Monday, December 08, 2008

Blue Movie Production Blog: Part 4 - The Fluffer Scene

Steve Cruz interviews CJ Madison and Scott Campbell in this installment of the production blog. Here is an excerpt:

CJ Madison

I fell for CJ Madison on the set of 'Drifter'. We shot that one back in 2007 for Mustang. He was shooting his stills outside while I was filming my scene inside, I would go out every so often and see if he needed fluffing. Thank God he did! He gives a great performance in Blue Movie, fucks like a champion.

Scott Campbell

I needed a filthy pig to play this 'role' of the Fluffer. A hot fucker with a rough edge. The type that just might troll around a porn set looking for opportunities... found the ultimate sex pig in Scott. He could rival my appetite! What's true about Scott: You fuck him hard and he whimpers— "more". You fuck him even harder, he begs for it... it doesn't get much harder and bigger than CJ Madison. His come shot is pretty intense with CJ deep inside him, but that doesn't satisfy him. In fact we had several cum shots to choose from in the can, only one made the final cut. He's not a porn star he's a sex machine!

Go to Steve Cruz' blog to read these scintillating interviews and see more NSFW photos by Joe Oppedisano.

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