Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Straight Jock Stripping

Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas New Website

The ever gorgeous couple of Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas have opened their merchandising website a bit early even though it is still under construction. It is really worth a visit just to read their bios and find out how they met, see the free videos and gallery of photos available. You can visit it here.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Nico, "Slutty" Pen Pal from Spain

Photo source: PAYOR

Works in Progress

What was I working on when I had my catastrophic medical illness you may ask? Well, I had two works in progress. One was a large pencil drawing of a nuthatch that I intended to finish in watercolor. It is too lightly drawn to photograph and to big to scan so here is a picture of one in the pose I drew:

It is way too demanding of fine motor skills for me to finish right now so I will put it aside for the future when I am more confident and practiced.

The other WIP was in the first wash stage of watercolor. I based it on this photo I took of baby koi for sale in Holland Village in Singapore. Sean and I love this photo and use an edited image as a background for our personal checks. So I just knew I had to immortalize it in a painting.

Interestingly, the camera would not photograph it. Sean tells me that it was because the camera could not "see" anything to focus on. So I scanned it in two parts.

It really has a long way to go as far as the painting goes. But I feel very intimidated by this work and don't want to ruin it. This piece would be very unforgiving of any mistake since the colors are so light. So, I have decided to hold off on this one also until I feel more confident in my skills.

I have begun a new piece that I hope will be very forgiving. It is based on a photograph that I took while I was in the Wet Market in Chinatown in Singapore. The photograph is of a pile of discarded fish heads. I was drawing on it yesterday and my hands were shaking a bit but that may have been because of the dexamethasone I had taken for my migraine. It is quite a departure from the usual paintings for me, but I like it quite a bit.

Sean and I are going to go out and buy some new paint brushes for me before I paint again. I will also buy a special Japanese ink one as Hirano San recommended.

I am also considering looking for a new medium that will be more forgiving than watercolor. Any ideas?

Wish me luck!

Monday, April 28, 2008

D&G Ad

Jay Cutler Guest Posing

Dedicated to Doug

Christmas Card with Siamese Cat & Ball

Right away I began drawing cards for holidays and birthdays. This is the first Christmas card I drew and we had them professionally printed and envelopes made and sent to everybody we knew. The scans came out crappy so I put both of them in.

I have always been enamored of the idea that a kitten or cat is going about its business, but mindful of us. This drawing is an illustration of that in pen and ink. The kitten is looking up at us to wish us a Merry Christmas before he continues to destroy the tree. The tree is a larch, which would have dropped its needles by December, since they are deciduous.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Part 12, Devil Down Under

Bright and early the next morning, Mr. Butterfly was with the very handsome Alex Spivey in the back corridor of the reptile area. He had not had much time alone with Alex to really take a close look at him. But now that he did, he could tell that Alex really was a hunk. Perhaps he had been hasty in hooking up with Garry. He quickly admonished himself for thinking so; he had something special with Garry and besides, Donnie was around before.

He and Alex were selecting equipment from the selection of snake hooks available. “These are the hooks we have.

We will need one about this size, the fourth “u” down, to catch death adders and also for today’s practice and training.” He drew out two and handed one to Mr. Butterfly and then they headed out to the non-venomous snake enclosure.

“Today we will practice on this Burmese python. She is very relaxed, friendly and accustomed to handling and her approximate size and weight are similar to the death adders we will be collecting. To capture a non-venomous snake you squat down, staying as far from the snake as possible. Because, even though it is not venomous, you still don’t want to get bitten. Bites can be very nasty and dirty and can get infected. So, staying as far away from the snake as possible, you pick up the tail and with your other hand holding the snake hook, you lift the body of the snake. Then you transport the snake to the collection container.” Alex demonstrated this as he spoke. “Okay, now you try.”

Mr. Butterfly squatted down and gingerly picked up the snake’s tail, then deftly lifted the body with the snake hook and lifted the entire snake into the dust bin they were using. Then he looked up at Alex for a judgment.

“Great job! A few more practices and we will move onto the more difficult to handle snakes.” A short while later they did just that. “This is an ornamental flying snake and they just hate to be handled. But it is not a venomous snake. If you can pick this one up, you can handle any snake in the world. So what you want to do is gently pick it up under the middle and support the whole snake’s weight with the hook. Try it.”

