Monday, October 01, 2007

Afternoon Delight

Now that Folsom is over, is anybody bored yet? Sigh. I am. I am looking to meet somebody new. Hmm. Who do we have here? From So Slowly, here is Nicky. Let us take a close look at him.

That's right, get those clothes off. Good! Dark curly hair, obviously works out. Very good! Nice pecs, abs, guns, so far so good! Okay, get on the couch.

You heard me right, get on the couch. Please.

Oh my god, the face! He is an angel descended from heaven! O angel, where art your wings?

Sorry, didn't mean to go all poetic on you. Leaving? Oh no, you can't. I was really hoping that Cristiano would like to meet you, but we'll see. If anybody else wants to meet Ricky, let him know.


The Husband said...

I get hungry just looking at him.

SYNRGY said...

I want to meet Ricky... nice pub... grocery store... dark alley...