Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Another bride Another June
Another sunny honey moon
another season, another reason
for makin' whoopee

Alot of shoes alot of rice
the groom is nervous he answers twice
its so killin that he's so willin'
To make whoopee

Picture a little love nest
down where the roses cling
Picture the same sweet love nest
Think what a year can bring

He's washing dishes and baby clothes
He's so ambitious he even sows
but don't forget folks thats what you get folks
for makein whoopee

Another bride Another June
Another sunny, a sunny honey moon
another reason, is that season
for makin' whoopee

A mass of shoes, a gang of rice
the groom is nervous that he answers twice
its so Killin this cat's so willin'
To make whoopee

Now he's washing dishes with those baby clothes
He's so ambitious that he even sows
but don't forget folks thats what you'll get folks
for makein whoopee

but don't forget folks thats what you'll get folks
for makein whoopee

Photo credit: Brawny Stud

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Ever wondered what was under a kilt? Here we go again lads and lassies!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

This evening it is very cold here in New England. Last night we had a light frost on the yellow and orange leaves that are on the ground. This fellow looks all warm and cozy, doesn't he? I think he would fit in between my sheets and under my down comforter nicely, don't you? Think how toasty we would be together. Things might even get heated under there. Imagine that!

Photo credit: So Slowly

Seduction Tip from BIE

Since Scott says that he is ALL about sharing, I thought he wouldn't mind if I ripped off this post he wrote about his favorite way to handle a man.

"You get to rub all against the front of him while manhandling his package and then sliiiiiding down past the hard dick and testi-clees, through the legs to the butt. Then, as this young man Fredrik is doing, you spread one cheek with one hand and with the other gently rub his hot, quivering little hole with your index or middle finger.

"Eventually of course, you want to make a big production of slowly licking that finger — so there's no doubt in his mind what you intend to do with it — and then slipping it slowly into his hole as far as it'll go.

"A nice touch is to pull it slowly out after a while and on the pretext of lubing it up a bit more and slowly licking the finger all over — or having him lick it for you –before returning it and as much of the rest of your hand as you can fit back inside his butt.

"The prerequisite is that he munch on your neck as is being displayed here. Or, better still, your nipple all the while grinding his ass into your hand.


Gee, thanks for the tip Scott! And if you haven't yet read Bill in Exile, the link is in the side bar and I recommend it highly.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fair View Welcomes Two New European Links!

The first is Toni, who will help you meet the Bulgarian man of your dreams. Who knew that the Balkans had so many handsome men?

Last 2 photos are Mr. Bulgaria 2006

But in my opinion, Toni is the Bulgarian man of my dreams!

The second link is with the very sexy Serkan, who is Turkish, but lives in London. His blog is called Original Sinner. Get an eyeful of this sexy 26 year old:

He writes about his life as a shy person. Recently he has started working out with a trainer to make his body as beautiful as his face. He also writes about porn stars. But really Serkan, you are the Turkish delight!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 6, Ecudorian Equinox

Mr. Butterfly felt as if he had died and gone to homo heaven. Here he was in the rainforest surrounded by gorgeous men all clad only in swim suits or less! Moreover, this trip was all about his speciality, Lepidoptera. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He wasn’t! He couldn’t stop himself from grinning like a fool. Hunky, but a bit too old for him, Pete, introduced him and his gal pal Sue to all of the studs, um, colleagues.

First he met Chuck who was naked as a jay bird and very easy on the eyes for a straight man. But he seemed all about Sue. Too bad. But she was up to handling him. Then he met the really cute Austin, another ex-military man, who was very sexy in his dog tags. Too bad he was straight too. Hmm. Worth seeing if anything could develop there though, he thought to himself. William was awfully hot in his own blond, holier than thou way. Fat and juicy cocksucker lips. Yum. And Oscar. Holy shit! What pecker that boy had! Though not as big as his Volchuck’s, they say it pays to advertise and he was hoping to get himself a slice of what Oscar was advertising. He was cute too! Then there was the pretty Dr. Allen Wise who looked fantastic in his Wonderjock. He came across as a tortured soul though. But Mr. Butterfly was definitely interested in hitting that.

After the bathing, they got back to the tent, listened to the briefings, and then it was finally time to say farewell to Sue. He was sorry to see her go. He wasn’t sure how long she would be gone. It would be at least a week as she and Chuck and Oscar climbed to over 3000 meters to collect orchids of the genus Teagueia. He just hoped that she would return safe and sound.

But now, he was walking on air as he grabbed his butterfly net, camera, and water to go butterfly hunting with Allen and Pete. Base camp was at about 500 meters elevation, so they would begin looking in an area right around camp. Allen was outfitted similarly to Mr. Butterfly and Pete was carrying a machine gun, water and spare gear. They would not be collecting any specimens on this trip; just taking photographs.

