Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pleasant Dreams

This evening we celebrate with the hotness that is Cesto de Gatos. Hmm, yes. This first gentleman looks ready to begin some chin-ups. I think he should abandon those and do some push ups on top of me. What do you think?

This second honey is getting all nice and clean for us. We like cleanliness; it is close to godliness. We should pray to his body every day for it's perfection. Look at that ass and those pecs! Sweet Jesus! I kneel before thee and beg thy blessing!

I'm not sure what is going on in this photo. But I do love what this fellow is wearing. I love how his ass is creeping out of his red boy shorts. I just want to lick a line up to where they end. Then when he turns in surprise, give him a big grin and see if that makes him feel better. I am sure it will.

I really think this gentleman needs to be helped out of the rest of his clothing. It seems he is stuck on his shirt. Any volunteers to give him a hand with his shirt? With his jock?


SYNRGY said...

Yes Sue, I think the first one should abandon the bar and you should help him with his workout... Dig in if he starts slacking off... ;)

As for the rest just dayyyuummm

Alexandr said...

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Serkan said...

I'd choose between #2 and #4.Both of them are so sexy with washboard abs,yummy!!!

thonnibg said...

#1 is for me!

about a boy said...

my god woman! i cant choose! i just cant do it. it just wouldnt be fair.

Doug said...

I am going to have to be a glutton and take them all too.

Sh@ney said...

Boy 'O' boy...I just dont get enough sleep to have that many sweet dreams...Guess I'll have to put em all in the one huh....*winks*
I haven't forgot about my dear friend...Just so busy this week...
hugs xox

Jessica said...

I call dibs on #1, since I actually know who he is: Alessio "LEGIONARIVS" Sakara, a MMA fighter who has fought for the UFC.

But Toni and Syn are sexy as hell, so I'd be thrilled to share with them.

Sue said...

Jessica - I'll have #1 first if you don't mind and you and Toni are welcome to my sloppy seconds.

Serkan - go for #2 & 4

Syn, Chris, Doug, & Shaney are going to have an orgy with all 4 of the men. That is a whopping 8 men!!! That I want to see!!!!

Alex, buddy, you are out of luck. I can't run ads on the blog. Sorry! But come back any time to play with us.