Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well, Territories Count as Countries Too

Okay. Fair View will go along with that. If a place has a flag, we will honor it as a country too. So now, much to my surprise, Fair View has a whopping 203 new countries!!! Welcome to Wallis & Futuna! To welcome them formally here is their flag:


These are really tiny islands, people, that lie someplace in between Fiji and West Samoa in the vast Pacific Ocean. It must be paradise there! Look at the coral reef surrounding Wallis; looks like a great place to dive or snorkel! It's probably completely undiscovered.

According to my search, Futuna has no paved roads. Below is a view from one of the Islands:

Is it not idyllic? Are your bags packed yet? When does our flight leave?

So welcome to Wallis & Futuna Islanders and you never know, we may be visiting you sooner than you think!


Cristiano Mancini said...

So my question is ..why if you live in a such beautiful island you want to surf the internet ?

Sue said...

Lonliness? Boredom? Need for variety?