Friday, December 19, 2008

Review: Stockholm Syndrome

Synopsis from StagHomme:

“Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted person, in which the abductee shows signs of loyalty to the abductor.” A psychopathic serial-killer (Damien Crosse) captures his latest prey; a tall, dark and rugged soldier (Dennis De Nello). The soldier awakes from his drugged up state tightly bound to a chair. He doesn’t remember anything. All he can see other than bright lights are walls covered in newspapers. The masked psycho enters the room and all the nasty fun begins…not only for the abducter but for the abductee as well.


Damien Crosse is fierce and merciless as the captor in this fine film from StagHomme. He pounds on his victim's chest with his fist before spitting in his face. After using the hostage for his own sexual pleasure, Damien says "Now it is your turn.". The camera fades to black and we hear a gun shot and see red on black blood spatter.

What I really liked about this film was the attention to detail, such as the rope tied tightly across Dennis' pectorals (evoking so many Etienne scenarios), the dog tags, the tear away flight suit, the newspaper covered walls, the duct tape gag, the ski mask that Damien wore, and the bruises on Dennis' face. Plus the preview of what the capture was like with the initial beat down, drugging and fuzzy rememberance of being dragged in. All of this really added to the overall experience and is really quite brilliant.

Add to that two endlessly hot men who go at it like there is no tomorrow, and for one of them there is not, and I am sold. This film is a tour de force for Damien Crosse. He gets to show us what a tough guy he can be. I hope we get to see more of Dennis De Nello too.

I hope we get to see much more of these type of films from StagHomme. Stockholm Syndrome is a truly original concept and I applaud whoever had this idea. Again, the shots were terrific, the titles and music were great as I have come to expect from StagHomme Studios. The film was directed by Francesco D'Macho.


Doug said...

I totally missed the gun shot at the end. I'll have to go and watch it again. Not that I wasn't going to anyway.

Kristie~ said...

I agree Sue...I'd love to see more of the same from the guys. They just keep getting more exciting.

Cristiano Mancini said...

I just want Dennis Nello !!!!!!!!!

gpcrush said...

Word, Sue!

It just keeps getting better and better.


Anonymous said...

I like Dennis mmmham... so sweet and manly and that look in his eyes begging for more cock, he looks like a puppy... perfect for the role of abused man!