Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Steve Cruz Says Goodbye 2008

Steve Cruz lists his many accomplishments in 2008 including becoming Raging Stallion's Man of the Year, shooting his dream script "Hotter than Hell", directing "Blue Movie" and "Red Light", launching a safe sex campaign, winning all kinds of awards, and being on the cover of two coffee table books. But if that wasn't enough, he also found love with Bruno Bond. Read more about his great year and his plans for next year at Steve's blog.

I wish them both all the best in 2009 both with their careers and love lives. They make such a handsome couple. Don't they? Happy New Year Boys!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Titan Releases OverDrive

Source: Freaky

Francesco & Damien Wish a Happy New Year

Source: Damien Crosse

Fair View Welcomes 197 New Countries!

I cannot even believe it! But Fair View has added another two countries to the list of countries visited making the new total countries 197. It is so amazing. It is incomprehensible that this little blog of my own making would attract such an international audience. Well, before I let that go to my head, I will formally welcome the two new coutries. They are:



Welcome to Fair View! Whether you have found yourselves here by accident or not, you are most welcome to stay. Put your feet up and set a spell. Enjoy the visual delights we have to offer. Come back soon now, y'hear!

Wake Up Call & Espresso

How about a little Alex Baresi with your espresso this morning? All I have to do is look into those soft brown eyes (and see that massive cock) and I am lost. Aside from my number one porn crush (and we all know who that is) Alex is definitely my next favorite Italian porn star. Sigh. I'll be thinking of you with my espresso this morning Alex! Click to enlarge any photo.

Source: Brutos Eros

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Broke Straight Boys - Not So Much

I found this great video over at Doug's blog and I had to post here on Fair View. We all know by now that Damien is not quite straight or broke.

Hat Tip: Doug at Unnatural Devotions

Francesco D'Macho Interviewed by Muzophile

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Muzophile has interviewed Francesco D'Macho about his porn career, beginnig StagHomme Studios and the love of his life, Damien Crosse. Read the interview in its entirety here.

ManNet Review of Blue Movie

ManNet has written a glowing review of Blue Movie and highly recommends it. Here is an excerpt:

"Blue Movie” (2008) is a glorious homage to vintage porn, and directors Leif Gobo and Steve Cruz have an obvious appreciation for their subject as the scenes seem like vignettes of a lost era, though filtered through modern technology, which allows for a glamorous look and opulent scene length the golden age of gay pornography could never have managed. "Blue Movie” is history mixed with sex, not at all as academic as it sounds, but rather steamy and enthralling.

Read the entire review here.

Source: Steve Cruz

Sunday Comics: Etienne - Locker Room, Part 1