Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Folsom Street Fair

Well, we finally made it to the Fair and all thanks to Toni!

This is what it is all about; people loving each other with freedom of expression because this is the United States of America. And don't nobody fuck with that! Hear!

Ain't it beautiful?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Well, we've just got to be getting closer to the Folsom Street Fair now. Perhaps these revelers will be able to point us there.

"Oho, Kind Sir, are we on the right track to the Fair?"

"Truly sorry, but I can't say really. Mistress Jessica might flog me again if I do."

Surely, this Leather Gentleman will be able to direct us.

"I say there, Young Man, do you know the way to the Fair?"

"I might, but it will cost you."

"Well, really! I say! What would that be all about?"

"Get an item of leather from the trunk on your right and then get on the bed! NOW!!!"

Well, gentle readers. Who will pay this price to find our way to the Fair in time for tomorrow?

Photo credits: young man with cage Brawny Stud, man in bed GlovedCopSF

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 2, Ecuadorian Equinox

Our flight from Baltimore to Atlanta took off on time, but due to thunderstorms, we circled the airport endlessly and landed late. Mr. Butterfly and I had to run up our concourse to the moving walkway and then run on the moving walkway to our next concourse to make our flight to Quito, Ecuador. We arrived out of breath, but glad to make our flight. Finally seated, we looked at each other in triumph. The rest of the flight went without incident.

When we got close to Quito we began to look out the windows for the airport. Where was it?

Finally we saw it right before we landed on it.

Mr. Butterfly and I grabbed our carryon bags and waited for what seemed like forever to get off the huge plane and made our way through the airport to baggage claim. We waited for our bags and snagged them off the carousel and made our way to customs and immigration. Once clearing that, we made our way to ground transportation to meet José.


Fortunately, he was holding a sign with our names on it, so we located him easily. He was young, cute and cheerful. José was going to be our translator, guide, technician, mountain climber, security guard and porter on this trip. We had to assemble a team of people who could assume multiple responsibilities to cover our needs. José could speak the language and knew his way around the country, so we sent him for training in mountain climbing and the technical aspects of botanical collection to fully utilize him on our team. We did the same with other members as well. Mr. Butterfly and I had also gone for some training in mountain climbing at certain points in our field experiences.

“Buenos días Señor y la Señora! I am José. I am pleased to meet you.”

“It is so nice to meet you José! You can call me Sue and this is Mr. Butterfly.” We all shook hands.

“My truck is just outside. Let me grab your bags and take you for a quick tour of Quito. Then we will head for the base camp and try to make it there before nightfall.”

We followed him outside and there was an off-white Toyota Land Cruiser. We stowed our gear in the back, and we all sat up front on the bench seat. Off we went for our tour of Quito.

We saw the Plaza Grande,

The San Francisco Plaza and Church,

The Presidential Palace,

La Compania de Jesus which has more than 1 ton of gold in leaf and other decoration used in the interior,

And a typical street scene.

Then we began to drive northeast towards Baeza and our base camp in the Mindo cloud forest. Some of the roads through the Andes were quite narrow. I felt quite tired and asked if I could go lie down in the back seat. Of course the guys agreed, so we pulled off the road and I got in the back and curled up across the seats. Mr. Butterfly reclined in the front seat to try to catch a nap also. We trusted José to drive us there.

Now that there was no conversation, José began to think of his teenage love, Trella. Her skin was as soft as cream, not like the Señora, the medico Fairview. That was not to say that the Señora’s skin was not nice, it was just not as soft as cream, it was that of an adult. His Trella had a beautiful young, lithe body with small perky breasts capped by brown nipples, a small waist, and soft little buttocks. The Señora had a similar body, actually she was probably in better physical shape than Trella, but he was in love with Trella’s youth, soft skin, tenderness, and untouched nature and virginity. He was the only man that would ever have her. Could he say the same of the Señora? So, he could not think of the Señora in a sexual way. He was too busy thinking of Trella. Her long black tresses, her black eyes, her soft loving form; these are what made his little mushroom headed cock stand to attention in the middle of the night. He just couldn’t wait to finish this job and rush home to marry her and finally make love to her. He inhaled deeply. They had gotten pretty close already and she was enjoying their encounters. This job would earn him the money to make his dream come true. Now that he had the training that this job provided, he could earn a living as a travel guide in his country in either the city or the jungle. He was pretty much set for life. José was a happy young man; he had everything he required for his universe, even his star.

José photo credit: Brawny Stud

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mommy's Puppy's First Clip!

Okay everybody get ready! You remember my Mother's Portuguese Water Dog Vasco De Gama? Well, below is his first puppy photo after he was born.

