Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

Tonight gentle readers I am so tired from campaigning and my internet has been out for days. But I am back to entertain you and quite frankly, I have missed you! *sniffle*

Okay then! Down to the business at hand, namely your pleasant dreams tonight! I thought I'd offer some gentlemen reclining on automobiles for your perusal this evening. The first sexy man lying on a very dirty car is from Cesto de Gatos. Don't you wish you could see more of him?

Your wish is granted in this second photo from Caballero. I don't know if these guys are just warming up or cooling down, but if this were my car, I'd tell them to move. I mean, look at the paint on her! It is for sure metal flake and she is a convertible. That is one beautiful paint job and the car has got to be a beaut too! Does anyone know what the car is?

Oh, yeah. The guys. Um, they are okay too. Does anyone know if jism ruins car paint? I suppose they could use a towel under them. Uh oh. We can all see where my priorities are.


Jessica said...

I don't think I care if cum can ruin a paint job. I'll find out for you, though, Sue.

Sue said...

Jessica - I would really appreciate that! Thanks! :)

thonnibg said...

We missed you too,Sue!Hope the compaigning is going well!
I see you`re showing your men now...without these annoying black rectangles.Thanks for that,even if we are about to be x-rated.
If this were your car you`d better be there to clean up the cum.Cuz I agree,the car is beautiful!Even though I don`t think it`s so bad for the paint job.

Sue said...

Toni - thanks, it is great to be back. I could have easily edited this one but decided not to.

I only wonder about the cum because egg can ruin a paint job if left on too long. It has something to do with the proteins. Cum is just proteins and those sperms. Imagine all those sperms working away at your paint job, thinking it is an egg to fertilize!!! Pounding their little spermy heads into it! That would have to make a dent in the paint! Or lots of little microscopic dents anyhow...

thonnibg said...

I haven`t thought of that but your fears might be right.I`ve also heard about the protein stuff and etc.
But what I know for sure is that cum is very good for the skin and it`s even advisable to drink it!LOL