Monday, April 30, 2007

A Puppy for Mommy - Part 2, The Birth

Mommy's puppy has been born! It happened this past Saturday, April 28. The litter had 12, you heard right, 12 puppies. Four of those were the kind my Mom wanted; black with white, male with wavy instead of curly coats. Here is the photo:

I wonder which one my Mom will end up cuddling with? Here is the proud mother suckling her brood:

Aren't they tiny compared to their mom? This was an email from the breeder that my Mom got:

Hi again, I may take you up on your offer eventually. This is how it is in the beginning. Constant rotation of puppies to nurse. Feeding mom all the time and about 8 -10 loads of wash a day to handle all the towels and rug mats that are in the two puppy warming boxes and the whelping box.
My knees are so raw that one actually has blistered and both are swollen.
Are we having fun yet. Either Joe or I are in with the litter to be sure that mom doesn't sit on any that are in with her. They are between 8 and 12 oz she is 45 lbs.
Oh then there is the part that I've been up since the start of labor on Wednesday. napping on an air mattress beside the whelping box. So I haven't actually slept since Tuesday. On Friday Joe got lots of Chinese Food Take Out so we could keep picking without much thought involved. The Restaurant gave us 14 fortune cookies Probably though we were having a huge party!
I must have forgotten something. It's quite humorous . In the end we hope to produce healthy stimulated happy pups.
Will send pictures. They look like mice.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Link with a Mission: Mideast Piece

This may be one of the most important new links I have because they have a mission: road map for peace. Here is their mission statement:

Mideast Piece aims to unite people around the world through shared adoration of that most sacred and bronzed of species, the Middle Eastern man. Whether Muslim, Jewish, Christian or Druze, these desert men are more valuable than any Saudi oil well.

As greater appreciation for the Middle Eastern male develops, we are confident the international community will intervene to preserve and protect this endangered species from destroying itself (and, on occasion, others). There are too many unattractive, pale people on Earth for the world not to make the entire Middle East a natural reserve of hot men, complete with admission fee, monorail, and – of course – petting zoos.

Mideast Piece operates according to these values:

    • Soldiers are hot. They should not be killed in war. They should be trained – strenuously – and put on display for all to lust after. That’s Mideast Piece.

    • Gay men and their supporters face similar challenges all over the world. Mideast Piece is where a shared dialog can provide solutions, mutual support, and hope to gay men of the region – plus tips on where to get a great body wax.

    • Gay Jewish Israelis and neighboring gay Arabs have more in common than, say, a gay New York City Jew and a homophobic Salt Lake City Mormon in the US. We must focus on what unites us, instead of what divides us, i.e., a great ass, nice arms, killer smile, etc.

    • Young gay men of Israeli Jewish background and young gay men of Palestinian Muslim background should get to work, which is what Mideast Piece represents. They must educate all gay – and curious – Middle Eastern men and their allies to make Mideast Piece, not war.

    • Straight men and women of all backgrounds have a key role to play in this endeavor. Only if a majority of straights stop hating gays and start giving them some rights and respect, can we expect gays to feel comfortable enough to lead the way visa vie Mideast Piece.

    You are a Mideast Piece diplomat who must share your feedback about this site and – more importantly – send us hot pix of Middle Eastern men, steamy stories, and generous donations to allow us to continue our work on Mideast Piece. It is up to all of us to put the Middle Eastern man on the pedestal he so justly deserves.

I truly wish that a certain US President would consider the first bullet point. All kidding aside, Mideast Piece takes on serious issues too. So please give them a look.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Iceland Investigation, Part 7

Sue woke the next morning in pain. You know, sometimes when you have rough sex, you don’t realize how much pain you will be in the next day. But she got up for breakfast anyhow. She met Mr. Butterfly at the fire and drank some coffee that he had just made.

“Good morning!” she said.

“Good morning to you too! How are you today?”

“I’ve been better.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’m in a bit of pain from some rough sex last night with Pavel.”

“How much pain?”


“What do you mean enough? How much did he hurt you?”

“Not that much. Really I am okay.”

But it was too late. She had raised Mr. Butterfly’s defensive nature and he was on a tear.

“Pavel, would you please come out here?” said Mr. Butterfly.

After a brief time Pavel did and said, “Yes, Mr. Butterfly, what can I do for you?”

“Did you hurt Dr. Fairview last night?”

“Excuse me?”

“Let me repeat myself. Did you hurt Dr. Fairview last night during some rough sex?”

