Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Benoȋt Prévot: The Man and His Art

This post tells a story about the artist Benoȋt Prévot. Yesterday evening, I visited his blog and he had written a long post in French with the phrase "quitte mon blog," and I freaked because in the past he had dissappeared and reopened in another blog. So I quickly wrote a comment asking if this was goodbye. He wrote back that he was blue and completely bored with everything on his drawing board except for the work with Slick It Up but it was so nice of me to comment. He was only signing off for the evening, since it was so late. [Thank goodness for that!]

I think we should all visit his blog and try to cheer him up!

The artist in a Slick It Up hood. Doesn't he look fabulous! What a hottie!


Anonymous said...

Ilove Benoit Prevot's art.
It has t a 20/30s art deco
feeling to it. He has a wonderful
Im sure the artist business is not easy however.

Your Prairie reader Jim (formerly) shoes
I never liked that. hehe

Sue said...

Nice to meet you Jim! I love his art too and for the same reasons! He is currently looking for more work actually. You are right; I guess that is where the saying the starving artist comes from.

Stan said...

Benoit Prevot's art definately has that Erte' look and feel to it. A real talent that Benoit. The art deco period is one of my faves too.

LUCIEN said...

I own a beatuiful large piece of Benoit's artisty called GRAND TITON It is absolutley my favorite piece of art. he is a great illustrator by all standards

Ray Avito said...

What?! That diva with the hat and her boys on the leash is fantasmic! Love it.