Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dave Werks Shred Suit with Slick Pup

Werk it baby, werk it!

Shredder suit available at Slick It Up.

Dave available at House of Vader.

Pup not for sale!


LUCIEN said...

The sexiness of Dave and his Slick site

David Mason said...

I really love this actually, I have to post it on my blog soon, though with the dog on the chain I think the look now calls for wrap around sunglasses :) But then again when DOESNT a look call for wrap around sunglasses?!

Sue said...

Why didn't you wear them on the shoot?

David Mason said...

Well because the real shoot didnt call for them, but once you ad the dog and the chain in the photo it calls for them but remember the dog and the chain were added by herodotus. I never actually posed with the dog on a leash, The chain is what des it, not sure why :)