And this is the first photo at 5 months after his first puppy clip! Isn't he handsome? He weighs 37 pounds (17 kilos) now. He is a big boy! Mom expects him to reach 60 pounds when he is full grown. He is now in intermediate obedience and loved getting his first clip.

Time to go home now.

My mom loves to joke that more black is coming into his coat as an indication of the state of her soul. Hmm. My mother has some things to tell me about herself. Now that I think about it, maybe I don't want her to.

I must have left a toy under here

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Checking in on Francesco D'Macho

Francesco D'Macho sports a leather jock in his daily blog today as he reports from the set of his new movie Verboten 2. He is visited by Vinnie D'Angelo. No one looks hotter in leather in my opinion. I guess in part of the movie Francesco gets to be in the cage, kenneled like a dog. How kinky! How fun! His costar is a man who identifies as straight. The plot thickens, but apparently modern science was needed to make his costar's cock do the same.

See his costar as well as other photos and read more here.

Of course Francesco will be at the Folsom Street Fair. Have fun Francesco!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

"Um yes, can you tell me if we are headed the right way to the Folsom Street Fair? It's not down there you say? Thanks! Um no, you don't have that far to go to get to the top Sir. You are almost there. Yup, no problem. Yeah, I'll look around for help up here." Anybody want to help him and his buddies up?

Photo credit: GlovedCopSF

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Excuse me, Sir. Uh, Mr. Leatherman. Eep! Mr. Daddy Man. Uh, we were just on our way to the Folsom Street Fair and, ah, we were wondering if you, Sir, could tell us which way it is... Oh, never mind... Pardon us, we are going now. Eep! Who's idea was it to ask him anyway. He's not following us is he? Walk a bit more quickly now... I'm not running, you are running! Slow down!

Photo credit: GlovedCopSF

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Well, if you cannot afford to fly to San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair, this is another way to get there on the cheap. So gentle readers, would you give him lift?

Photo credit: GlovedCopSF

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

How many of my gentle readers wish they were at Folsom Street Fair tonight? I know I do. Well instead, how about this leather clad gentleman from GlovedCopSF to get your motor running. Does he not do the job adequately? Hmm?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 1, Ecuadorian Equinox

It was another morning cappuccino at the Foundation for Understanding Nature in Bethseda, Maryland. I, Sue Fairview, looked down at the swirl of foam on my double and went off to look for Mr. Butterfly. I found him at his desk in his cubicle; we all have cubicles even though we have PhD’s. What ever happened to doors? I gave a gentle knock on his off white fuzzy fake wall. He was so engrossed at looking at the Lepidoptera on his desk; he didn’t even give me notice. I cleared my throat. Finally I had his attention.

“You want to grab a latte and go to the café?”

“Sure Sue!”

With that he stood and off we went towards the node, where the small coffee stand was. He bought his from the attendant, who had substituted a photo of Greta Garbo for her own on her photo ID without security noticing, and we found some seats in the airy atrium space.

“Gosh it has been so long since our trip to the Nile, what has it been, three months?”

He said “I think so. My luggage is feeling ignored. It has never been this long since between trips before.”

“What do you think is going on?”

“I don’t know. We keep running into trouble when they send us out. That could be it.”

“Yeah, I guess. In the Amazon, we both had a spot of trouble, in Iceland we ran into that nutcase who took me hostage, and then in Egypt, you know the harem thing.”

“I remember. But each time they send us out, we still come home with results. I mean in the Amazon, we came home with a possible cure for HIV, we did a great job in Iceland, and in Egypt, we verified the finding of a new water strider species. I’d say that is success. Wouldn’t you?”

“Yup! I don’t know what they are thinking. But, I think it has been long enough, and we should ask.”

“I agree!”

Just then, Dr. Gutekunde strode up and joined them. “Hey, how are my two favorite field scientists?”, he said, giving Mr. Butterfly a hard slap on the back.

“We were just wondering when we were going to see the field again.”, said Mr. Butterfly as he recovered from the slap. “And how are you Dr. Gutekunde? And how is our pet compound?”

“Ah, I am well thank you! Not to worry, you two will be back in the field before you know it! We have a special trip planned for both of you. But first and update on our compound. The scale up is going well and I don’t think the difficult synthesis step will be a problem. The safety studies were begun on time and should be completed in three months. No significant safety issues have been noted so far. Human protocols are written and we should be first in man by then. Try to think of name for it. So it is all good news for the compound.”

“That’s great Doc!”, I said.

Mr. Butterfly smiled and nodded. “Hmm. A name, I’ll have to think about that. ‘Mr. Butterfly’s HIV cure-all and lube’ How does that sound?”, he said jokingly.

