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Francesco D'Macho's Message on World AIDS Day

This video is called "Awareness" and was posted by Francesco D'Macho today. He asks that we help by contributing to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS and you can do that by clicking the PayPal button on Francesco's blog.

Friday Fantasy - Part 11, Ecuadorian Equinox

Pete told Mr. Butterfly that dinner was ready and to get Allen. So, Mr. Butterfly went to the back of the tent and called Allen who seemed to be sleeping. He shook him a bit and could not rouse him. “Allen!” He said firmly. “Wake up!” There was no response. He checked for breathing and it was shallow.

“Pete! Something is wrong with Allen! Come quick!”

Pete rushed to the back of the tent and said “What?”

“I cannot wake him up. His breathing is shallow.”

Pete checked Allen’s pulse at his neck, which was sluggish and looked into his eyes, saw the pinprick pupils and said “It is an overdose. Where you guys doing drugs?”

“I wasn’t. But I don’t know about him.”

“Go make coffee. I gotta get something outta my bag.”

Pete rushed to the front of the tent and then came back. He had a glass ampule and a syringe. He gently broke off the top of the ampule drew out a dose and gave Allen a shot in the arm. Then he proceeded to slap Allen’s face. By that time, Mr. Butterfly had come back.

“What did you give him?”, asked Mr. Butterfly.

“Narcan. It should bring him around if he took an opiate.”

Slowly, Allen began to come around. He said “Leave me alone!”, as he tried weakly to push Pete away.

“No way! Tell me where your junk is asshole!” Pete commanded.

“Fuck you Pete!”

Pete slapped Allen hard. “You fucktard! Tell me where it is or I will slap you silly! I will not run an illegal base camp!”

Allen began to sob and pointed to where his stash was. Pete said to Mr. Butterfly “Bring him some coffee now.” Pete went and got the heroin bags so that he could dump them in the river.

* * *

After a long struggle, Chuck and Oscar managed to untie each other. Oscar said “I will trail them without being detected. I can do that much. Then we will know where they are. You run to base camp and get Pete.”

Chuck said “Agreed.”

“We will rendezvous here in 48 hours time.”


Each man set off at a run in opposite directions.

* * *

We walked at a forced march for nearly three hours. Then we stopped. Iodized water was passed around. There seemed to be a plan afoot. The leader was to break off from the main group and take me to a safe place to be held in wait for pick up. The remainder of the group was to move on and arrange for the money drop. The discussion was all in Spanish, but that was what I was able to glean. So, I went with the leader in a direction that was lower in altitude. At least he spoke English. I began to relax a bit and decided to start a conversation after we had walked for an hour or so.

“Um, my name is Sue. What is yours?”

He looked at me with angry heated eyes that softened a bit when he saw my face. He said “Cristo. My name is Cristo.”

“Cristo. That is a religious name. You are named after Christ our Lord.”

“Si. That is so.”

But he continued to seem to be really angry.

“Why are you angry with me Cristo?”

“You are what we would call puta in Spanish if you sleep with two men at the same time. I’m sorry; I don’t know the English word for it.”

I knew what he meant, but didn’t want to tell him the word was slut. “Um, I don’t think you understand Cristo. We didn’t have any sex. I just get cold at night. I know it is probably difficult to believe, but we were sharing our body heat to keep me warm.”

“Right. And I am Mickey Mouse.”

Then he laughed. It always surprises me how well American humour travels worldwide. He must have watched some American television when he was a boy.

“You’ll see tonight when I am shivering uncontrollably.”, I replied wishing I had a wittier comeback.

He just continued to laugh.

* * *

At base camp, everyone was sound asleep when Chuck came running in at a full gallop to report that Sue had been kidnapped and was being held for a million dollars ransom by Columbian Guerrillas. Pete awoke immediately and got on his radio to call in Austin’s group to report back to base camp ASAP. As it was, William would have to limp back as he was not completely recovered from his altitude sickness.

A plan of response was formulated quickly. Pete would depart immediately with the GPS to find the camp at 3200 meters north where he would rendezvous with Oscar at 48 hours. Chuck would stay at base camp to guard Mr. Butterfly and Allen and rest. As soon as they arrived at base camp the guys from the south camp and other non-military personnel would be sent to Quito for safety under the supervision of José. Austin and Chuck would then rejoin the hunt with Pete. The Ecuadorian Army would not be called in until Sue was recovered.