“Stop right now Mr. Butterfly, before it is too late! Pavel, you don’t have to answer that.” exclaimed Sue.

“Was what I did so different from what Volchuk did to you?” countered Pavel. He could see the look of surprise on Mr. Butterfly’s face and said, “Don’t you think that I have traveled before with Volchuk and know his ways?”

But Mr. Butterfly recovered quickly. He then responded with, “Yes. I could have stopped him with a word. I’m not so sure Sue could have stopped you.”

“I could have stopped Pavel. He did everything exactly as I wanted him to.” blurted Sue, replying to the response from Mr. Butterfly.

“Why yes I did Mr. Butterfly, I did and she loved every minute of it. It was all she could do not to scream with pleasure when I bit her ear and forced her to climax.” said Pavel with a leer.

That was it. Mr. Butterfly’s fist shot out and connected with Pavel’s chin, knocking a surprised Pavel to the ground.

Sue screamed, “Volchuk come quickly the men are fighting!”

Volchuk scrambled out of his tent in time to help Sue hold back Pavel as he got up from the ground ready to pound Mr. Butterfly.

“Boys, boys. Why don’t we all settle down to our jobs today and cool off. Pavel and I will go and study the geothermal phenomena and you guys will survey the plants and bugs. We won’t be in touch in until the end of the day. Sound like a plan?” said Volchuk, the voice of détente.

Sue agreed readily and grabbed Mr. Butterfly to drag him with her both physically an ideologically.

So after a hurried and silent breakfast, they split up to work for the day.

Sue and Mr. Butterfly marked off a large grid in a valley with string and counted each plant and insect species within each square meter area. Surprisingly there were even some orchids and even rarer, they saw one peacock butterfly that must have blown in from the UK. Of course, Mr. Butterfly had to take a photograph.

The data from each grid was recorded into a lab book and the data later entered into a laptop computer for analysis. In one day, they were able to do four such large grids. Then they were exhausted and returned to camp.

Sue couldn’t wait to get into the hot spring to relax and soak her painful areas. As soon as she got back to her tent, she stripped down, and made her way to the spring clad only in a towel. She got in quickly without even checking if the Russians had returned. God, it felt good to be in the hot spring.

Mr. Butterfly felt a bit guilty for popping Pavel and decided to make dinner as a peace offering. As he was preparing it, the Russians appeared and looked pretty dirty and tired. They noticed that dinner was being prepared and were thankful and then headed for the hot spring.

Dinner conversation was pretty subdued. Everyone was tiptoeing around, trying not to start a fight between Mr. Butterfly and Pavel. Sue was mortified that everyone knew her personal business. She just wanted to go to bed and forget the whole thing. She got her wish pretty quickly.

As she lay in her sleeping bag, the tent flap opened and it was Pavel. He came in and lay down beside her.

“So how sore are you?”

“Too sore to have sex with you tonight.” He frowned.

“Can I kiss it and make it better?” he said suggestively.

“Rain check.”

Pavel laughed at that answer. “I am sorry that you got hurt so bad. If I had realized that you were being hurt so badly, perhaps I would not have been so rough.”

“Who are you kidding Pavel? I wanted it exactly like that. I wanted exactly what you did to me exactly like you did it. I wouldn’t have had you any other way. It was all my foolishness. I just never realized I would be so hurt. Let’s not make such a big deal of it. I am sure I will be fine tomorrow. I’m sorry Mr. Butterfly hit you. I probably shouldn’t have made such a big deal about it to him.”

“That is okay. You guys are close and have no secrets. He just doesn’t understand your need for rough sex. But I do.” Then he smiled a wicked little smile. “I hope we get to do it again.”

Sue unzipped the sleeping bag and Pavel got in. He rubbed his erection on her ass crack and said, “I would love to fuck you here so I could watch your glorious ass as I pound it.”

“Oh, so it’s not enough that you hurt my pussy, you want to hurt my asshole now too?” She turned to look at Pavel’s face and he was just grinning. “I don’t think so. I am going to try to sleep now. Is that okay with you Dr. Sidorov?” But she began to think that she didn’t quite trust this man in bed with her. If she had truly decided not to have sex with him, would he have really raped her? He certainly wasn’t trustworthy enough to be her first for anal sex in any event. And that tool of his was way too wide for it too. She had to find someone gentle and more modestly endowed to investigate the back alley, so to speak, were she to go that way.