“Very funny.” And I gave him a finger poke in the ribs.

“Ow!”, he said comically.

Dr. Gutekunde just smiled at our antics.

“Now,” he said, “for your next assignment. So, have you been studying up on new orchid species Dr. Fairview?”

“Why yes. Do you mean the ones in Papua New Guinea or the ones in Ecuador or the stinky feet ones in Yosemite?”

“Hmm. Actually I was referring to the ones in Ecuador. If I sent you to Papua New Guinea, you would never come back. They have 300 or so plants to go through over there. No, no, you guys are going to Ecuador!”

“Oh boy! I’m going to get to see Teagueia in their native habitat!”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“And me?”, said Mr. Butterfly.

“You my boy are going to get a look at the rare butterflies and moths of the cloud forests of the Andes. So pack your photographic equipment because you are going there too!”

“Oh boy!”, we said in unison.

* * *

Several days later, the trip was shaping up. Our flights were set with American Airlines from Baltimore to Atlanta to Quito and we would arrive in Quito in the morning the day after we left. Our team of nine in all would be assembled and ready to meet us at a small town near our base camp. Our native guide, Jose, would meet us at the airport.

So it was, that we would be in Quito, Ecuador on the Autumnal Equinox.

Readers: Please help to come up with a name for the new compound from the Amazon. Please submit your name in the comments.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Hmm. Yes. Nice break! Anyone want to take the next shot?

Photo credit: Brawny Stud

Francesco D'Macho Catalog

Click to enlarge

Wow! Look at this! Now you can buy all this great stuff signed by Francesco D'Macho at his very own online store. There are movie posters, magazine covers, his used jocks and so much more. You can even win a one-on-one nude chat with the man himself. Check it out here!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Hmm. Yes. I think he made this shot into the corner pocket. Did you have a quarter on the table (to play the winner)?

Photo credit: Caballero

Monday, September 17, 2007

Afternoon Delight

Hmm. I'm not sure what is going on here, but it looks like the start of a beautiful friendship. Or at least a fun afternoon diversion. Anyone want to join in?

Photo credit: Cesto de Gatos

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Okay. So picture yourself fast asleep, in er, um, Scotland. Yeah, right, that's the ticket. And as you are softly awakened, you look up and this is what you see. Good morning! Rise and shine! Wake up and smell the cock... wait, that's not how it goes. Beautiful tartan plaid, is it not? Plaid, who notices such a thing when all those jewels are there to stare at??? As well as that beautiful arse that is perfectly shaved no less. Who is drooling at this point?

Photo courtesy of Unnatural Devotions

Fair View Welcomes 145 New Countries!

We are just thrilled here at Fair View that ten brand spanking new countries have joined us! To welcome them in proper style, here are their flags:










And in the vision of Neoworx, Asia/Pacific is a country, so we welcome them too. If you are lucky enough to be from one of these places, we wish you a hearty welcome to Fair View and hope you enjoy your stay with us.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Welcome gentle readers and good evening. Tonight we feature a hot boxer from So Slowly. He fought bravely, got very bloody and won his bout. Who would like to take him out to celebrate? Oh, you say would like to help him shower first? Well, I'll see what I can do...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 15, Egyptian Escapade

At the end of our five days in the field, we all gathered back at Ernst’s house. Ernst was there to greet us with a big smile and his bright shiny green eyes. He had already heard about Odji’s demise and had some news of his own. Apparently, Akbar had been executed by hanging while we were out in the field. We just shook our heads. Egyptian justice meted out. I would have been more than satisfied with a life sentence. But it wasn’t up to me. Roble looked pleased with this outcome. Ernst had hired the two harem workers that Roble and Mr. Butterfly had given testimony to help. He said they were hard workers.

We went into the house and over chrysanthemum tea discussed how we would deal with our finding more of the new species that were first discovered in Thailand. Roble agreed that he would write the paper for a peer reviewed entomology journal and put Mr. Butterfly and I as co-authors. He would thank Ernst and the MEFF for funding and support, and thank Basim for his contribution in the area of technical support. Everyone was satisfied with that plan.

Mr. Butterfly and I were faced with the daunting task of packing for our flight back home tomorrow morning. This trip was certainly our longest ever. I began by organizing my things on the bed. Nuri came in and asked if he could do any last minute laundry before I left and I gave him a couple of things from the past five days in the field. I thanked him for being such a good guy and he left. Right behind him was Ernst. He came in and sat on the bed.

“Let me make this easy for you.”, he said. “I don’t want you to feel that you owe me anything for housing you these past two weeks. Please don’t feel that owe me anything as your host, most certainly not when it comes to who you sleep with tonight. If you want to sleep with Basim and not me, that is fine.”