Mr. Butterfly chimed in here.

“I will not be sent away while Sue is in captivity. She is my friend. I will not leave her in her time of need. I want to go and save her.”

“That’s great Mr. B, but you’ll get your ass shot off. I am in charge and I forbid it.”, replied Pete.

“May I at least stay at base camp?”

“Well, let’s wait and see how long it takes for the south group to get here and decide then. Okay?”


Fresh radios and machine guns were dispensed as needed to all ex-military personnel. Chuck was briefed on the situation at base camp. Pete began his mission to rendezvous with Oscar at 3200 meters north camp.

* * *

Pete thought to himself, I am just getting to fucking old for this shit, as he hurried up the mountain at a good trot. It was fortunate that he took the time to train at altitude. Now that preparation was paying off. The directions from Chuck were pretty straight forward. Chuck might not have his head on straight about women, but he gave bang up directions in the woods. Pete would need to head at this pace and bearing for 8 more hours and he would be there.

Pete could feel his old shrapnel injury acting up. He ignored it like a good Marine. He focused on the goal; finding and rescuing Sue. He peered through the underbrush to see his footing, so that he wouldn’t slip and fall. But this trail, made by a tapir was pretty good. It was guaranteed to get tougher later.

* * *

I began to shiver uncontrollably again. I had no sleeping bag, so I wasn’t surprised at all. We had walked an entire day, but Cristo found us a camp with a small hidden cave.

The entrance was behind densely hanging vines and could not be seen at all. There was a small spring for water also. He had a simple blanket that he folded in two to use for a sleeping bag, and I had nothing. We lay on the bare ground in the cave to sleep. The air was so humid and dank I felt as if I would never be dry and warm again.

“Cristo, I am very cold.”

He opened his eyes and looked at me. There was enough moonlight from the mouth of the cave for him to see that my lips were turning blue.

“You really weren’t kidding. Come here and sleep with me.” He opened his blanket so that I could get in. I was a bit afraid that he would take advantage of me, but not really. I got in and he was very warm. He held me close with one arm around my waist and his crotch was in my butt. I fully expected him to get an erection, but he didn’t. That made me wonder; could he possibly be gay?

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Afternoon Delight

I'm back and I brought toys! Life size male dolls just for my readers (fully operational, no batteries or assembly required)! Aren't I thoughtful! Christmas is early this year!

Photo Credit: So Slowly

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Pleasant Dreams

Have pleasant dreams while I am away!

Photo credit: Caballero

Gay Bloggies Challenge #4: The Vanity Shots

Okay, it is time to vote for your favorite blogger's vanity shots here. Or you can go straight to Chris' shots and vote for him here. Also, I was impressed with Richard's shots and you could vote for him here. Voting ends on November 27th.

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Pleasant Dreams

Dream of this: A fruitful jungle exploration leads to this discovery. An unusual creature in a sarong. We follow him to get a closer look.

He pauses, we catch up as he removes the sarong to bathe. Are you taking notes? Hey! You are supposed to be taking notes! You know, for science.

Oh, just shut up.

Photo credit: So Slowly

Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 10, Ecuadorian Equinox

I was at 3200 meters collecting a very interesting patch of moss containing Teagueia, when I heard machine gun fire. I instinctively dropped to the ground from my crouching position to lying down. The fire was returned. My breathing quickened. The gun battle continued. I dare not go anywhere; I just maintained my cover, which was negligible. I was alone. I thought it must be Chuck, for he was the only one that had a machine gun. But who was firing at him?

I felt a presence behind me, and someone said “No mover Señora por favor.” I noticed the barrel of a machine gun at my ear. I eased my hands up around my head in surrender. The gun battle continued in the distance.

“Despertar.” The voice commanded. I didn’t understand, so I glanced behind me, and the single gunman was gesturing with his machine gun for me to get up. So I did. He looked military, but not Ecuadorian. He looked kind of like a Columbian Guerrilla. But if he was, he sure had strayed far from home.

“Despacio.” He said. I had no idea what that meant. I kept my hands in the air while he patted me down for weapons. I was terrified. Then he stuck his gun butt in my back and pushed me forward toward the gun fight. So I walked towards it. Eventually I saw his buddies on the ground shooting at Chuck’s position. He kicked one of their feet and gestured to me. The guy smiled and stopped shooting.