Passiflora Foetida amizonica

and it's fruit

Allen led Mr. Butterfly to a patch of blooming passiflora Foetida amizonica. This was for a dual purpose; butterflies love them and he could collect fruit here for lunch. There were butterflies all over the flowers. Both men approached slowly, cameras at the ready. Shutters began to click. They took photos of an stunning hairstreak,

Evenus draudti

and an aqua eyemark. Both of which were pretty common.

Mesosemia mycene

“Holy cow!” Whispered Mr. Butterfly. “Did you see that Automeris? I didn’t think I’d ever get to see a moth like that alive in my life time.”

“Yup. That’s Ecuador dude! Want to catch one?”

“You bet I do!”

So, Mr. Butterfly swooped with his net and caught one. He brought the net in close very quickly so as not to injure the delicate moth and grabbed it lightly by the wing’s forward ribs gently so as not to break them or mar the delicate scale pattern on the wings. Then he released it onto his hand. There it stood. It flattened it wings, as moths do and posed. Pete came over to take a look too.

“Wow!” Pete said. “Why is it just staying there?”

“It is playing dead. It is a defense mechanism against predators. This moth is a threatened species. It should fly off pretty soon.”, replied Mr. Butterfly.

The moth hesitated a few more moments and then lazily fluttered away. Just then it began to rain and all of the butterflies scattered into the forest for shelter. Allen hurriedly collected passion fruits for lunch and then pointed the way to some dense tree coverage from the rain. All three took cover.

Pete said “I can’t just sit here. I’m going to hunt for some meat for dinner. Maybe I’ll bag a small tapir or kapybara for us. You guys up for some meat?”

small tapir


Allen and Mr. Butterfly just looked at each other and Allen said “Sure Pete. That’ll be great. Thanks a bunch.”

“Now don’t go too far while I’m gone. Give me those fruit rinds as an attractant. This won’t take too long.” Off he went into the rain, which was now coming down harder.

“He’s a real man, that Pete.”, said Allen with a smile. “He’ll travel all this way to the rainforest but you can’t deny him his red meat.”

Mr. Butterfly laughed. “Just look at all that muscle bulk he has to support and you can understand his need for proteins.”

“Oh, is that what you are into?”

“I never said that…”

Allen just gave a knowing nod and grinned. Both of them had eaten and with the soothing sound of the heavy rain falling, Mr. Butterfly was feeling rather sleepy. “I’m just going to put my head down for a minute and take a cat nap, okay?”


The young explorer was really done in from all his travelling and in no time was out like a light. Allen looked down at the angelic face of the sleeping young man, who was out cold immediately. Allen was tempted to touch the sleeper in a most indecent way. He couldn’t restrain his hand from caressing the sleeper’s shoulder that was so close to him. And what was to stop him from placing his hand on the sleeper’s breast as it rose and fell with each breath? No one was here to see. So he did. Then he noticed that the sleeper’s loose hiking pant’s crotch was forming a bulge. Suddenly, the sleeper shifted, and the sleeper’s hand went down in sleep to shift something in his pants. Without waking, the crotch was comforted and the bulge adjusted. Allen was now enjoying his own bulge too. Allen reclined next to the sleeper. He thought that he should arrest his questionable actions or certainly be caught. He slid his hand down to the sleeper’s tight abdomen, fingertips just above the belt. It was so tempting to go further; he was only millimetres from the bulge.

Suddenly, a shot rang through the forest and Allen quickly withdrew his hand and sat up. Mr. Butterfly slowly wakened and said “What was that?” He realized that he had an erection and turned away from Allen to hide it.

Allen said “I guess Pete got us some meat for dinner.”

“I just had the strangest dream. You were in it.”, said a groggy young explorer.

“Do tell.”

“Um. Maybe I shouldn’t.”

Allen said “Let me guess then. While you slept, I put my hand on your shoulder. Is that right?”

“Well yes.”

“Next, I put my hand on your breast, and then I slid my hand down to your abdomen.”

“Yeah. How did you know?”

“Silly boy! Because it really happened! Did you like it?”

“Um, yes.”, the young explorer admitted shamefacedly with an adorable blush.

Just then, they were interrupted by Pete returning proudly with a dead, gutted capybara slung over his shoulder held by its tied feet.

“We’re eating meat tonight boys!”

Allen and Mr. Butterfly just laughed out loud.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

This evening we celebrate with the hotness that is Cesto de Gatos. Hmm, yes. This first gentleman looks ready to begin some chin-ups. I think he should abandon those and do some push ups on top of me. What do you think?

