Sue! I am in love! I am in love with Roble! Did you see him? Is he not gorgeous? And he is an entomologist! He is perfect for me. And I get to be alone with him for a week!" Then he squealed in a girlish tone, that he would never, ever want his friends to hear, but it was okay for my ears only.

By that time he was on the side of my bed leaning towards me. "Yes, he is a real hottie! You are a very lucky man. And he also seems interested in you. That is even better. Luck is on your side my friend."

"Oh I know. I can't wait until tomorrow! How can I sleep? I am too excited to sleep! Tomorrow I go on the trip of my dreams with the man of my dreams." Then he released a deep breath of air.

"Well, you have to try to sleep. You don't want to be nodding off while he is talking, do you?"

"No. Good point. I'll go right back to my room and try. Thanks Sue!" Off he went. Good little soldier, off to bed.

* * *

Mr. Butterfly awoke the next morning after tossing and turning all night dreaming about chasing Roble in muddy Nile waters. Roble was always just out of his reach. Then with a big smile, he just slipped through his fingers and away. The young explorer's bed clothes were a tangled mess when he awoke.

But he got up and dressed for adventure. He and Roble were up way before Sue and Ernst to begin their long drive to the outer areas of the Nile Delta. He hadn't brought much in the way of collecting gear, since so little was allowed due to security on planes these days. No fluids, no tweezers, no small containers, it was really limiting. All he really had was a note book and pen. Roble was to bring everything else they needed.

Nuri was up and had a quick breakfast prepared for them. Roble showed up shortly. The two entomologists wolfed down their soft boiled eggs and falafel with plenty of hot tea. Then they headed outside to Roble’s shiny new truck. Roble just had to show off his gear to Mr. Butterfly. He had the proper equipment for collecting aquatic insects, waders, and mist nets, everything a boy could want to catch water bugs. Mr. Butterfly ohhed and ahhed as expected and Roble was visibly pleased. Then they hopped into the truck and drove off. Roble knew where he was going generally from being in the Nile Delta area, at least enough to get them to where they were meeting with the boy Odji.

They talked bugs on the way there. Pretty boring stuff if you ask me, but there it is. Of course, they were entranced with the conversation and each other. They drove to a small village with little mud brick houses and Roble pulled in front of one where a good looking boy sat. The boy stood as they stopped and got out of the truck. Roble stepped towards the boy and introduced himself and the young explorer, and the boy said that his name was Odji. Odji called out to the owner of the house and a man came forward from inside to show them in. They grabbed their things from the truck and went into the house.

It was a typical rural Egyptian house. There was a front room for guests, rooms inside for sleeping, and a kitchen and bath in the courtyard out back. Roble and Mr. Butterfly were to share a room and they dropped their stuff in that room. They thanked their host as profusely as was required and then they were on their way with Odji to the Nile to work.

Odji sat in behind them in the truck, where he gave Roble instructions on how to get to the best water strider catching spots. They weren't all that far from the house. The two men got out of the truck and put their waders on. Roble grabbed the nets and Mr. Butterfly got the collection vials and jars and packed the pockets of his waders with them. He also took his pad of paper and pen and put those into the large inside pocket. Odji sat on the bank and watched. Roble waded into the Nile, looking around for bugs. Mr. Butterfly followed him cautiously.

"Okay, so what hazards do we need to look out for here in the Nile?" asked the young explorer.

"Oh, you mean like crocodiles?"

"What???" said Mr. Butterfly excitedly. "There could be crocodiles?"

"Why of course there could be. You just have to watch out for the telltale slides in the mud to make sure that a female isn't nesting nearby and going to get angry with you for disturbing her eggs."

Mr. Butterfly began to sweat and was looking around in all directions frantically. Roble took advantage of the young explorer's near panic by sneaking up behind him, growling and grabbing him around the waist. Mr. Butterfly shrieked deafeningly and splashed as if a crocodile was really attacking him.

Roble and Odji roared with laughter. "Oh my god! You'll wake the Pharaohs in their pyramids with that shriek!" Then there was more laughter. Mr. Butterfly had some serious pout on. But he realized that he had been had but good and joined the laughter.

"Seriously, crocodiles are no joke here in the
Nile. None have been reported here in years, but we keep our eyes open. Odji is our lookout. If he sees one he will call to us. If we see one, we will run like hell. We might visit areas where there are some, but not today. Sorry I played a joke on you Mr. Butterfly. I apologize. I would never really put your life in jeopardy. Will you forgive me?" and then he batted those big brown eyes at the young explorer.

Mr. Butterfly's heart melted. "Of course Roble. Let's catch us some water striders!" So they went back to work and had a very productive and tiring day.

They returned to the house that night exhausted, famished and muddy. They stripped to their under things outside and went straight to the back of the house to shower in the court yard. The owner brought them their towels and clean clothes. The shower was only big enough for one at a time. Pity thought Mr. Butterfly who was always harboring lascivious thoughts. He was hoping to get a glimpse of Roble in his altogether. In no time Roble was finished and out and dressed and it was the young explorer's turn. He thought about Roble while he was showering. Roble's nipples were so well defined. His lower lip was so full; it just begged to be sucked on. His breath got deeper as he thought that and his manhood began to get aroused. He could picture those lips sucking on his... He could smell dinner cooking. It smelled wonderful. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He sure didn't want to use up these good people's water. So he rinsed off and dried off, dressed and got out of the shower.