He called out in a loud voice with a distinct South American Spanish accent “Stop firing. We have your woman. One more shot and she gets it!” Then they pointed a machine gun at my head. Chuck immediately stopped firing. “Throw out your gun and surrender!”

Chuck tossed out his machine gun and stood up. He raised his arms in surrender. A couple of the guerrillas, there were four in all, ran over to search him. When that was done, they tied his hands behind his back and forced him to kneel. They took me over to kneel beside him. They looked through all of our stuff, which wasn’t much, since we were out for a day hike from our camp to collect moss. Were they just going to rob us and let us go? Where was Oscar? Would they find our camp?

* * *

Allen really thought that Mr. Butterfly had been too rough on him earlier this morning. It’s not like he had committed a crime or anything. So he got a bit selfish in pursuit of his own sexual satisfaction. Like that never happened to Mr. Butterfly before. But to say that the sexual part of their relationship was over, that was going too far! The nerve of him! Just who did he think he was?

He would show that Mr. Butterfly that he was wanted! He would land that Oscar dude when he came back from his trip with Sue. That is what he would do. Ha! He would steal that big dicked Oscar right from under his nose! Ha!

But for right now, Allen was stinging from the rejection from Mr. Butterfly. It was harder on him than he would have liked to admit. It hurt him right to the bone. It brought back all of the old memories of his ex-boyfriend who overdosed on intravenous heroin. He just could not control his ex’s drug habit. He just could not control Mr. Butterfly. He told himself that he, Allen, was not a heroin addict, because he only snorted it and not since his ex had overdosed. He searched through his bags for the new stash he bought on the streets in Quito. Columbian heroin is the best or so he had heard. He had not had a chance to test it in his lab back home. Nor would he. At home it was easy to test in the lab available in his institution without anybody being the wiser. After all, it was a drug lab. But bringing drugs across international borders was a serious crime and not worth the risk, so this stash would go untested. Now that Mr. Butterfly had moved his sleeping bag to the front of the huge tent, no one was near enough to see what he was doing way back here. So, he snorted the contents of one dime bag.

Five minutes later, euphoria. He lay on his sleeping bag, and entered another world, where what people thought of him made no difference whatsoever.

* * *

“Where is your camp gringo?”, said the lead guerrilla to Chuck.

But Chuck was not talking. “Tell me where your camp is or I hit the Señora.” He emphasized this by grabbing my hair.

Chuck said “I will take you there.”

So we all got up to go back to camp. In no time we were there. The guerrillas went through all of our stuff in the better part of an hour. When they found our three sleeping bags zipped into one, they leered at me. Then the leader said “We have found three sleeping bags, and three packs, but only two of you. Where is the third person? I assume he is close by. Actually I assume he can hear us now and will appear if I threaten to hurt this woman.”

Then he hit me hard with the back of his hand in my mouth, splitting my lip. It hurt like a mother fucker and I could taste my own blood. “I will hit her again if you do not come out.” His hand went back again to hit me, but Oscar came out of hiding with his hands up.

Two guerrillas went out to search him too then led him over to kneel with us. They tied his hands behind his back.

After taking a knife and pistol away from him, the guerrillas went off a short distance to discuss the situation. They came back a short while later. The leader spoke.

“We think that you are part of a small band of plant collectors here in the jungle. There are other bands too. But not close by. That is why you have a radio. We mean you no harm. But we need money and you have none. So, we will take your woman for ransom. Do not follow us. We will contact you by radio for the location to make the exchange in a week’s time. That will give you time to raise the money. We want a million dollars for her. We will take your radio also. Adios amigos.”

Then they grabbed me and pushed me along with their machine guns and we left. I looked back at Oscar and Chuck still tied up and on their knees. I was terrified. How would they help me?

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Gay Bloggies: Challenge 3 Guiltiest Pleasures

Please go to the Gay Bloggies Challenge #3, Guiltiest Pleasures and vote for your favorite blogger's entry here.

Or, you could skip reading all of the entries and go straight to Chris' entry and vote for him here!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Fair View

Sean and I are staying home this Thanksgiving and I am so bored with turkey and goose that this year I have requested that Sean make his spectacular canard à l'orange. (Sean does virtually all of our cooking. Can I pick a man or what? His Yorkshire pudding is to die for.)