“Da. Go ahead and sleep. I will be right here if you need me.” he said as he winked at her. So they slept and Pavel held her as if he meant it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Francesco D'Macho Update from the Set of Trunks 4

It looks like Francesco has kept his hot new look for Trunks 4

There he is in all his glory! Observe the tan, the look, the fur, the body, the muscles, my goodness he's a god! My porn crush, my man, my Francesco!

(But I'm not competing with Francois... apologies Monsieur Sagat. Si vous plait. Il et a vous toujours.)

Francesco D'Macho is currently in Palm Springs for the filming of Trunks 4. He was very excited that he got to drive a brand new silver Corvette and play a millionaire today. Who wouldn't be? But, he had to work for 15 hours and now he is resting and his eyes are burning from all the sun. It is hard work when one is the star!

Notice how the crew is in the shade.

Tennis anyone?

Finally cooling off... or is it heating up?

It is felt by the studio that Francesco's scenes with Christoph Scharff will be the highlight of the movie (of course they will - the man is sex on legs!).

So your hard work is not for naught Francesco. Just make sure that you don't work too hard so that you can come back in one piece to me, oh, I mean to your Minou. Oops! I apologize again Monsieur Sagat. I don't mean to compete with you. Really. It was just a slip. I'm not even male. Really. I can prove it. Oh, I'm not sure I want to. Did I say that out loud? Oh gosh. Well I am married in any event. It is just a harmless crush. That is okay isn't it? Sigh. Guess I better quit while I am ahead...

Freshman Year - Part 13, Badminton

During the week, I had signed up to take Badminton for a half a physical education credit. I was thinking, how rigorous could badminton be? I mean, running around the court with little racquets after shuttlecocks sounds like a light work out to me. The first day, I showed up to the field house in my little shorts and it was a good sized class. We all sat on the padded flooring of the indoor track in the center of the field where four nets were set for four courts and each of us had our racquets. There were two instructors.

The instructors introduced themselves and then said, “Okay ladies; give us a mile with your racquets!” I thought, holy fuck! They have to be kidding us. But, I got up. At least I could run it without any problem. I was in good enough shape, but some of the women I had my doubts about. The instructors had to shepherd many of the stragglers onto the seventh of a mile track. On one of my laps I noticed Dwayne, the tall African American guy I had met when I was with Colleen. He looked up at me and said, “Yo, Sue has legs!”

I was embarrassed by what he said, and how loudly he said it. After the mile, we broke into playing pairs for the semester. I was fortunate and paired well. It was a good thing because our grade was based on how well we played.

Unfortunately, he was not available to pair with.

We were taught the correct way to do all of the essentials of badminton. Different kinds of serves and shots (drive, drop, feint, kill, net, push and smash). Then we found out that we would be graded on how many birdies we could serve and shoot into a hula hoop on the other side of the net out of ten. Egad! So, if you could drive 10 of 10 birdies in between a rope that was no more than 2 feet over the net and into a hula hoop where ever the instructors decided to place it, you would get an A+. Nine of 10 would be an A, 8 of 10 would be a B, 7 of 10 would be a C, etc. This was just plain old too hard and unfair. But this was done for all of the types of serves and shots to determine our grades.

But what ever I thought, I did pretty well, and was getting a B after the hula hoop determinations. The final way to influence the grade was to play with your partner against the teachers. If your pair prevailed you could add a half a grade to your final. My pair battled mightily and in overtime prevailed against the instructors. Boy were they pissed. I couldn’t believe we won. So, I got a B+ and my partner got an A. Hooray!

Late one evening I was surprised to get a call from Colleen. She had taken the semester off to regroup after our trauma last year. She told me that she had arranged to room with two very nice young women from New York City in the next fall semester in a four man suite in the Twin Towers Dorm on campus and they were looking for a fourth. Would I like to be their fourth? I said with relief that absolutely I would. Now I was excited about that and relieved that I didn’t have to worry about making arrangements for next year. It was all settled and somehow I had a really good feeling about it. I thanked Colleen profusely and rang off. It was so nice to hear a friendly voice again.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Puppy for Mommy

Euphemism ahead: God decided that Mom had her sweet dog long enough (14 years) and decided to take him to dog heaven.

Reality: Mom’s old mutt had a stroke and she took him to the vet to have him put down. She was too upset to watch and called me in tears.

