Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stag Homme Studios' REC: Reviewed

From Stag Homme Studios:

REC is our hottest triple x flick to date! We brought Manuel Lopez back for another fuck, this time with Francesco D’Macho. REC starts off with Manuel Lopez doing some pull-ups on his sunny outdoor terrace while fucking Francesco’s face. What was supposed to be a sweaty two-way fuck scene turns into a three-way when the horny camera man (Damien Crosse) can’t keep himself out of the action in just about any part of the scene including feeding his dick to Manuel while he pounds Francesco on all fours, joining Manuel Lopez to piss in D’Macho’s ass and even blows his load with Manuel on his face unleashing an enormous simultaneous double facial all over Francesco. As soon as the first couple of squirts gushes onto Francesco’s face, he shoots all across his hairy chest making this one of the hottest simultaneous 3-way cumshots we’ve ever seen!

I dunno. Damien*, you gotta take better care of your man, if you are going to make this partner thing work out. You gotta get some respect for him with guests. Take this Manuel guy. Okay, you guys go visit him and he is doing chin-ups. So, Francesco goes and blows him. Why does Francesco have to do that? Why doesn't Manuel blow Francesco? Look at him, beneath Manuel, it is just pathetic. He shouldn't have to do that, he is a Star.

I feel like taking notes though. He has such great technique. There is just the right balance of licking, sucking, hand work, ball cuddling/mouthing/tugging to make the recipient feel the ultimate pleasure.

What does he get in return? Hips being jerked in his face and a crappy, half-assed blow job. But as if that wasn't bad enough, he goes down on his hands and knees and gets pissed on! How degrading!

And as if that wasn't bad enough, then he gets fucked hard by Manuel! I guess that is okay. But why couldn't he fuck Manuel? He is the Star, after all. My point is, Damien, that it seems that we are forgetting who is the Star here. The Star does not get on his knees to blow anyone, or grovel and get pissed on, or casually fucked by a nobody porn actor [even if they are up and coming]. No! The Star is there for respect and adoration.

Now we come to the absolute worst part. Everybody cums on the Star!!! An abomination! Quelle horrible! Disaster! Well, he cums too, so I guess it is alright.

So how did you guys work that triple cum shot anyhow? It was fantastic, really. Incredible. Amazing.

Back to my point Damien. You really are going to have to raise the level of your respect for the Star you have as a partner if you want to keep him. Just sayin'.

Another stellar achievement by Stag Homme Studios! Congratulations to all involved.

To read a REAL review go to Unnatural Devotions.

*Like you know I am kidding and I love you to death, right?


Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm messy facials my favourite......... grrrr!

Sue said...

Francesco loves them too!

DamienNZ said...

And I would love Manuel Lopez to make my face messy like that - yummm....what a hottie.

Doug said...

thanks for the link, sue! :-)