Sunday, December 28, 2008

Broke Straight Boys - Not So Much

I found this great video over at Doug's blog and I had to post here on Fair View. We all know by now that Damien is not quite straight or broke.

Hat Tip: Doug at Unnatural Devotions


Doug said...

Thanks for the link, Sue. I had to check to see if he had his hip tattoo to make sure it was actually Damien, though I was pretty sure from the moment I saw him that it was indeed him, despite the fact that he's using the name Sebastian. He looks so young and innocent.

Sue said...

Yeah, as if. He probably came out of the womb wondering where his first smoke was coming from and looking for his first dick to lick.

Ray Avito said...

I'm finding myself more and more intrigued by Damien. Sweet, yet not. Nice mixture!

Kristie~ said...

You can also find stuff as Sebastian at CircleJerkBoys too.

gpcrush said...

Any one else creeped out by the voiceover?

Day Two of "Week on the Cross" over at my blog has photos from the days. Do check him out. He's such a cutie.

thanks for posting.


Doug said...

I've heard that voiceover guy before, and, yeah, he kinda creeps me out