Thursday, December 04, 2008

Review: Stag Homme's "Just 18": UPDATED

Stag Homme Studios released "Just 18" Parts 1 & 2 today which stars Axel and Francesco D'Macho, and was directed by Damien Crosse. With afterthoughts added in purple.

The film opens with Francesco and Axel on a black leather couch. At first they begin to kiss and then grope each other through their sweat pants and muscle shirts. Hungrily and without control, they would need a hose with cold water to part them now. They remove their muscle shirts and Axel mouths Francesco's cock through his pants. Francesco pulls his pants down for Axel to have better access. Axel is able to throat Francesco's cock which is very impressive for a young buck. Later, Francesco teasingly blows Axel for what seems way too short a time, but then strips him naked and strips himself as well. Because he's so horny he can't wait to fuck him, to be inside him. He fingers Axel's asshole with his lubed fingers, rubbers up his cock and shoves it into Axel. I was holding my breath, but Part 1 was over.

Axel deep throats Francesco, Source: Toni's blog, more photos there.

Part 2 begins with Francesco lying on top of Axel and rubbing his pelvis on Axel's. Then they begin to fuck in a missionary position. They then move through several positions, Axel seated facing Francesco while Francesco helps with his hands on Axel's butt cheeks, facing away from Francesco, doggy style with Francesco holding onto Axel's hips and then missionary again with Axel folded in half. Francesco is so turned on, we can hear his breathing as he pounds into the college boy, changing position frequently to gain better access. This is the culmination of his taking a young stud to bed fantasy. How many of us have been there when we were younger too? In each position, both closeups and full body shots are captured by Damien so that we can enjoy the penetrations as well as the muscles that are flexing and the deep breathing. At one point, Damien even reaches into the shot to touch Francesco's totally furry legs. Damien is turned on by the scene, as he senses that his partner is turned on and wants to be part of it all. I was engrossed the whole time.

Francesco's cum shots were spectacular. He pulls out and moves to kneel over Axel's upper body so that he can cum on Axel's face. His first shot lands on Axel's cheek, the second flies over Axel's head and must land someplace in Timbuktu, then the others land around Axel's collarbone. Axel's cum shot is helped along by Francesco rimming him, and as he is a quite flexible young man, he shoots most of it into his own mouth. Francesco swirls the rest of it from Axel's face into Axel's waiting mouth with his index finger.

So it is another home run from Stag Homme Studios! We get to see the master, Francesco, go to work with an 18 year old novice who is randy, a muscle jock and hot as hell to boot. This one is scorching hot, which is saying something when one considers that the others were also extremely hot.

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Thonnibg said...

I think I saw Axel several times on Pedro & Daniel`s blog.

smeTee (smeety) said...

As I said, you all made very good post. And it is with pleasure that I read them all. I enjoyed this video (as indicated by my message on the site. Francesco is very imaginative with AXEL. Very nice positions.

gpcrush said...

Hi! I love that you are pimping my caps from Toni's blog. *g* Anything that spreads the Stag Homme love is good by me!

I'm totally with you on the lack of 'visual delights' from the guys themselves (yes, saw your comment to Francescso) ergo my obsessive screencapping. LOL!

If you like, can send them to you directly. And trust me I make so many more than I post on LJ! Hee!

Drop me your email address at!

nice review.


Sue said...

I know! They boys are just so remiss in not providing photos! I only steal a few and then give props to Toni, so that folks will go to his blog and look at the rest. Then they can go to your site and see the remainder. I'll send you my email pronto. Thanks for the comment. It is so difficult to express how the porno makes me feel when all the expressions are so trite already. Sigh.

gpcrush said...

I'll keep an eye out for your mail. :-)

Poor guys, they are so busy making mind altering amazing scenes for us, one can't really be that hard on them for not having still images. :-)

*snuggles SH honeys*


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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