Saturday, February 28, 2009

Live Erotic Performance in Providence, Rhode Island

If you're in New England come check out Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse at 2Xcess in Providence on March 7th.

Pedro Andreas New Touch Photos

Pedro, stop looking at the camera and go with the bj!

There we go.

The last photo is so hot I could die!!!

Source: Andreas New Life

Steve Cruz as You've Never Seen Him !

Isn't Steve Cruz lovely in these photos taken by Aaron Cobbet of Pink and Wrinkly fame? He is right out of the pages of a bodice ripper romance novel and ready to be ravaged by his fans!

By the way, go to Steve's blog and read about the great review that Blue Movie just got!

Friday, February 27, 2009

NEW Friday Fantasy: Kamchatka Assignment Part 8

The young explorer felt a slight nudging and murmured “Just a few more minutes Mom…”

He could hear distinctly male laughter in his ear. He shook the sleepy cobwebs out of his head and came to the realization that he was not at his mother’s house, but thousands of miles away in Kamchatka in a sleeping bag with his Russian lover, Volchuk. It was Volchuk’s laughter that he was hearing. How embarrassing. He rolled over the face the music. Volchuk was smiling warmly.

“I’m glad I make you so comfortable,” he said grinning. “Let’s get out of here and invite Yuri to come with us.”

“Now?” asked the young explorer somewhat dreading what was to come.

“What better time, than during a magical aurora borealis?”

“Okay. But we’d better not wake Kirill. Shhh.” So they tiptoed over to Yuri and gently tapped him on the shoulder. Thankfully he awoke very quietly and understood what was wanted from him immediately. All three of them sneaked out of the tent and ran across to the meeting tent as quietly as possible bringing all of the lube and condoms they needed. The Northern Lights were still quite evident in sky.

Of course, Kirill was awakened, but didn’t let on. You couldn’t be ex-military and not be awakened by three people leaving a small tent in which you were sleeping. But he figured, why spoil their fun? He had no particular reason at this point in time. It gained him nothing right now. Perhaps in the future he could use the information if it became useful.

Into the meeting tent they went, one after the other, bending down to enter. Once there, Volchuk spread a blanket on the floor and put a pillow in the center. They all dropped their lube and condoms on the blanket. All three of them were wearing shorts and tee shirts. Suddenly it got very awkward in the tent. Volchuk looked at Yuri and said “Okay, what do we do?”

“First, we get naked!”

So they all stripped naked. “Then Mr. Butterfly, if you will get onto the floor with your butt on the pillow, please.”

So, the young explorer did as he was asked.

“Now, you and Volchuk will begin to have sex, please.”

Volchuk grinned hugely as he leaped onto the young explorer with glee and they began to make out like there was no tomorrow. Hands went everywhere on each other’s hot, young bodies; cocks and balls and nipples, as tongues flew and saliva was spit. Standing to the side, Yuri was jerking himself furiously as what he had witnessed so far was pretty fucking hot and stopped to don a condom. Eventually they both got rock hard and Volchuk turned so that the young explorer could play with his ass. He first put one, than two fingers up Volchuk’s ass. Then he lubed it up well for what was to come and then pushed four fingers up there up to his knuckles and stopped. He was almost fisting him! Volchuk moaned. Volchuk placed a condom on the young explorer’s rock hard cock.

Volchuk said huskily “I want both of you inside me!”

The young explorer’s pupils dilated as he said “Come closer wolf cub.”

With the young explorer’s butt on the pillow, Volchuk mounted his cock without any difficulty. It just popped right in. Volchuk took a couple of strokes before Yuri commanded “Okay Mr. Butterfly, open your legs so that I can enter from behind Volchuk.”

So, the young explorer opened his legs and Yuri advanced from behind Volchuk and entered from behind him. It was a bit slow going at first since it was the first time Volchuk had had two cocks inside him, but eventually Yuri’s cock was accommodated.

The young explorer had never felt anything like this before. It just felt so damn good! It felt kind of like his own cock had doubled in size and had filled up Volchuk completely. He felt so powerful. Volchuk’s eyes were closed and his long lashes rested on his cheeks and his mouth was in an ‘o’. To see the look of abandonment and satisfaction of Volchuk’s face was so rewarding!

Volchuk was in total bliss! He had never felt so fulfilled! He was on the glittery edge of the abyss and could topple off at any moment! He could just open his eyes and see his love beneath him giving him this pleasure. “Oh Mr. Butterfly! I love you so much!” he exclaimed with joy.

“I love you too!” replied the young explorer.

Of course, only Yuri could move easily. He was the motor driving the bliss of both of these two lovers. To say that he felt left out was the understatement of a lifetime. Sure, they would thank him later, when it was all over, but what about now? He felt a bit used. But he had to admit that physically it felt pretty damn good to him too. He only had to hold off cumming until these two did. Ah, life was tough that way sometimes.

Volchuk came first, explosively. It started as a wonderful swollen feeling in his nuts and he could feel it rise up to his huge dick. “Oh godd!” The jism squirted out in pearly bursts all over the young explorer’s chest and chin.

“Oh fuck that was so hot Volchuk!” said the young explorer looking down at the pearls of cum on his chest and the one big drop clinging to the end of Volchuk’s penis. Then the young explorer proceeded to cum into the condom up Volchuk’s ass groaning while he did. Yuri noticed and pulled out to jerk himself until he came which didn’t take very long.

When it was all over they were all quite exhausted and had to rest before they could clean up go back to the tent to sleep.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sagat Does Cute Overload - VOTING CLOSED

This overly cute photo of M. Sagat needs to be further identified and scrutinized. Will you help me with that dear readers??? What I am looking for is to identify the mammal that the hat is based on and the final look achieves . Without further ado...

Is it a sea lion?

Or an otter?

A hamster?

A red panda?

A bear cub?

Or an adult bear?

Please let me know your answer in the comments (you can write in a choice I have not supplied) and thanks in advance for helping me with this little experiment.


Adult bear - 2 votes


Hamster with fetish mask - 1 vote

Tiger with kitty inside - 1 vote

Obscenity - 1 vote (someone is very naughty!)

Animal photos from Cute Overload

Wake Up Call

Source: Balcon6

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love Is...

Please click to enlarge these stunning portraits by Geof Teague. Look at the peace and contentment on Francesco's face; that is the face of a man deeply in love. Damien clings to Francesco's chest as if to say "I'll never let you go my love; I am yours forever." If this is not love, than I don't know what is.

Source: Damien Crosse's blog