Dinner was roast chicken with falafel, hummus, biram ruz (rice casserole) and strong coffee. The guests were polite and made pleasant conversation with their host as would be expected of guests. Mr. Butterfly was clueless, since he only spoke English. He just sat there and smiled and nodded. Every now and then, Roble would translate something that wasn’t really very funny, but the young explorer would laugh dutifully. Finally, it was time to retire and Roble and the young explorer made their way to their room. Odji was going to sleep in the truck bed. Mr. Butterfly was terribly excited to be sharing a room all night with Roble. All night, all alone with the gorgeous Roble. It was a dream come true.

They got to the room and closed the door. There were two low beds with mosquito netting. They faced away from each other and stripped down to their shorts. Then they each got into a bed. The room was dimly lit by a gas lamp.

"Busy day, eh?" said the young explorer trying to make conversation.

"Yes, quite. I'm all in."

"Don't be offended, but your surname sounds Spanish."

"Yes, I think it is.
Morocco is very close to Spain. I was raised Catholic also. That is why I wear this antique Crucifix and rosary that has been in my family for years."

"Yeah? Um, I can't see it that well from here."

"Then come over here and take a closer look." That was the invitation that Mr. Butterfly was waiting to hear.

So Mr. Butterfly got up out of his mosquito netting, walked the few feet to the other man's netting, got inside and kneeled down on the floor to see the old silver pendant he was wearing. It glittered in the small light available. "It is beautiful. Just like the man wearing it." Then he leaned forward to kiss Roble.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose. Chickens were squawking, women were screaming, stuff was being knocked over and the door burst open. Two huge men blocked the entry way holding guns. Without hesitation, they shot the Roble and the young explorer in the thighs with darts. Then they chuckled. "We thought we would find you two in way more of a compromising situation than that boys!"

Mr. Butterfly could feel the tranquilizer hotly rushing through his system, and he knew it was a matter of moments before he would lose consciousness. So with a mighty effort, he climbed up next to Roble on the bed and fell into his waiting arms and blacked out.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Come and get it!

Photo credit: Brawny Stud

A Puppy for Mommy - Part 8, And the Winner Is...


You may remember him from the final four, and then wonder how he was eliminated when we went to three. Well, it turns out that some folks that had bought show pups from the breeders earlier, put dibs on him because of his looks. He has one completely black eye, and the other eye has black around it, which is desirable in a show dog. But, when they met Winston, the all white dog, the fell in love with his temperament and wanted him. So, that means that Ears became available.

Four spot tested on the Volhard puppy test to have no personality at all, while black head tested to be a complete brute who runs over everybody. Keep in mind that he will also be a large dog, since he is the biggest in the litter and he will then require a man to handle him.

So this is ears as he looked on June 18th. He is all white, except for the markings on his ears and head. His personality is affable and even tempered. Mom is thrilled that she is getting a show quality dog. She picks him up at 5 PM on Friday (tomorrow!). She said yesterday that she is having a baby without being pregnant. Now, there is a thought! She has been so depressed and lonely without Smokey. I know Vasco will be the answer for her.

She will send me photos of her receiving her new puppy and I will post them as soon as I get them. Promise!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

So here it is evening again and the sun has gone down. Now I ask you, how helpful do you think this little acrobatic move would be in your boudoir? Hmmmmm?

Pleasant dreams darlings!

Pieces of Eight

Okay. I was fairly tagged by Ryan over at Stunning Sexy Guys. Anyhow, here are eight things that you don't know about me:

1) The owner of my husbands’ architectural firm (in the 80’s) broke my left index finger playing volleyball, when I went down to dig a return and he jumped up over me in a vain effort to make a return. I never told him and just grinned and bore it. Shortly thereafter I had an interview to be a safety coordinator and went to it with my fingers all taped up. I got the job anyhow.

2) I developed small stretch marks on my upper thighs when I was 16 and weighed all of 95 pounds (43 kgs). I noticed them during synchronized swim practice and was really upset. They are the only stretch marks I have today at age 50 and 115 pounds (52 kgs).

3) I studied the French language in junior and senior high school and in college. This is about all I can manage: Bonjour Jeanne. Comment vas tu? Très bien merci et tois? Pas mal merci…But, drop me in France and it all comes back to me pretty quickly.

4) I currently volunteer for 2 hours a week at my local library where I put protective covers on hard cover and paperback books. I also apply spine labels and bar code labels. I love working there. Yesterday they offered me a job that would entail using the computer. But I told them I could not work for money or I would lose my Social Security Disability paycheck but asked that they teach me to use the computer anyhow. They are looking into it.

