Thursday, April 26, 2007

Francesco D'Macho Update from the Set of Trunks 4

It looks like Francesco has kept his hot new look for Trunks 4

There he is in all his glory! Observe the tan, the look, the fur, the body, the muscles, my goodness he's a god! My porn crush, my man, my Francesco!

(But I'm not competing with Francois... apologies Monsieur Sagat. Si vous plait. Il et a vous toujours.)

Francesco D'Macho is currently in Palm Springs for the filming of Trunks 4. He was very excited that he got to drive a brand new silver Corvette and play a millionaire today. Who wouldn't be? But, he had to work for 15 hours and now he is resting and his eyes are burning from all the sun. It is hard work when one is the star!

Notice how the crew is in the shade.

Tennis anyone?

Finally cooling off... or is it heating up?

It is felt by the studio that Francesco's scenes with Christoph Scharff will be the highlight of the movie (of course they will - the man is sex on legs!).

So your hard work is not for naught Francesco. Just make sure that you don't work too hard so that you can come back in one piece to me, oh, I mean to your Minou. Oops! I apologize again Monsieur Sagat. I don't mean to compete with you. Really. It was just a slip. I'm not even male. Really. I can prove it. Oh, I'm not sure I want to. Did I say that out loud? Oh gosh. Well I am married in any event. It is just a harmless crush. That is okay isn't it? Sigh. Guess I better quit while I am ahead...

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