Thursday, April 30, 2009

Skuff 4


Source: Andreas New Life

Nick Moretti Update

Here is Nick Moretti and his pal Luke at Butterfly World having a good old time. Can you guess what all of these butterflies and moth are? (Answers will be provided later.*)

Where did these lovebirds come from?

Whose chocolate starfish is this?

Don't miss Nick's interview with here.

*just kidding

Stag Homme Studios Now Accepting Credit Cards Worldwide & 30 Loads of Facials

From Damien Crosse's blog:

Stag Homme Studios now processes payment through DHD Media which opens up the site to new markets by now accepting credit cards from all countries. Stop by and check out the new look of the site designed by Francesco D'Macho.

Stag Homme brings you "30 Loads of Facials", a "miniseries" about 30 anonymous straight and bisexual men with really big cocks and their fat loads.


See the entire episode at Stag Homme Studios.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Casualty of War I

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Here is a new piece of art that I just finished this morning. I had an inspiration a few days ago and have worked on this solidly since then since I feel that stopping our operations in Iraq is way more important than sharing my trip to Singapore. The reason is that we are losing lives of our brave American men and women, plus Iraqis are also being killed. We need to get our asses out of there as soon as possible to end the dying. In the famous words of Edwin Starr "War, What is it good for? Absolutely nothin!"

Aaron Cobbett Photographs Louis

Aaron Cobbett photographed Louis and posted it today for us to enjoy. I think I resisted posting some of the photographs and there are a couple of NSFW ones at his blog for you to enjoy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Dog!

Source: Herodotus

UKNakedMen Has Dillon and Ross In Their Boxers Again!

Okay readers... How many of you think that this will be uber hot??? Um, I do! Who wins??? We do!

Source: Dillon Buck

Ross Hurston

Hat tip: Unnatural Devotions

Daniel Marvin in the Shower

Oh! Drop the soap! He does, but he's not facing the right way! Okay, how many people want to be in the shower helping him wash THAT???

Source: Attempted Entertainment


From Rob Bartell:

...of the cabinet, that is.

"David" is actually one of the first pieces I did, way back in 2006, then did a little more work on him in early 2008. I just realized yesterday that I hadn't listed him in he's now back out of the cabinet, and up for your bids!

Please check out David, and some of his friends, by clicking here!

You'll be glad you did! :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Menace Trailer

Source: Attempted Entertainment

Available at Raging Stallion

Nick Moretti & the Toxic Waste Jock

What is it about this photo of Nick and this jock that is just so hot??? Look at that lazy ass hard on and the intoxicated look on Nick's face! You can tell he is just savoring the smell. To read about this experience, you must go to his blog.

Coming Soon: Vampyr Stories to Telemachus

You heard right Vampire junkies: Wolfpek will be penning Vampyr hunter stories to be posted on Telemachus and illustrated by our own Herodotus. I will let you know when they are there!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

First Blue Bird Nest Box Check - EGGS!!!

Sean and I took the Blue Bird Nest Box training yesterday and we learned that we should be checking the boxes every week! Blue birds are so invested in raising their young, that they do not frighten off by people harassing them once a week or so. So, today was our first official check.

We are so proud of our momma blue bird! Look at her clutch! Isn't it the sweetest thing you have ever seen?

It seems that I will need to bring a small mirror to count the eggs next time. I can see at least 3, maybe 4, but there could easily be more. She will incubate the eggs for 12-14 days. Nestlings remain in the nest for 18-21 days. She may raise as many as 2-3 broods per season.

The other box attracted a male house wren who built a small nest to attract a female, but she did not choose it. We cleaned that out as instructed.

Cattle Statues, Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore

This is a watercolor painting that I just completed this morning. Chiaroscuro in style, it is of the two cattle statues that detail the cornerstone of the Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple at the corner of South Bridge and Pagoda Streets in Singapore. I took a picture of the Temple when I was there in 1997 on business, and decided that the cattle would make for a great watercolor painting. So, I searched the web and found the photo below in a flickr album.

One never sees architechtural details like this in the United States! I am blessed that I had the opportunity to travel to Singapore and see this and thus make this painting. I will continue to make paintings from my travel to Singapore.

Sunday Comics: Etienne - Troopship, Part 2

Source: Markus Area51su

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Rock Hosts SNL

Guess who is hosting SNL tonight?


Butch Dixon featured the "Tall, Dark and Handsome" Carioca recently. Here are some of the photos. you may recall seeing him with Ross Hurston recently.

Friday, April 24, 2009

NEW Friday Fantasy: Kamchatka Assignment Part 10

When I awoke the next morning, Pavel and Aleksei had already left the tent and I was all alone. I got up and stuck my head outside the tent flap. Aleksei rushed over to me and said “Come with me!”

