Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Link Reaches Adulthood - Change is Constant


Doug, the author of Change is Constant, has just turned 18 and that makes him fresh meat an adult. I had linked to his blog long ago, but didn’t advertise it since he was underage. His time has come now!!! Isn’t he cute? What a hottie!

I first noticed Doug in a comment he made on Joe.My.God. about how good his grades were, but that he still thought school was bullshit. So, I headed over to his blog and found him to be intelligent, entertaining, and funny and a really terrific artist. (By the way, did I mention that he is musically gifted too?) Here is the first piece of work I saw of his that had me convinced of his talent:

Since then he has taken AP Art and his skills have developed to where he now produces works like this:

Doug is a senior in high school and lives with his mom, who wakes him up with kisses every day. He is such a sweetheart, I can understand it completely. But sometimes it can lead to embarrassing situations. They live in a fairly rough area near San Diego. Sometimes people get shot there. I have told Doug to be careful, but sometimes he doesn’t listen. Maybe now that he is older he will. The best thing about him being older is that now he can go back and read all of those bits of my blog that I had marked for adults only that I am sure that he did not read before (right Doug?). The other great thing is that now he can reveal parts of his love life that he could not before without legal ramifications. We are waiting Dougie. (tapping foot) Tell all.

So check out Doug’s blog, I know you will love it as much as I do.


Doug said...

You're a sweetie, Sue! Thanks for the link 'n' birthday wish.

Of course I haven't read those adult posts, yet. ;)

My blog'll be a bit explicit nowadays.

Doug said...

'n' oh, out of all the pictures, why this silly one?! lol

Sue said...

You are most welcome. Hope you get lots of birthday traffic! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (that is 18 kisses and one for good luck!)

G Cracker said...

Sue, being that I'm around his same age I'm just gonna clue you in one thing: he ain't gonna listen yet. I'm not listening yet. :P

Sue said...

I can only try G. I mean, it is his life that is at stake.

Doug said...

Huh? Wha? Sorry, I wasn't listening. ;P

Sue said...

Very funny! Not.

exNavyMike said...

You are SUCH the Fairy BlogMother. So cool!

Anonymous said...

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