Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Freshman Year - Part 12, Meeting Tom

Friday afternoon I took the Greyhound bus to Cornell to see Verne. We had tickets to see a Gilbert & Sullivan production that night and I had never seen one before. It was the Mikado performed by the Cornell Savoyards, and I loved it. We both did. The production was fabulous. But Verne had seen the Savoyards perform before. He already knew what a treat this would be for me. He really loves me.

The next morning I was going to get to meet Tom, Verne’s friend that was looking for a girlfriend. I was leery. But all was for naught. The moment I laid eyes on Tom, there was sizzling chemistry. How could this six foot plus, athletic sweep rower, light brown hair, brown eyed hunk be a friend of my geeky brother? Gawd! What a stud!

Tom and I got on like ham and eggs. We took off for a hike down Cascadilla Falls. It was so romantic.

“How did I miss seeing YOU at the party last week?” I asked.

“Well, I did walk by, but you were kind of busy with some guy’s tongue down your throat and I didn’t think it would be cool to introduce myself right at that moment.”

“Oh. I see what you mean. Sorry about that. I was just trying to be a good little fraternity sister.” I tried to say with a straight face.

“Um hm.” Then he smiled and I knew it was okay.

Tom was quite the athlete. As a freshman he was rowing on the number one eight man and four man heavy weight sweep boats, which was unheard of for a freshman. So he was one of the top four crew rowers at Cornell. He would be competing one day out of every weekend beginning the third week in March. That really put a limit on how often we would get to see each other. He was majoring in biochemistry and had chosen this fraternity so that he would have a quiet place to study.

I told him everything about the problems I had been having that semester with my roommates and the dorm president. He was angry and got very protective. That night we went to the Rathskeller for hot cider. We held hands on the way back to the frat. Going back to his room with him seemed to come naturally. His roommate was away or stayed away, who knew or cared. Tom was alone and I was with him. That was all that mattered. We caressed. It was divine. His whole body was hard as a rock with muscle. I had never been with a guy who was an athlete. Everywhere I touched was hard and smooth and wonderful. We kissed. He wasn’t very experienced, but he could be taught. He admitted that he was a virgin. He had had one girlfriend in high school that hardly let him past second base. I had already told him that I was a virgin. Between the two of us, I had more experience than he did. At least that is what I let him think. He held me so tight. I loved it. He could be mine, all mine. He liked me. I liked him. It was all good.

His hands began to wander and I let them. He opened my shirt and I let him. I let him explore my body because it was the first time for him. I knew he wouldn’t go too far without asking because he knew my brother. I removed Tom’s shirt and his chest was gorgeous. It looked just like it felt; well muscled. I opened his pants and released his beautiful erection. He was so turned on by me; it didn’t take long for me to jerk him off. I said that there were other ways that I could get him off without having sex and maybe we could try those. He asked what I had in mind. I said kind of tentatively that I meant blow jobs. Then he held me tight all night.

The following weekend, Tom let me know that he expected a blow job. Egad! Who knew he would take me so literally? Pushy, pushy. Be that way. Fine, fine. I’ll deliver. I had said that I would. So I did.

How was it? Well, it was my first. At least I figured out what went where. Give me that credit. When I first went down on him, there was the smell of his crotch to get used to. You know that musky man smell. I not only grew accustomed to it, but over time I grew to find it kind of an aphrodisiac. There were all of the light brown curly pubic hairs, since Tom didn’t trim, which was unheard of back then. I am sure I got some in my teeth as I lapped at his balls. But I licked his penis up and down and swallowed it as deeply as I could. I hadn’t conquered my gag reflex yet and so choked a bit on him. But I figured out that by covering my teeth and using my hand I could deliver a pretty good job for all of his cock. And I did get him off that way. That counts doesn’t it? He liked it and made all of the usual expected grunts and groans of pleasure. But I’m sure it sucked, and not in a good way. But what did he know? He was a virgin and perfect for a first timer like me. We were in love, lust, whatever, we were in it.

But we both really wanted to have sex next. He didn’t want it to happen at Cornell. I didn’t want it to happen at Cayuga. He felt that if my roommates saw us together that they would have more respect for me and he also wanted to be seen with me by the dorm president so that he would feel I would be less likely to be attacked again. He had a point there. So our mutual deflowering was planned for the following weekend.

Tom photo credit: Stunning Sexy Guys


mr tickle said...

Sue, i'm gonna vote your blog ~~number one gay blog of the year for erotic content~~! cheers :=)

Sue said...

Aron ~~~you are just too much darling~~~ hope you enjoyed it!

Ryan said...

sorry sue dear i havent been 2 your blog this moving is kickin my ass! i will catch up like i always do. i did have 2 stop and put a post up about vt and the sadness. the boy in this post is hot!

Sue said...

Are you back?

G Cracker said...

Oh my, rushing into your first time, much, Sue? This Tom seems like a great guy! I can't wait to see what happened with that...

Sue said...

Hey, I was 18 after all and normal and horny! He was perfect and everything I wanted for my first time. You've no choice but to wait... hehehe

Sue said...

Besides G, it was the 70's, the era of free love. There was no AIDS and songs of the time extolled us to "Love the One You're With". It was a wonderful and freeing time and I wish that everyone could experience that feeling of carefree sex. (Of course the cost was the possibility of date rape such as what I experienced earlier.) I hope that explains why it may seem to you that I was rushing things. In reality, I was being conservative and selective according to the times.