Mr. Butterfly handled the snake with care, as if it was venomous, even though it wasn’t, because it was a touchy snake. Gently, he nudged the hook underneath the snake’s body and then ever so slowly he lifted the snake off of the ground as if the snake was asleep and he didn’t want to wake it up. Finally, he had it in the air.

“You have really great hand-eye coordination Mr. Butterfly.”

“Thanks! It must be all those years with the butterfly net.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot about that. Must be. Great job! Now you are ready for the venomous snakes.”

Mr. Butterfly paled. Alex headed for the storage area where the death adders were kept. He hauled out a green tank that housed one and carried it to an open room, and placed it at one end.

He closed the door to the room. “Are you ready? I am going to take this venomous death adder snake out and place him over there.” Then Alex did just as he said he would with his snake hook. “Now, what I would like you to do is pick him up with your snake hook, just as you did with the non-venomous snake and place him into that dust bin there. Okay?”

“Okay.”, said Mr. Butterfly a bit uncertainly.

“I’ll be right here if you need a hand.”, reassured Alex.

Mr. Butterfly inched towards the death adder slowly arm extended. The snake pretty much ignored him as it sat on the cold linoleum flooring. He gently placed the hook underneath the snake’s body and slowly lifted it off the floor. It tried to get away, but Mr. Butterfly adjusted the hook and recaptured it. Once he had it lifted, the snake was a bit livelier than others had been, but he managed to get it into the dust bin anyway. Once that was done, he noticed he had broken a sweat. He mopped his brow with his sleeve.

“Perfect! I thought for a moment there you might need some help, but you managed his sprightliness quite well! Good job!”


“I’d say you are ready to for a snake hunt! Let’s go tell the boss!”

“Right o!”

* * *

Meanwhile, back at the Gosford Police Station, Detective Sergeant William Tuttle was having prisoner Dr. Donald Aubrey shown into the small interrogation room and handcuffed to the table. He asked that they be left alone for 2 hours and not disturbed. Then he locked the door.

“I’ll update you on your case so far Dr. Aubrey.”

“I’d like my attorney present for this.”, said Donnie worried about the locked door.

“Oh, trust me. You don’t need him. Just sit down and listen.”, said the detective, calm and cool. “Basically, you’re screwed. We have the same three snake venoms in Mr. Butterfly’s blood verified by two independent labs, in his toothpaste and in your collection, which by the way is labeled in your own handwriting. The motive is professional jealousy. Unless you would like to offer a better motive? So, we have motive, means and opportunity.

“Here in Australia we have a way to deal with you devils down under. I’m afraid it ain’t pretty. But you are pretty, aren’t you mate. You must have spent some serious time in the gym to get that hard body. I ought to know. Yeah, we Aussies don’t tolerate heinous crimes like this down here. Nope, not at all. Justice is ours.”

With that he stood up and opened his belt and unzipped his fly. He lowered his slacks and unveiled his salami size penis. Donnie’e eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. “Yeah, that’s how I want you mate.” Then the detective chuckled to himself. “Bite me and I’ll kill you.” He stroked himself to erection and headed for Donnie.

Donnie managed to cry “No.”, but that was all, before his face was stuffed full with the detective’s salami sized member. Donnie was drooling and gagging uncontrollably as he tried to breathe around the leviathan cock that was being shoved repeatedly into his mouth. That went on for what seemed an eternity to Donnie, but really wasn’t very long.

Then, the detective got bored and decided to go for the next installment of justice. He pulled his salami meat away from Donnie’s face and said “I want to see your bubble butt.” With that he grabbed Donnie and splayed him across the table from where his hands were cuffed. Then he pulled Donnie’s prison issue orange pants down exposing his firm ass. “Nice! I can do this.”

So he rubbered up and dove in making Donnie scream because of his size and the speed of his entry. He raped Donnie forcibly saying “Does it feel like justice? Does it feel like justice yet?”

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Coming Soon: Francesco's New Website

That's right! Francesco D'Macho's new website is scheduled to open the first week of May! There are some screen shots available at his blog right now and they show exciting features such as videos of what porn should look like, and a live cam of where ever Francesco is at that moment in time. So check it out.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait until it is finished!

