Monday, February 16, 2009

My New Digital Camera

Here are some photographs that I took this evening with my new Canon Power Shot SD790 IS Digital ELPH Camera that Sean gave me for Valentines Day!!! I am so excited!!!

The very first picture I took is of my hand carved Tibetan Buddha that is about 75 years old. It is solid mahogany and the surface is painted. He is seated and his hands are in the teaching mudra (because I really have a lot to learn). Behind him is a Tibetan rug with a tiger. Tigers are a symbol of protection and power to Buddhists. I have a total of three tiger rugs in my Asia room. To Buddha's right is my hand carved Tibetan incense burner and to his left is an antique mahogany plate that is inlaid with mother of pearl. He is seated upon an altar of purple heart wood that I hand sanded myself and finished with a clear glaze. Click to enlarge.

The second photo is of my yixing tea pot collection and part of my Asian book collection. The post sit upon my maharajah silk bedcover that is too nice to have on the bed. It is all one piece of silk and we bought it in NYC back when we had money. One of these days I will put it on the bed and take a photo.

The pots, if you enlarge the photo, from L to R are goldfish, rectangular, beige dragon, plain, hexagonal, and dragon. Notice how the dragon pot has a little dragon head that comes out when you pour the tea. The matching cups and saucers are on the end. The two smallest pots were obtained in Singapore.

Enlage the photo enough and you can read the titles of my books!

Finally, I took this photo of my Moroccan lamp. I have a 60 W amber flame bulb in it right now. You can see a picture of Buddha in the Tibetan style and if you really enlarge it, you can see the detail of the hand carving in the mahogany. The chair at bottom has another tiger rug on it.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and are looking forward to much more!


Doug said...

Very cool, the photos and the collections!

Sue said...

Thanks Doug! :)

YvesPaul said...

Thanks for the little tour, I hope you have a lot of fun with your new cam. :)

Thonnibg said...

Love them!
The plate ion the first pic is exquisite!

Anonymous said...

I love the plate in pic 1. Beautiful
and also the blue teapot Sue.

You have a lovely collection.
Not to much.

Stan said...

I love the line: "back when we had money." I can relate. Still, your lucky to get the new camera! That hand carved Tibetan Buddha of mahogany is to die for! And the Moroccan lamp I love. I used to collect lamps like crazy back when I had money. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the Moroccan lamp and the way it projects the light.

Sue said...

Hey everybody, thanks for your lovely comments on my Asia room. They really mean something to me because I have selected all of the items in the room with the greatest care to make it a special place for me to be in. Thanks again!

Stan - "back when we had money", refers to when I used to work for big pharma, then when I became disabled they cut my salary by 30% and removed my bonus which was 15% of my salary at the time. So, overall, it was a 45% decrease in my overall income. Also, now my income is fixed for the rest of my life, so no more annual increases. I'm glad you can relate. I don't mean to whine (though it is in my horoscope for this year) and I will hardly starve.

Stan said...

Sue we have a lot in common! I don't have your e-mail address so I sent you a message on MySpace. I hope you don't mind.