Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fair View Welcomes Two New European Links!

The first is Toni, who will help you meet the Bulgarian man of your dreams. Who knew that the Balkans had so many handsome men?

Last 2 photos are Mr. Bulgaria 2006

But in my opinion, Toni is the Bulgarian man of my dreams!

The second link is with the very sexy Serkan, who is Turkish, but lives in London. His blog is called Original Sinner. Get an eyeful of this sexy 26 year old:

He writes about his life as a shy person. Recently he has started working out with a trainer to make his body as beautiful as his face. He also writes about porn stars. But really Serkan, you are the Turkish delight!


thonnibg said...

Wow,Sue I don`t know what to say!
A big kiss to my New Yorker girlfriend!

Sue said...

You are more than welcome Toni!

mr tickle said...

serkan is very cute... btw, your free-speech jeep is very sexy, just like mine. scroll down a few to the handsome dude below "William began our briefing to Oscar, Chuck, José and Austin."... you are great!
p.s. i found a blog today called "gay porn for girls" -- apparently owned by two women... for one split second, i thought of you, lol. have a great day.

Jessica said...

Wow, Toni, you're famous! YAY! Now don't let your ego swell too much, or else Mistress will have to punish you.

thonnibg said...

You know I love your punishments,Mistress!Oop-a-l-aaaaa

David said...

Serkan. Wow. Just...Serkan.