5) During one summer home from college, I climbed really high up in my favorite sycamore tree. A tree branch snapped under one of my feet and I plunged through the tree with branches snapping across my back the whole way down. At last there were only a few branches left to go and I caught the last two with my hands to keep me from hitting the ground. I had fallen a good 15 – 20 feet. So I hung there for a while and then dropped out of the tree and went into the house. My mom was there and saw me and said, “Susie, what happened? You are white as a sheet.” I explained and she couldn’t believe it until she saw the red marks across my back where the branches had hit me. (Did I ever mention that I was a gymnast on the uneven parallel bars?)

6) Sean and I were demolishing a fireplace hearth where a wood stove once sat from our living room. We had already used a jackhammer to loosen the bricks and we were grabbing armfuls and dumping them off of the porch. Sean had just come back in and told me not to lean on the porch railing because it was really weak and I knew it was not supported by any balusters. So, stupid me, what is the first thing I go and do? I grab an armload of bricks and swing the load weight and mine right off the porch and through the god dam railing and the railing gives way, of course. I let go of the bricks and go flying off the porch. But I had the wherewithal to grab the post as I was flying off into space and that swung me around and back towards the porch where my knees slammed into the porch floor, as I grabbed the opposite rail. There I hung while Sean ran out of the house and grabbed my wrists and exclaimed, “I’ve got you!!!” But, my toes were on the ground anyhow. (Did I ever mention that I was a gymnast on the uneven parallel bars?)

7) I used to be quite the artist. It all started when I was quite young and continued through my adulthood where at I participated in shows at my company and at local museums. I used to do pen and ink, water color, and sculpture. Pointillism with a fine point ink pen was a particular specialty of mine. But that all ended after my brain surgery. I had some hand tremors and loss of hand eye coordination that make me unsure of the result. My hand writing is far worse than it was before by surgery and on some days I could not even use chop sticks. Using those as indicators gives me pause as to how good my drawings might be. Someday perhaps I will get back to it as I gradually improve over time.

8) I just started riding my bicycle again. I had stopped after my surgery because my balance wasn’t good enough. I would get on and just fall right over to the right. I tried again a couple of years later and just felt too shaky to be comfortable riding. Well, it is good enough now to ride my Reagan era Peugeot mountain bike and I am hoping that riding it will improve my balance. I am a bit shaky yet. Some day I will get back on my carbon fiber Trek touring bike, even if it kills me.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

This photo is dedicated to Synrgy for overcoming his fear of water yesterday. Now this dream can become a reality for him. But tonight, let's all dream of this fantasy.

Congratulations Synrgy!

Sophomore Year - Part 2, Organic Chemistry Lab

In the laboratory section of organic chemistry I had Dr, Swinehart. He was rather aptly named, although his name should have been 'swineheart', because he was truly a pig at heart. He was just a dirty old man. He would sidle up to all the pretty girls in the lab; it was pretty disgusting if you ask me. But he was harmless. He was also your typical absent minded professor who was close to retirement age.

Thus, he had trouble taking attendance. There were three young men who had an agreement where only one would show up to lab per week, and that one would say, "Here!" when for all three names. Dr. Swinehart never caught on. Their favorite trick to play on him was to throw a pellet of metalic sodium in a sink behind him while he was leaning on it so it would explode and he would jump. Very funny.

I used to love organic lab because of the glassware. We all received a brand new kit when we entered class. It was so pretty and functional.

A typical organic chemistry glass ware kit

At first I was intimidated, but that soon passed and then I was just having a good old time. I used to love trying to discover what unknowns were by purifying them. (Of course I had already prepared them on my job with the chemistry department.) I followed all the prescribed analytical steps and then finally got to the pretty crystals at the end on top of the filter paper on top of the Buchner funnel. It was always so rewarding.

A buchner funnel

Dr. Swinehart also taught us to use the gas chromatograph in our lab.

A gas chromatograph. Note the tank of hydrogen to the left.

We ran some samples through it and then were supposed to find out what they were and tell him. So there I was running an unknown and standing in front of the gas chromatograph and next to the tank of hydrogen when he comes up and traps me there with his body (he was tall and bulky), points to the three peaks on the paper and says, "This one is benzene, this is toluene, and that is xylene." Then he walks away. A few minutes later, my trace is finished and I remove it from the feeder and then next student is ready to use the machine. So I walk to the front of the lab and hand him my trace. He says, "Please identify the three peaks."

I say, "This one is benzene, this is toluene, and this is xylene."

He says, "That is amazing! How did you know that?"

I said, "Dr. Swinehart, you just told me what they were."

He got a puzzled look on his face. "How are you doing in the lecture part of this class?"

"I think I am going to get an A."

"Oh. I guess I'd better be thinking about giving you a better grade here then."

Then I looked puzzled. What was he thinking?

The other thing about organic chemistry is the other students used to bug me because I knew what their unknowns were. So, when they finished identifying them, they would come up to me to see if they got them right. I usually gave them a head shake or some other subtle indicator. The ones who were wrong were usually so far off, it was a lost cause. The professors thought that since I worked for the chemistry department I needed a real challenge and they spent their time concocting unknowns that would puzzle me to no end. Boy did they; I was never able to identify one. But, I still got a B+ in the lab section of organic chemistry.