Okay. Moving on. So Mom needs a new dog. She is interested in a Portuguese Water Dog (PWD) for the following reasons: they don’t shed, they are a good size (about 40 pounds or 18 kilograms), are highly intelligent and high energy. They are usually black or chocolate with small patches of white acceptable on curly or wavy coats.

A Champion Portuguese Water Dog

So, like a good daughter, I did a Google search and low and behold, there is a breeder who lives really close to me. Who’d a thunk it? So I arrange a visit for my Mom.

So Sean and I go out to dinner at our favorite Italian place and it turns out that the owner imports and breeds Lagotto Romagnolos. The Lagotto was bred from the PWD, but to search for truffles. So it is a smaller dog, only about 30 pounds or 15 kilograms and has a milder temperament. The coats are curly, and more colors are acceptable, but the dog should not be black.

She came up for her visit to look at dogs and we spent the entire afternoon looking at them. The PWD breeder had a two litters of puppies that were spoken for. The litter pictured below is a different one than the ones we saw but gives you an idea of what they look like and how puppies look as they mature.

Then we looked at the restaurant owner's two Lagottos with brown markings (see below). The brown was the male and the brown head with the white body was the pregnant bitch. She was so sweet, I just wanted to sweep her off her feet and take her home.

Here are photos of other Lagottos that live in the US and Italy:

So, in the end, Mom decided that she wants a PWD and has arranged with a breeder near her to get a puppy from a large litter that is expected soon out of this bitch.

If it were me, I would get a Lagotto because they are so sweet and way cuter. But it is not me. Good luck Mom!

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Curacao Cure - Part 7

Mushroom Forest and the Cave

The next dive was right off of our hotel and accessed by boat. Here is the excerpt from Curacao Actief:

One of the most renowned sites on the island and on the top ten list for any dive in the Caribbean, this area can only be reached by boat. Located just south of Santa Cruz on the sparsely populated northwest side of Curacao, a number of local dive shops offer daily trips to this magical site. Spread across a wide plateau, the Forest starts close to the shoreline cliffs in 40 feet of water and runs several hundred yards out to a depth of 60 feet before reaching a steep drop off. The mooring is located in the middle of the Forest. Depending on the current (which is ordinarily light but can get quite strong) you can swim either direction; lacking current we recommend heading right, towards Santa Cruz.

This site earns its name from the giant mushroom shaped coral formations sprouting from the seafloor. These were formed over many decades as the bottoms of the Great Star and Plate Corals were slowly undermined by fish, wave action, sponges, and clams, leaving the appearance of a stalk supporting a big mushroom head. Some have grown to over ten feet in diameter. It’s easy to get lost in the flats, so bring a compass or keep an eye on your dive master. Also don’t forget your camera as the area is populated by Turtles, Cowfish, Spotted Eels, Goldentail Eels, Stingrays, Spotted Drums, Lobster, and Burrfish, to name a few.

Goldentail Eel

Make sure to ask your captain to swing by the Blue Cave after your dive, hidden in the nearby cliffs. It’s fun for snorkeling and cliff jumping, and makes a great surface interval between multiple dives.

This site is also known as the Blue Room or the Blue Cave for the shimmering blue light that greets you once you swim inside and look back towards the entrance. Hidden in the cliffs just inside from the Mushroom Forest, it’s usually possible to snorkel inside the cave, though waves and tide occasionally swamp the entrance and mandate a scuba tank or strong free diving skills. With the cave ceiling stretching 20 feet above the water line there’s an ample air pocket once inside, and there’s enough room to comfortably accommodate 6 – 10 divers; more gets a little cramped.

Look for the schools of Silverfish glittering in the blue light, as well as Squid, Peacock Flounder, and Needlefish cruising the surface. The rocks around the entrance are nicely encrusted with Cup Coral, strong enough to endure the ceaseless motion of the waves. Snorkelers and novice divers will enjoy diving the shallows along the cliffs, reaching maximum depths of 20 feet, home to Parrotfish, Angelfish, and Gorgonians, and Brain Coral mixed with patches of sand.

For those desiring a bit of an adrenaline boost, it’s fairly easy to climb the rocks just to the right of the cave (when facing it from sea). Those with tough feet or booties can then climb up over the entrance and drop 25 feet down into deep water. Makes for a great action shot, and a nice way to spend time between a two tank dive.

The Blue Cave is only accessible by boat; daily snorkel or dive trips are offered by a number of local operators.

Peacock Flounder

Grey Angel Fish