This second honey is getting all nice and clean for us. We like cleanliness; it is close to godliness. We should pray to his body every day for it's perfection. Look at that ass and those pecs! Sweet Jesus! I kneel before thee and beg thy blessing!

I'm not sure what is going on in this photo. But I do love what this fellow is wearing. I love how his ass is creeping out of his red boy shorts. I just want to lick a line up to where they end. Then when he turns in surprise, give him a big grin and see if that makes him feel better. I am sure it will.

I really think this gentleman needs to be helped out of the rest of his clothing. It seems he is stuck on his shirt. Any volunteers to give him a hand with his shirt? With his jock?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Big Day for the Campaign

We had a tremendous win on the campaign trail today: a proposed addition to Town Hall that would have cost nearly $3 million was defeated by a vote of 308 to 646!

That is me standing in front of my Jeep that I plastered signs on saying "Avoid tax increase VOTE NO on TOWN HALL". My Jeep was parked in front of Town Hall last Sunday. What a commotion it caused! The first selectman showed up around 10:00 am to photograph it and I ran down there. Sean followed me to make sure I wasn't making a scene. Moi? Make a scene? Then the architect walked in, followed by the town clerk and right behind her was the cleaning lady. (The cleaning lady???) So, I told Sean that I was going in there to take a pee and see what was going on.

So I went in and there was no one in sight. So, I did my business and when I came out the town clerk was standing there with the cleaning lady. I told them that as a citizen I was exercising my constitutional right to free speech using my Jeep and if there was any problem with it, I was right here and just let me know. The clerk said that if this was part of the campaign, I needed to say who purchased the signs. I indicated that I got the signs for free (which I did) and that they were not part of the campaign. (Actually, I had to go rogue to do this because the campaign did not think this was a good idea. They thought it was too risky. Fools!) Then the cleaning lady (!?!) said that my Jeep had been out there for 3 hours and I was going to get a ticket because the signs were for 2 hour parking only. I pointed out that I was not parked in between the signs. She countered with, then you are parked illegally. I said, well it is not posted, but I will move my car. So I went outside and backed my Jeep in between the signs. From then on, I moved it every hour.

Also, we had teams at the town dump handing out cards with bullet points on why not to vote for the Town Hall addition.

Then Tuesday, I parked it at our polling place, the library. Everything was fine until Sean went down to check on it at 5:00 pm and called me to say that someone had ripped off the signs. I ran down there with the one extra sign I had and we filed a police report immediately on the stolen ones. Then we both stayed there until 7:00 pm and he stayed on until the polls closed at 8:00 pm and called us with the results.

This result bodes very well for our campaign overall. The people have spoken and they want no new taxes. This is what we have been saying all along. If all the incumbents can muster is 300 votes, they are in big trouble come November 6th. There is still lots of work to be done before then. But, the future of our town looks far brighter than it did this morning.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Hmm. Yes. Indeed. These four gentlemen would give me pleasant dreams that is for sure. Look how happy the first man is. Why is he so happy? He could share his secret with me. I'll never tell.

Ouch, he is so pretty it hurts to look at him. I just have to close my eyes and rest my head on his lap. Oh, it is lumpy. *wink*

And this one, rush to my bed lover. I'll be waiting.

This gentleman is my sleeping beauty. I would wake him with a kiss each day. That is if I ever let him sleep.

Photo credit: So Slowly

Re-Join Francesco D'Macho's Yahoo Group

Apparently Francesco's Yahoo Group was accidentally deleted, but it is up and running again. You must rejoin to have access. So please sign up here. Then you may once again have access to great photos like the one below. Visit his blog here.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Tonight gentle readers I am so tired from campaigning and my internet has been out for days. But I am back to entertain you and quite frankly, I have missed you! *sniffle*

Okay then! Down to the business at hand, namely your pleasant dreams tonight! I thought I'd offer some gentlemen reclining on automobiles for your perusal this evening. The first sexy man lying on a very dirty car is from Cesto de Gatos. Don't you wish you could see more of him?

Your wish is granted in this second photo from Caballero. I don't know if these guys are just warming up or cooling down, but if this were my car, I'd tell them to move. I mean, look at the paint on her! It is for sure metal flake and she is a convertible. That is one beautiful paint job and the car has got to be a beaut too! Does anyone know what the car is?

Oh, yeah. The guys. Um, they are okay too. Does anyone know if jism ruins car paint? I suppose they could use a towel under them. Uh oh. We can all see where my priorities are.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Part 5, Ecudorian Equinox

I thought to myself that all these guys were pretty hot, but too young for me, except for Pete. But he was so brusque and business like, there was no way he was interested in me. Bill, excuse me, William, as he had told me he preferred to be called, struck me as kind of stuffy, but closer to me in age. So I would wait and see how that turned out. Mr. Butterfly kept his thoughts to himself as we walked back to base camp.

