Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Iceland Investigation, Part 4

At 10:00 in the morning, a bleary eyed Sue and Mr. Butterfly met for coffee on the patio at the Floki.

“I got laid.” said Sue.

“I know. Me too.” replied Mr. Butterfly.

“He left his email address in case I am here again. But I doubt I will be.”

They both gazed into the distance with their thoughts and sipped their coffee. They nibbled at the pastries on the table. They had stayed out too late and had too much vodka. They spent the rest of the day packing for the bus ride they would take with the Russians and taking it easy.

Later that day, Sue and Mr. Butterfly met with the Russian vulcanologists at lunch. The two men stood out at the Cozy Café. Sue approached the table and began to make introductions. “Hi! My name is Dr. Sue Fairview and I am the botanist on this study and the entomologist is Dr….”

But, Mr. Butterfly interrupted her and said, “Sue, let us not stand on ceremony here. Please, you can call me Mr. Butterfly. Everyone does.” He was breaking the ice. The two Russians were very attractive. The younger one had light brown hair in a crew cut and looked like the boy next door all grown up but if he was Russian. The older one was darker and swarthy. He was handsome, but had a brutal look about him. Sue couldn’t blame Mr. Butterfly. They were going to be camping with these guys for over a week.

The older Russian continued the introductions by standing and pulling out a chair for Sue. “I am Dr. Pavel Sidorov and this is Volchok Aksinya. Volchuk is a post graduate student of mine and speaks fluent Icelandic since he has summered here for years to study the area’s geothermal phenomena. Icelandic is one of the most difficult languages to master. So he should come in handy.” Pavel’s English was only slightly accented.

Dr. Pavel Sidorov

Volchuk Aksinya

“It is very nice to meet you both.” said Sue and Mr. Butterfly, as all shook hands and settled into their chairs.

“Volchuk is an interesting name. Does it mean anything?” asked Mr. Butterfly.

“Da. I mean yes. It means wolf cub in Russian.” said Volchuk. Volchuk’s English was heavily accented, but easily understandable.

“What large hands you have Volchuk!” said the young explorer.

“The better to grab you and eat you with.” said Volchuk. “Did I grasp your literary reference correctly?”

“Why yes you did. But you do have large hands.”

“I was born that way.”

“Uh yeah. Okay guys, let’s talk about science. You know the stuff we studied our whole lives?” Sue said.

Pavel said, “Thanks Sue. We have already loaded all of our gear onto the bus this morning and you two can add your stuff any time. We will drive out to the departure point after lunch. From there, we will load our gear onto horses and hike the final 2 hours to our initial campsite at Sölatvirkjun. We will make camp and spend the night. Any questions?”

The server came over and Volchuk ordered all of our lunches in Icelandic. God only knew what he ordered. But, when lunch arrived, it was perfect. How did Volchuk know what they wanted? He ordered Icelandic lox, bagel and cream cheese for Sue and Mr. Butterfly. Was he a mind reader? It was one of life’s little mysteries.

After lunch, they stowed their gear on the bus and the driver took them to the departure point. They all got off the bus and met their horses. They were each assigned one so there were four. They were going to have one person tents so each animal could carry a tent, scientific testing equipment and food supplies. So they began their hike and the terrain was really untouched, green and pretty. There were small streams surrounded by native shrubs, wildflowers and plants. Beautiful rock outcroppings jutted from both water and land. It was difficult not to stop and just admire the scenery. But there would be plenty of time for that tomorrow when their survey work began.

When they got to where they would be camping there was a small hot spring, suitable for bathing. Sue and Mr. Butterfly were thrilled, because they had worked up a sweat and could clean off and because being in a natural hot spring was still a novelty to them. But first they set up camp and secured the horses. Sue pitched her tent a bit away from the guys’ tents. But she didn’t know why. She grabbed a big fluffy towel and wearing only shorts and a tee shirt headed out to the hot spring. She had no doubt that they would be bathing naked.

She was first to the hot spring, stripped off her clothes and got in before the guys even showed up. That made life easier. Then the guys showed up and she tried to act disinterested as they stripped and got in. She had seen Mr. Butterfly naked before in the Amazon. The Russians were her scientific colleagues and so she could not look at them that way. That was what she was trying to focus on. Holy crap! Look at the size of the dick on Volchuk! It had to be half way down his thigh! What a monster! BRC alrighty!!! Mr. Butterfly had noticed too. His eyes were going to fall out of their sockets if he wasn’t careful. When Mr. Butterfly entered the water, it was all Sue could do not to give him a stiff elbow to the rib cage. So, she began to speak.

“Wow, this hot spring sure is refreshing! What a great campsite! Did you find this Volchuk?”

“Da. I mean yes. Isn’t it perfect?”

“I should say so. Especially after a long hike and setting up camp. I can feel all my muscles just letting go and the sweat floating off my body. Don’t you agree Pavel?”

“Why yes I do Sue. It is at times like these that I think I don’t pay Volchuk enough.” Then he laughed at his own joke.

Mr. Butterfly just sighed. Finished bathing, Sue got up and climbed out of the water, showing her best side to the men. She got her towel, dried off and went to her tent. She got dressed. When everyone was out of the water they had a dinner of dried herring, spicy and hard maribo kúmenostur cheese and black bread. There was also sweet coffee and dark chocolate. Light conversation made for a perfect evening and all of the scientists retired to their tents for a good night’s sleep before a long first day of work on the morrow.

So, dear readers, who will get the brc? Will it be Sue or Mr. Butterfly or both?

Volchuk photo credit: Completely Naked Images

Pavel photo credit:


Peter said...

Grrawwl, Volchoc is one hottie and a cock to match his [explained] name.

What's the brc? I not from these parts of the woods??
Bed Room Companion? Born Really Cold? Be Right Close? You tell me...

Peter said...

I forgot to add... Both will get what they deserve... a long lucious night of one-on-one action, maybe in bed and/or maybe somewhere in the wilderness.

We never know how long these episodes go on. ;-)

Sue said...

Peter, BRC is hot linked to the definition of the acronym. Stay tuned!!!

savante said...

Hmmm... are Pavel and Volchuk free for hire?

Sue said...

Do you have a geothermal phenomena you need investigated Paul?

G Cracker said...

As I recall, I got Volchuk, Sue. Of course, there was that hour and a half the day after when you and he both disappeared and you still haven't told me what happened...;)

Sue said...

G - You're killing me here!

David said...

Regardless of the brc, my vote is for Pavel. He sure warms my hot spring.

Sue said...

Hmmmm. David - yes, both the Russians have their charms.

SYNRGY said...

And the BRC goes to... bom bom BOMMM.
I wont guess... I wont, you cant make me.

Sue said...

Synrgy, leave it to you to add the drama and make me laugh, as always. Cool!

about a boy said...

they are both hotties.

i thought i was mr butterfly but im willing to share. usually.

Sue said...

See, the great thing about a fantasy is that you can be anybody you want. Close your eyes and you can even be the girl. Unless you are saying there should be swapping after the initial couplings... Not sure it will fit with the characters' personalities. What does "usually" mean?