Monday, October 29, 2007

Seduction Tip from BIE

Since Scott says that he is ALL about sharing, I thought he wouldn't mind if I ripped off this post he wrote about his favorite way to handle a man.

"You get to rub all against the front of him while manhandling his package and then sliiiiiding down past the hard dick and testi-clees, through the legs to the butt. Then, as this young man Fredrik is doing, you spread one cheek with one hand and with the other gently rub his hot, quivering little hole with your index or middle finger.

"Eventually of course, you want to make a big production of slowly licking that finger — so there's no doubt in his mind what you intend to do with it — and then slipping it slowly into his hole as far as it'll go.

"A nice touch is to pull it slowly out after a while and on the pretext of lubing it up a bit more and slowly licking the finger all over — or having him lick it for you –before returning it and as much of the rest of your hand as you can fit back inside his butt.

"The prerequisite is that he munch on your neck as is being displayed here. Or, better still, your nipple all the while grinding his ass into your hand.


Gee, thanks for the tip Scott! And if you haven't yet read Bill in Exile, the link is in the side bar and I recommend it highly.


nacho silva said...

hi u doing?

be very careful with SERKAN..we know he is VALDIR again..and have proofs about it....dont let him cheat u again as he did with us....

by the way, thanks for adding me to your mates..i already did the same

have a great day great woman...


nacho silva

Sue said...

Oh no! Not again! Thanks for letting me know.