Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Oh No You Didn't Steve!

From the Naked Sword:

Paparazzi Catches Steve Cruz With His Pants Down
Written by mike
Monday, 02 February 2009 10:54

Steve Cruz is a pubic disgrace! The hairier-than-thou porn-star-turned-director has been riding high on the recent success of his series of Mustang films (Red Light, Blue Movie), and evidently he's letting it go to his head.

Cruz was caught this Saturday night exiting a private event in San Francisco's South of Market district, seemingly oblivious to the swarm of press who'd been tipped off to his whereabouts by a disgruntled former model. Cruz, long known for his tight control over his public image, let his inner Britney fly as he stumbled out of his Chevy Suburban, flashed a Sword paparrazzo and stumbled into a club. At one point, Cruz grabbed the photographer's camera after he snapped a pic of Cruz with something in his hair which definitely wasn't Silk Groom.

"The deal is off!" Cruz shouted in a fake British accent at a stunned Sword photographer, alluding to a major upcoming deal with Sword parent company NakedSword. "You'll never work in this crikey town again!" He stumbled off into the distance flanked by recently declared love Bruno Bond and porn newcomer Race Anderson.

The next day, the recriminations from Cruz's publicist were fast and spurious. "Mr. Cruz is currently recovering from exhaustion at a private residence. This is yet another example of an overzealous press attempting to defame the good members of our community. "

It looks really bad for Steve!!! So that is exactly why we need to send him to the Grabbys as Host! Steve says from his blog:

I landed in the top ten list of porn stars you selected to be host of this year's upcoming Grabby Awards. Please take the time to vote again. Your votes got me to top ten, maybe you can get me to host!

Click here to vote!

Wait until you see the other finalists. I have never even heard of some of them.

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