Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Well, we've just got to be getting closer to the Folsom Street Fair now. Perhaps these revelers will be able to point us there.

"Oho, Kind Sir, are we on the right track to the Fair?"

"Truly sorry, but I can't say really. Mistress Jessica might flog me again if I do."

Surely, this Leather Gentleman will be able to direct us.

"I say there, Young Man, do you know the way to the Fair?"

"I might, but it will cost you."

"Well, really! I say! What would that be all about?"

"Get an item of leather from the trunk on your right and then get on the bed! NOW!!!"

Well, gentle readers. Who will pay this price to find our way to the Fair in time for tomorrow?

Photo credits: young man with cage Brawny Stud, man in bed GlovedCopSF


thonnibg said...

Let me pay it,let me pay it!

Sue said...

Okay Toni, go for it!

Jessica said...

Toni, you tease! I didn't know you were a submissive at heart!

Jessica said...

I ought to spank you for your actions, Toni!

thonnibg said...

Yeah,spank me,please!I`m a bad boy!

Jessica said...

Fuck, Toni! That's HAWT!