Monday, September 03, 2007

Francois Sagat

Francois Sagat tries to earn some extra cash. What do you think he is selling and would you buy it from him?

Photo credit: Caballero


thonnibg said...

Oh,Sue!I wouldn`t say no to anything he sells.But he has probably never been refused!So,what do I suppose he is selling?Mmh,let me think...
Maybe some sexy underwear in view of his sexappeal!!!He would earn so much money doing this...he is going to be a millionaire!
BTW that`s a very interesting question!

cristianonyc said...

This is my credit card,can you ship him to me ?

Sue said...

Toni! It is so funny you say that since I suggested he sell underwear in is own design once! I hear his favorite thing to do is kiss ladies until they fall for him and then walk away. He is such a tease! I doubt he has ever been refused either! Thanks for your comment!

Christiano! If only I could ship him to you! hahaha

thonnibg said...

Oh,he is such a bad,bad boy!How can he do this to all the poor ladies...He is so cruel(well seet cruel).
Just as information:I`m from Bulgaria.I won`t explain to you where it is,because you are quite intelligent and I`m sure you have any idea where it might be!
Excuse also my english(I`m better in german)!
Kisses again,Sue!

georg said...

Next to that belt buckle, maybe he even likes it when you blow his horn!

Shaney said...

Hmmmm YUMMY! He could sell just about anything looking like that!