Thursday, April 24, 2008

Singapore, Addendum

I just had the opportunity to scan in some photos of myself during my trip to Singapore in 1997 and thought I would add them to the blog. If you would like to read about the rest of my trip, just click on the label "Singapore".

In the first photo, I am at the Hong Won Jade Co. with the lovely lady proprietors from whom I purchased all of the jade on my trip. Click to enlarge photo. I dealt mainly with the younger woman on the left. The older woman in the flowered blouse was the one who got so upset with my bargaining. The two necklaces hanging on the wall are the ones I ended up buying. So many bangles to try on, I'd better get busy!

Here I am at the Chinese-Japanese Gardens Bonsai Garden. I really enjoyed traveling to Singapore even though I was by myself and wouldn't hesitate to go again.


YvesPaul said...

Did you get "Good Cop, Bad Cop"ed? lol. I love Singapore too, so clean and yet so much great food on the streets.

thonnibg said...

First:You look great on these photos!

Second:I`m amazed how beautiful and clean Singapore is from what I`ve seen on TV!
Would like to go there.Sigh.
I`ve never been on any destination to the east of Bulgaria.

Sue said...

YvesPaul, my negotiations are detailed in earlier posts. But asking on the necklaces was S$670 and I got them for S$450 (US$317) The old lady was upset because I was so close to cost. I saw a Malay woman at the conference I was at and she told me the quality was really good and I should buy more. So I bought a bangle asking was S$580 and I got it for S$310. The value of S$ was very poor at that time. I also bought gold at really great values then. I adored the food.

Sh@ney said...

I don't know of anyone who would like to be bargained down in business darling, but as consumers it is out biggest asset. No bargain No business. So they just got to swallow the loss and be thankful they got a sale in the end...heheh

I dont know if I would do Singapore for a holiday but a stop over would be on the cards.

Good job getting what you wanted for a good price... xoxo

Cristiano Mancini said...

Love to see your travel pics ! Thanks for sharing , we want more !

Sue said...

Cristiano - Let's get together and I will bring my photo album.