I sighed. “Oh god, Ernst, I don’t know what to say.”

“You will have to say something eventually.”

“What can I say? But, thank you, you have made it easy for me. I had no idea how to broach this with you. Thanks for being so understanding.”

Then I walked to where he was sitting and gave him a big hug. The fact of the matter was that while I was with Basim for five days, we had gotten closer and I didn’t want to betray that by being with Ernst again. But how could I tell Ernst about it without pissing him off? When did trysts get so complicated anyhow?

* * *

Meanwhile in Mr. Butterfly’s room, Nuri had just left with his laundry and Roble came in and locked the door behind him. Mr. Butterfly looked up and said “Locking the door this time of day? What does that mean Roble?”

“This is what I am thinking. I have been brutally raped. My assailants have met with justice and are dead. I need you to make me whole again. I trust you to take me as a man takes a man and love me gently, the way it is supposed to be done.”

“If I understand you correctly, you mean you want me to top you?”

“Precisely. Please, if you will. That is what I would like you to do for me.”

“Are you sure you are healed enough?”

“Yes, I am sure. Please do this for me.”

“Um, that is so not a problem Roble.”

With that, the young explorer moved closer to his entomologist lover and kissed him full on the lips. Roble opened wide for it and their mouths locked as their hands began to feverishly undress each other. As their skin became bared, the breeze from the window felt wonderfully cool on their nakedness. Clothes dropped away exposing pectorals, obliques, abdominals, butts, and erections. Hands began grasping and groping while pleasured sighs escaped their mouths. Nipples were sucked and twisted. A condom was donned. Roble was gently laid on back on the bed with his legs in the air and the young explorer aimed his erection at Roble’s exposed brown pucker. Already lubed up, he gently pushed his way in and watching Roble’s face he could see that it wasn’t hurting so bad during the entry.

As a matter of fact, Roble was enjoying it quite a bit. Quickly, the young explorer kissed Roble while they made love. His erection slid easily in and out of Roble and it felt so good to the young explorer. Roble was also transported; his eyes were rolled back in his head. Then Roble began to speak.

“Oh god. Please fuck me harder, just a little bit harder now. It won’t hurt me. Harder please!!!”, he exhorted Mr. Butterfly, placing emphasis on the last please. So, the young explorer, who had been being careful, now threw caution to the wind and began to pound away at Roble’s fine specimen of an ass. He lost himself in what he was doing, lost himself to all sensation in his dick, in his groin. It was as if all of the feeling in his body was centered there. Damn! It felt so good!

He could hear Roble begin to moan with pleasure and he opened his eyes to look at the beautiful man lying underneath him.

“God, I’m not going to last much longer.”, Roble said.

Mr. Butterfly was too out of breath to reply as he neared his climax also. He could feel his semen rise out of his testicles and pour forth heatedly into the condom in spurts as he busted his nut. There was no feeling on the planet quite as pleasant. Roble must have been aware of it too, because he came shortly thereafter all over himself. The young explorer collapsed on top of Roble with his exertion.

Both men caught their breath and slid apart slightly to look into each other’s eyes.

“Thank you. I am whole again.” Then Roble bent forward a tiny bit and kissed the young explorer on the lips.

The young explorer replied “It was my pleasure.”, and he winked and then he smiled. Then they just hugged each other really tight.

* * *

That night, I slept with Basim and once again we had our gentle and orgasmic love making. I was on top this time. I could only get about two thirds of Basim’s huge erection into my pussy, but he was just that big. Fortunately, it was also enough for Basim’s pleasure. But all of the contact inside me drove me wild and I came multiple times. Fuck, that guy was such a turn on!

Basim was curious as to how I had excluded Ernst from my bed and I explained that Ernst had been the one who was understanding and mature and came forward to make the offer. Basim was surprised, but relieved. I was tremendously relieved myself. He held me for the last time that night. I was going to miss him really badly. Maybe I should consider settling down. Sigh. Nah.

* * *

The next morning, we said heartfelt our farewells to Ernst, Nuri, Roble, and Basim and thanked Ernst profusely for his hospitality. Then, Basim took us to the Cairo International Airport. I gave him a huge hug goodbye before we boarded our flight.

Once on the plane, I turned to Mr. Butterfly and said “I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to be going home.”

“Me too.”

“I’m going to miss Basim though.”

“I’m going to miss Roble.”

We held hands across the armrest and had a little cry together and it felt really good.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Woohoo! Look at all of the butts! Please choose your favorite:

Unnatural Devotions:

So Slowly:

Cesto De Gatos:


Brawny Stud:

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