He has always used Julia Child's recipe for the duck and it comes out fabulous every time. The skin is always crispy and tangy with the zest of orange.

He used to use the remainder of the orange and some Grand Marnier to make chocolate mousse. But I have sworn off chocolate now that I have migraines. I suppose we will have to think of something else. Maybe we will make a cake or a pie.

I will be visiting my mother and her new puppy, Vasco, from Monday to Thursday next week, so there will be no posts then. But I will return with lots of photos.

Fair View wishes you all a warm, safe and happy holiday season this Thanksgiving no matter where you live in the World.

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Pleasant Dreams

These Brawny Studs are wishing you pleasant dreams tonight. I would think that seeing their images would help you reach a state of bliss of some kind. What in particular is up to you. Anyone care to specify how these images make them feel?

Movie Review: His Secret Life (Fate Ignorante)

Antonia, played by Margherita Buy, is an AIDS doctor whose husband is killed in a car accident. She is quite morose, until she discovers a painting with an inscription on the back that leads her to think that he was having an affair. She then begins to seek his lover. The painting leads her to an apartment filled with homosexuals and transgenders. But she continues to assume that her husband was having an affair with a woman. I found this part of the movie to be not really plausible. Anyone who works in the AIDS field would know that people go through times when they have sex with both men and women.

Anyhow, that aside, she has to be told, by her husband’s lover, Michele, played by Stefano Accorsi, to wake up and smell the coffee. She finally gets the point and runs away stunned. (I guess I would be too if I found that my husband was cheating on me with a man.) My other criticism of the movie is that Ernesto, played by the ever gorgeous Gabriel Garko, is in the back room suffering with AIDS and with Kaposi’s lesions. That was completely melodramatic and gratuitous as far as the plot went.

However, all in all, the movie was an interesting study of the family aspect of Michele’s world and how the players fit into it. The loss of Antonia's husband, and the addition of Antonia is examined in the movie. Also, there is a ton of eye candy. I recommend the movie and give it

**** of five stars.

NB: Cristiano is in this film. I think I spotted him in the party scene wearing a crown and greeting arrivals. Was that you Cristiano?

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Afternoon Delight

Are you ready for some afternoon delight? These boys are. Please choose one from below.

Photo credit: So Slowly

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Gay Bloggies: Challenge 2

Challenge 2 of the Gay Bloggies are posted: Nature vs. Nurture. See all of the contestants here. Vote for Chris here.

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Bello de Casa

He's single. He's rich. And he's looking for a man. Who is he? He is the mystery man behind the diamond mask and my new link - Cristiano.

Both debonair and suave, this former native of Roma attends the opera when he isn't jetting around the world for work as Director of Public Relations at Roberto Cavalli or for pleasure. He was deemed one of NYC's hottest bachelors by Gotham magazine and even made the cover (notice his quote):

Click to enlarge

That's right New York readers, Cristiano calls the the city that never sleeps his home. So check out his blog to see if he is at home right now. Here he is with just a few of his favorite famous chums:

Halle Berry at an HM party in Rome

Kate Blanchett at the Golden Globes

With his buddy Francesco D'Macho

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Friday Fantasy - Part 9, Ecuadorian Equinox

We broke camp after breakfast and hiked slowly up hill all day gaining in altitude. Finally at about 3200 meters we broke through the tree line in the early afternoon and scouted for a campsite. We were also looking for the types of mosses that would be likely to contain Teagueia. It didn’t take us long to find both. Oscar found a lovely pristine pool of spring fed water large enough for the three of us to sit in. It was surrounded by the very mosses we were looking for as far as the eye could see. What luck! We set up camp immediately. We sure did have our work cut out for us at this location. We radioed in our GPS location and that we would be here for a few days at least.

The first bath was interesting. Again, I got completely naked, as did Oscar and Chuck. We all got into our little pristine pool which had a rock bottom and mossy sides. I was totally engrossed in examining the sides for Teagueia. Chuck was totally engrossed in examining me, and Oscar was totally engrossed with examining Chuck.

“Aha!” I said. “I’ve found some!”

My exclamation caused the boys to jump.

“What?”, said both of the boys in unison.

Teagueia!”, said I.

“Oh.”, said the boys dejectedly.

I prised some of the moss up with my hands, muddying the water in our pool.

