Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ross Hurston Is Everywhere I Turn!!!

It seems Ross Hurston is every where I turn these days! Here he has a film that will be released in 7 days from Alphamale starring Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin called Out at the Gym.

Here is his newest feature from Men at Play with Ted Colunga where he shines Ted's shoes. He said of this "The only time I've ever enjoyed shining a man's shoes."

See the preview here.

Above 3 photos from Attempted Entertainment (Hat tip: Chris). More can be seen there.


Thonnibg said...

Seeing Ross everyhwere you turn is great,isn`t it!
AM make great vids and I can`t wait to see this one.

Thanks for the link,Sue:)

Sh@ney said...

Hi Sue just dropping by to say G'Day...I don't have my gay blog anymore hon...I just post a gardening & photography blog now...I know boring stuff...but I don't have time to hunt for all those sexy images so I will just get my eye candy fix from you & others...hehe

Hope you are well my friend. Miss YOU!

Stan said...

Looks like Ross sure has been a busy beaver.

Sue said...

Hi Shaney! I noticed that yoiu dropped yoiur blog and was worried! Thanks for dropping a note to say you aer okay. I am so glad - hugs back at ya!

Nathan808 said...

Hi Sue! thank you for uploading this update. I am so happy to see Daniel an Pedro together. Does this mean everything is okay between them now? I'm so excited :) plus with Ross? very very sexy! you made my day sue

Sue said...

I am so sorry Nathan honey, but this film was probably shot so long ago, it means nothing about what is happening now. Still it is great to see them together. They have one more film that I know of coming out - one with Francesco D'Macho.

Nathan808 said...

oh really? aw.. im sad again :(
so is it really that bad? is there no hope? ive been trying to find any news about them but no luck. would you happen to know where i can read about whats going on with them? whether good or bad.. they are my favorite porn couple. the youtube account has no videos and the online store they had is empty. i miss them :( i didnt even know they were still making films.. pls reply to my email, if posting a comment would be uncomfortable. thank you very much sue, for your blog and for you great update!

Sue said...

Sorry Nathan it is all rumor so far.