Quentin Dreams

Photo credit: Muscle-Porn

Singapore, Addendum

I just had the opportunity to scan in some photos of myself during my trip to Singapore in 1997 and thought I would add them to the blog. If you would like to read about the rest of my trip, just click on the label "Singapore".

In the first photo, I am at the Hong Won Jade Co. with the lovely lady proprietors from whom I purchased all of the jade on my trip. Click to enlarge photo. I dealt mainly with the younger woman on the left. The older woman in the flowered blouse was the one who got so upset with my bargaining. The two necklaces hanging on the wall are the ones I ended up buying. So many bangles to try on, I'd better get busy!

Here I am at the Chinese-Japanese Gardens Bonsai Garden. I really enjoyed traveling to Singapore even though I was by myself and wouldn't hesitate to go again.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sour Cherry

Great Pen Pal

Richard over at Proceed at Your Own Risk has a great pen pal in Spain who sent him these photos of his friend Rico. Rico is half Italian and half Nicaraguan and has taken to the Spanish style of going around nude. He is 24 years old and "slutty".

I don't recall having any pen pals like this ever.

Egyptian Sisters

From the lowly scarab beetle to the majestic pyramids, I have always been fascinated by ancient Egypt. I have read the stories, been swept away by the culture, art, archeology, architecture, all of it, I have read the histories, mysteries, I may as well by embalmed I am so steeped and imbued with a love for all things Egyptian. I just recently finished reading Colleen McCullough's Anthony and Cleopatra which I loved. Of course it goes without saying that Egyptian art has influenced my art.

I wanted to make a tribute to my twin sister for her birthday, so I drew this pen and ink drawing of Egyptian sisters. Click to enlarge. She did a scan of it, so it is wider than you see here, so you don't see the drawn border goes all the way around the picture and she had it beautifully matted and framed.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

François Sagat for Slick It Up

I dunno. If François is the candy...

Then I have quite a sweet tooth...


François Sagat, Slick It Up, Roids N Rants


All I can say is man, this one has my blood, sweat and tears in it. You cannot imagine how many studies it took to get this one to work. The central idea was that the magic of seeing a koi break through the water should be captured by the koi actually breaking through the paint. In other words, the body of the koi should be physically bursting through the paint medium, pushing it aside. My thought was to draw or paint the fish and then do a solid wash over them that they would burst through.

To get this to happen, I had to find a waterproof medium to color the fish with. So initially I painted them with water color and then covered them with wax. That looked terrible. Also I had to discover what kind of paper to use. A flat non-textured paper was needed.

Many studies later, I happened on Sean's collection of Berol Prismacolor pencils. They came in all the colors of the rainbow and excitedly, I hurriedly drew the koi. I taped the paper to my desk to prepare it for the watercolor wash and did the black wash. It totally covered the fish. I was disgusted. All my hard work went to waste. I waited until the paint was not runny and ripped it off my desk in anger.

Thank goodness I did not ball it up and toss it out because as it dried, the wax pencil cracked the water color paint on some of the fish. With the help of some gentle scraping with a palette knife, I was able to see the fish I had colored on the hardest and that had the most wax pencil deposits. So, I scraped harder on the other fish and am overjoyed with the final result. Click to enlarge.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kylie & Marco Da Silva: All I See Is You

Source: Marvin & Andreas


No, not that type of cock! Get your filthy minds out of the gutter. This is not that type of blog! Oh wait, it is. But still, this it not that type of cock. Cock as in fowl, or rooster. Cock as in Hiroshige's Cock, Umbrella, and Morning Glories on plate 20 of the book "Hiroshige Birds and Flowers". I scanned the image, but the picture was too long for my scanner (click to enlarge):

I felt very inspired and wanted to see if I could render this via water colors. I of course simplified it considerably into just a wash and the cock and here is the result:

It is the only Hiroshige bird that I feel I did a good job with at all. It still needs to be framed and matted and would probably benefit from some tight matting at the sides to make it look narrower and taller. I particularly like the black tail feathers and the feet. Your comments are welcome.

Sunday, April 20, 2008