Friday, February 13, 2009

Benoȋt Prévot Art for Slick It Up

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This gorgeous work of art was done by Benoȋt Prévot for Slick It Up. Once again, we can see the action in the forground of a man wearing SIU's hood, gloves, jock and t-shirt, while the shadow in the negative space is holding a whip. M. Prévot stays true to form in his art while producing a quality work for his client. Visit his blog and website to see much more.


David Mason said...

When I asked Benoit to do an illustration for us I think I left it pretty open ended for him. My main concern was that it had that element that he does where you see one thing and then realize there is much more going on then just the main focus image. He came back with three beautiful concept illustrations and this one was my favorite but it was hard to decide as everything he does is so fantastic......Be prepared for something even better coming soon in the semi near future :)

Sue said...

I just can't wait David!

Stan said...

Nice work!