Sunday, February 22, 2009

Llama Farm

Sean and I were out and about doing errands when I noticed a llama farm. We pulled over to snap a photo with my new digital camera (that I carry everywhere). Aren't they cute?

There are six of them and they came closer when we arrived, but wouldn't come any closer than this. They were quite big, taller than us. That is how we know they are llamas and not alpacas.

We had thought about getting some; we have enough property. But then there would be the initial cost, and vet bills and housing and feeding and we don't think we could afford it. But there would be a tax deduction of declaring our property as a farm. We would get alpacas because they are smaller and cuter. We would need to get a few, since they are herd animals and are not happy as singles.

It is a nice dream.


Doug said...

Llamas??? Are you sure you live in Connecticut? LOL

Sue said...

Why not? Llamas love cold weather.

Stan said...

llamas are so cool! Your so lucky to live out there in the country. I've got to get out of here! I've heard of rich folks that have these estates where they'll have llamas, alpacas or even those small ponies just to get the property tax deduction. Very clever.

Sue said...

Some folks even keep emus up here!

Molly Millions said...

They are so CUTE! I love their little faces with those Long Eyelashes. It reminds me of Napolean Dynamite, lol...don't name any of them "Tina"...:D :D