Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Fantasy - Iceland Investigation, Part 5

It never really gets dark in Iceland in July. It gets late, but not dark. So when it was late, Sue went to her tent and laid down in just a tee shirt and panties in her sleeping bag.

Tired, she dozed off quickly. She was awakened by a strong hand over her mouth and the other around her waist. She struggled instinctively and tried to scream, but couldn’t. Then she heard Pavel’s voice. “Relax. It is just me. Don’t you want me here to protect you?”

“Protect me from what?”

“Violent natives.”

“Oh, you mean like you?”

Pavel laughed as he breathed into Sue’s ear. He had not released her. Through the sleeping bag she could feel his excitement. “You know you want me. It is only a matter of time before you accept me.”

Oh yes, she wanted him. She wanted him to hurt her, to take her roughly and he was just the guy for it. So she said, “No!” and struggled a bit more.

He held her down with one hand and his body weight, unzipped the bag and got in. His legs and feet were cold, but his crotch was hot through his jock strap. He leaned in to kiss her and had to grab her jaw and force it open to drive his tongue into her mouth. He dry fucked her crotch, forcing her legs open with his pelvis. Then lifted up her tee shirt and moved down to gently bite her nipples. They stood erect immediately. She could not restrain a moan at this point. So the jig was up and she could no longer hide her desire for him. She started to rotate her hips up in response to his dry fucking to get every last ounce of enjoyment out of it. That was all he needed. He stripped off his jock strap and her panties, and she insisted that he use a condom, so he used one of hers. He placed one of her legs over his shoulder and began to try to enter her. His penis was damn wide, so it would be tough to get in. But he intended to work at it.

Sue was just a little bit of a thing though. If she had wanted pain, this would be it. She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming when he entered her. It really took a few minutes for her to become accustomed to the pain and move beyond it to the pleasure. It felt like she could orgasm with every stroke of his member and maybe she did.

It was great for Pavel too. She was so fucking tight! He felt like he barely fit in there. He felt like he had a UR-700 rocket for an endowment and she was going to pull it fucking off of him for Christ’s sakes she had such a grip on it.

That tight little pussy of hers was milking him, compressing him with every stroke and making keeping a steady rhythm difficult. He would pull out a bit and then have to fight his way back in. In spite of that, in no time he was getting close. He held her arms down on either side of her head by her wrists with the full weight of his torso and pumped away with the weight of his lower body. This seemed to be what she wanted. He pounded away at her viciously and she wanted that too. How much pain did doctor Fairview want? He leaned forward and bit her ear as he came and her sharp intake of breath let him know that he had done the right thing. He submitted to the bliss of his orgasm and so did she. He lay there holding her down as his organ released its payload into the condom.

Afterwards, when they had both caught their breathes and their heart rates slowed to normal, they both decided to go to the hot spring and rinse off. They held each other tentatively as they floated in the hot spring. It was very romantic in the late night sunlight but the romance was lost on them. Then after a quick kiss good night they went to their respective tents. Neither of them wanted Mr. Butterfly or Volchuk to know of their liaison.

Pavel photo credit: Gregory NYC


about a boy said...

oh that sue. always getting into something or something always getting into her.

Peter said...

Life is full of twists, turns and playing around.

There must be two Sue's... in one, Freshman's Sue and Explorer Sue. I both love them!

Sue said...

Chris: I hope you like what is getting into her.

Peter: one is virginal reality and one is adult fantasy. Glad you like both though.

SYNRGY said...

Sorry... Got a lil sweaty... That sue got what was coming to her...

Hey Sue... Go here and test your American History... Giggle.

Sue said...

Glad you enjoyed it Synrgy! :)

G Cracker said...

SUE! You kept that part of the trip from me! I can't believe you!!

Okay, I'm over it, but don't expect me to trust you next time we go on a trip. We're sharing a tent. :P

Sue said...

I dunno G. You might cramp my style. lol

Shaney said...

Hmmm once I got past the image, I found some pretty rivetting, hot writing again...And a little OUCH as Great to see Sue getting pounded...*winks*

Sue said...

Shaney, she gets her due every now and then. Hot image eh?