When we got there, breakfast was about ready as José had gone ahead and cooked everything. There was rice, as promised, the fish that Oscar had caught, and some fresh passion fruit that the rain forest had provided and the men had gathered.

There was also coffee. I was hungry. The fresh fruit was amazing and the fish was great. Rice at breakfast was going to take some getting used to, as was coffee made with iodized water. Ugh. We all cleared our own dishes, which were part of our own camp sets. Then, Pete began to draw our attention for our first briefing.

“Let me explain the setup of our organization to you.” said Pete. “We have four PhD.’s with us. They are Dr. Allen Wise and Mr. Butterfly who are Lepidopterists, and Dr. William Brandtley III and Dr. Sue Fairview who are Orchid specialists. We have two local guides. They are José and Oscar. They both speak English and Spanish and are trained in city touring, rainforest camping, cloud forest camping, mountaineering, rock climbing, gun handling, first aid, and they know their way around this area. We have three security specialists. They are all ex-Marines. They are Austin, Chuck and me. We will provide security for your trip. Ecuador is a pretty safe place, but there can be bandits and we will be carrying machine guns since this is what we would expect that they will have. Everyone is trained to help you with technical aspects of collection.

“We are going to break into three groups. The first group will contain Allen and Mr. Butterfly and me. We will remain in this rainforest looking for rare or new species of butterflies and moths. I will provide security. No guide will be needed since Allen was also here last year and speaks fluent Spanish. The second group will contain William, Austin and José and the third group will contain Sue, Chuck and Oscar. The two latter groups will climb to the cloud forests to collect orchid species and William and Sue will give you your briefings on that. We will now split into butterfly and orchid groups for those briefings. Thank you!”

Then Pete stepped aside and we broke into two groups. The butterfly group of three went outside and the orchid group stayed inside the tent.

William began our briefing to Oscar, Chuck, José and Austin.

“Our goal is to find out if any orchids of the genus Teaguiea exist on the mountains 3000 m above us and more importantly to find new species, and collect them to bring back to our greenhouses. I know that all you are already briefed on climbing in cloud forests at these altitudes and our guides actually have experience at this. I am here to tell you about these orchids so that you may help Sue and I collect them. We will be splitting up to maximize our coverage of the mountains above us. Much of this work has been done by Lou Jost. He first discovered the genus Teagueia in 1990 at 3400 m growing in some moss on a mountain called Mayordomo. Here is a slide showing that mountain.

“Teagueia have also been found on Cerro Negro, a nearby mountain. The next slide here shows a space shuttle image of the area that Lou Jost studied and the following slide is a blow up that includes the area that we are now in.

"You can see that we have areas of the Andes Mountains with cloud forests that are the same altitudes that he is at. Thus we hope that we may find the same orchids here.

“Teagueia are smallish creeping orchids and have broad sepals without tails that grow above the tree line. We have slides, since you may not be familiar with the terminology. This next slide shows what a Teagueia plant looks like when it is fully teased out of the moss it grows in. Please note that the ruler next to it is in centimetres, not inches, so they are pretty small.

“The next two slides show what Teagueia looks like growing in moss both in flower and not in flower. This is what you will be looking for.

“This slide shows thirteen of the newer Teagueia species in flower to scale.

"Sue will have a copy of this slide with her and so will I. But basically we will recognize a new one. There are currently a total of 32 known Teagueia species.

“However, if you see any orchids in bloom, please point them out to either Sue or myself. We will tell you what they are and if they are of interest to us. Over time you will learn what interests us or not. Are there any questions?

“Okay then. Let’s get ready to go.”

William then walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder and said “Gee, Sue, I’m sorry; I forgot to ask you if you had anything to say.”

“That’s okay William, you covered everything just fine.” I replied feeling that I didn’t really like his hand on my shoulder. So, I said “Excuse me but I really must pack for the journey now.”, and then began to move away to begin to roll up my sleeping bag. He reluctantly dropped his hand off my shoulder. Thank god! I had said it with a big smile to make him feel a bit better about the whole thing. He looked a bit crestfallen though as if I had spoiled some master plan or something.

Soon enough, Mr. Butterfly came in to grab his camera, butterfly net, and some water. He was all excited because he and Allen were going out on their first butterfly hunt together.

About a fifteen minutes later the two orchid groups were assembled outside and ready for departure, and it was only 9:00 a.m.. José led William and Austin south to the mountains. I said my farewells to Mr. Butterfly, and then Oscar led Chuck and me north up into the mountains and the cloud forest beyond.