“Um, can’t that wait until after our bath?”, said Chuck, vying for a better view of me through the now cloudy water.

“Oh, I guess it could.”

And I left it there.

Later that evening, when were all in our huge zipped together sleeping bag, holding each other as one big spoon, I thought here I am with two men with erections no less, and I am horny as hell. But neither of these men will do. One is gay, and the other is reprehensible. Oh, for a decent man to come along I pined. One who could hold me and screw me until I was too tired to screw any more. I sighed the deepest of sighs.

* * *

In the south, William continued to ail, though he stopped vomiting. He had shortness of breath, headache, and weakness and was unable to get up. So, Austin and José collected Teagueia containing mosses and brought them to him to identify and sort for collection. And so the days and nights passed in the south.

* * *

Another day of successful butterfly hunting and photographing had gone by at base camp.

Giant Owl Butterfly

Blue & red Heliconius

Stunning Metalmark

After dinner Allen had once again drugged Pete’s coffee and Pete had gone out like a light, just like he had the night before.

“Allen. You have to stop drugging Pete. He is going to figure it out. He is not that stupid. He is a trained professional and I am sure he knows what it feels like to be drugged.”, said Mr. Butterfly.

“Bullshit. He is clueless. The drug I am using has no other side effects. No way that he knows. Don’t be such a party pooper.”

“I’m just saying that we should stop after tonight.”

“Oh. And what do you propose that we should do when we want him to leave so that we can have sex?”

“Ask him to leave.”

“Just shut up and kiss me.”

“I’ll do better.”

And with that the young explorer went down to his knees and undid Allen’s belt and fly and lowered Allen’s loose cargo pants to his ankles. Allen’s cock was flaccid, but the young explorer used his tongue lick the underside of the helmet into his mouth. Allen leaned up against the tent pole, closed his eyes and sighed. The young explorer brought his hand up to fondle Allen’s balls while he continued to lick and suck on the now hardening Allen’s cock. He began a rhythm with his time tested and proven blow job. He was proud of how he had developed it; it never failed to produce results. But Allen got carried away and put his hands on the young explorer’s head and forced him to go faster than he would have liked. Allen fucked his face; forcing his cock into the young explorer’s mouth and down his throat. The young explorer was having trouble breathing at this rapid a pace. He tried to spit out Allen’s cock, but could not. Allen seemed relentless in his pursuit of his own pleasure. Then, suddenly Allen pulled out and came all over the young explorer’s face. Allen just pulled up his pants and walked away to his own sleeping bag to get some sleep leaving the young explorer unsatisfied.

The young explorer didn’t know what to say. He felt so used. He had conflicting feelings about what had just happened. Was it hot or insulting? Should he take it personally or not? He wiped Allen’s jism off his face and made himself a cup of coffee to settle his nerves. He had to face Allen in the morning and work with him for the rest of the week. He sure would have liked to talk to Sue right about now. She would know just what to say.

* * *

The first thing the next morning at base camp, Pete said to Allen “Dr. Wise, may I have a word with you?”

“Sure Pete, what can I do for you?”, said Allen, worried that Pete addressed him so formally.

“I know that you have been drugging me and that it was in my coffee. Last night I dumped it out instead of drinking it. I only went along with pretending I was drugged to see what you were up to. You could have been up to nefarious deeds. Mr. B was right; I do know when I am drugged because I am a professional. You have underestimated me Dr. Wise. If you wanted privacy for your sex life, you should have just asked as any mature adult would have. But let’s just keep this between us. I wouldn’t want to embarrass Mr. B. He is a nice guy and doesn’t deserve that.”

Dr. Wise blushed. “So you heard us having sex last night?”


“I just don’t know what to say.”

“Say that you are sorry and it will never happen again. Um, I mean the drugging thing.”

“I am sorry I drugged you and I will never do it again.”

“Thank you Dr. Wise. I appreciate that. Nice talking to you.” Then Pete went about his business.

Later that same morning, Mr. Butterfly said to Allen “Allen, may I speak with you a moment?”

Allen sighed deeply and thought to himself that the comeuppances for last evening’s transgressions had only just begun.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Narcissus Posing in Competition

So here is Narcissus posing his little heart out at the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding competition in which he took 4th place. Look at that winning smile!

So, you tell me, does he look huge because of Brenton's skill with photography, or because he is huge?