Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sagat Does Cute Overload - VOTING CLOSED

This overly cute photo of M. Sagat needs to be further identified and scrutinized. Will you help me with that dear readers??? What I am looking for is to identify the mammal that the hat is based on and the final look achieves . Without further ado...

Is it a sea lion?

Or an otter?

A hamster?

A red panda?

A bear cub?

Or an adult bear?

Please let me know your answer in the comments (you can write in a choice I have not supplied) and thanks in advance for helping me with this little experiment.


Adult bear - 2 votes


Hamster with fetish mask - 1 vote

Tiger with kitty inside - 1 vote

Obscenity - 1 vote (someone is very naughty!)

Animal photos from Cute Overload


Stan said...

I'd have to say it resembles an adult bear.

David said...

I would assume adult bear.

Anonymous said...

a Bear Cub???

David Mason said...

a hamster wearing a fetish hood.

Anonymous said...

A CUNT ???

Mechadude2001 said...

Sexy Bear Cub.

Thonnibg said...

I think this pic is a response to my comment that he is a tiger outside and a kitty inside.
Well,I wish:)

Fer said...

Without a doubt, a bear cub!!

The Cat said...

A bear cub. Definitely.

Molly Millions said...

OH MY GOD. Oh-Mon-Deiu.

All I can say is i think Francois was trying to kill us all with that photo. Kill us ded. I can haz funeral nowz.

And Sue, BABY Otters, really?!?! Hamster in teeny box!!?? Red fox babies??!! Baby bear cubs?!?! REALLY?!?! All necessary, on top of an already cardiac arrest-inducing photo of FRANCOIS?

(hyperventilating, hair disheveled, beside self)

;) ;) ;) *smooches*