I don’t think anyone saw us run to the hillside where last night we had made love, but that was where he took me again for a morning quickie. Gosh, Aleksei was insatiable! Thank goodness he came fast or I would have been sore even though he was of modest size. This time I sat on his erection as he lay flat on the ground and he bounced me up and down on it. He was so fucking hot and so strong! It was like riding a horse with a cock on it. So fucking hot! We both came hard! We were done in no time and ran to the hot spring to wash and then back to camp.

By the time we got there, everyone was up and having coffee and seed bread. Pavel gave me a stern look as Aleksei and I came to fire to sit down. Yuri was talking about going into the Native area again to get supplies and I really wanted to go with them this time. Last time I was indisposed, read: recovering from being raped. Yuri had no problem with me coming along. Then Aleksei wanted to come too, to spend more time with me, I guess. That was when Pavel put his foot down and refused to let Aleksei go on the grounds that he didn’t want to break up his volcanology team. Aleksei looked sheepish, but backed down. He knew this wasn’t a fight he was going to win. Volchuk and Mr. Butterfly wanted to go again and this was also granted. I didn’t point out that letting Volchuk go was breaking up Pavel’s volcanology team too. We were all to set to leave right after breakfast. Kirill was going to spend the day with Pavel and Aleksei.

So, I headed back to the tent to get my stuff that I needed for the hike to the Native town and Pavel followed me. Once inside the tent, a seemingly pissed off Pavel said “What do you have to say for yourself!”

“What the fuck are you talking about Pavel?”

“I saw you run off with Aleksei last night and this morning. Just what do think this is? The story of Goldilocks and the Three Russian Bears?”

I just laughed. “You are too funny Pavel. I am a free American woman. I do as I please. I don’t give a damn what you think. By the way, you don’t own me or control me. And while you are at it, go fuck yourself!”

And with that, I left the tent. I saw our small contingent gathering nearby and I joined them. We set off right away for the Native town, leaving Pavel’s imagined three Russian bears, himself, Kirill, and Aleksei, by themselves.

We walked for a half hour or so chatting about this and that, when I asked Mr. Butterfly “So when are you going to fill us in on this new butterfly DP thing that Yuri showed you last night in the community tent?”

Suddenly it got very quiet. Then Yuri began to laugh and said “I’m going to let you handle this Mr. Butterfly.”

Mr. Butterfly turned completely red faced and said “Um, it has nothing to do with Lepidoptera, Sue. Whatever gave you that idea?” Then he shook his head and said “Never mind. DP stands for double penetration. That is what Yuri was showing us how to do last night in the community tent. Need I say more?”

“Oh. I see. Okay. TMI. Thanks for the explanation.” Then I gave him a little embarrassed grin and punched him in the arm. He smiled back and so did Volchuk. Yuri continued to laugh at my naiveté.


Meanwhile, the volcanology team had hiked to an open lava seam in the Valley of Geysers formed from the Uzon eruption in the late Pleistocene that they were studying for the day.

So the equipment was broken out, a long probe that would be handled by Aleksei, a laptop that Pavel would use and a still thermal camera that Kirill would operate. The leads from the probe were hooked into a special receiver and then into the laptop so that the laptop could receive the heat readings already in chart form.

Kirill could feel the heat from the lava seam even as he approached it and getting too close was like being near a house on fire. In other words, it was too hot to get close. Yet Aleksei, who was accustomed to it, just walked right up to it and dunked the probe in after donning a gas mask. But Kirill felt fear as he got close, when the heat hit his face and any exposed skin, he felt like he would catch on fire. So he was hesitant.

Pavel began reading out temperatures immediately. “Okay. There is 658˚ C. Move the probe. There is 727˚ C. And there is 964˚ C. Well, this seam is doesn’t seem to be settling down anytime soon, does it Alesksei?”

“Nyet, Pavel.”

Pojaluysta snap some photos Kirill,” said Pavel. Then as Kirill positioned himself nearer to Aleksei to get a photo, Pavel moved very suddenly towards Aleksei and gave him a casual shove. Aleksei began to stumble towards the caldera’s lip and the searing heat, dropping the probe. Kirill had to tackle Aleksei to prevent him falling into the lava seam and they both fell to the ground, Kirill with Aleksei on top of him. Kirill rolled away from the seam instinctively and used Alesksei’s weight to help him, thus saving his life. They then scrambled away from Pavel and stood up.

All three of them walked back to a safe distance with Aleksei being held behind Kirill, as he now wanted to punch Pavel in the nose. The tension in the air was palpable. Kirill and Aleksei looked at Pavel in stunned silence. Had he planned to murder Aleksei?

“What did you mean by this Pavel?” asked Kirill in a stern voice?”

“Yeah, what the fuck!!!” blurted Aleksei.

Pavel looked down guiltily and did not answer. “I think we all ought to go back to camp and call it a day. Everyone is under a lot of pressure,” stated Kirill with authority.

Slowly, they packed up and returned to camp.