Monday, December 01, 2008

Fantasy: Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas at Home

Pedro and Daniel invited me down to their house to see their puppies Lucas, Doris and Sara. Naturally I was excited because I love dogs and their puppies are so cute! I just couldn't wait to play with them.

So when I get to their house, they meet me and Daniel is wearing a full pinstripe suit and Pedro is completely naked! I'm like guys, what is up with the way you are dressed? One of you is over dressed, and the other is undressed! Then I look around and where are the damn puppies?

I guess there had been a misunderstanding because right away the boys are having an arm-wresting match. Daniel says "I told you we should have dressed up for Sue!" And Pedro says "I should have brought the puppies!" And I'm like "Boys! Boys! There is no need to fight over this! Let's all get naked! Then we can go see the puppies together!"

So that is what we did.

Later we took a shower together... I had a really great visit! What wonderful guys they are!

Source: Daniel Marvin & Pedro Andreas


Thonnibg said...

But did they invite you to their bedroom?

Btw we call it Canadian wrestling:)

Sue said...

I'll never tell...

Anonymous said...


These men are oiled toomuch, I think, I'm sorry

from Laurent in France

Nick808 said...

aww.. you got to meet them? im still trying to figure out how to chat with them online. could you help please help me sue? they seem really nice guys.