Friday, March 17, 2006

Singapore, Day 3 - III, Tea Pots, Jade & Silk

I walked a couple of blocks to the yixing tea pot store and picked out two. All pots had prices on the bottom, but since these two were too high for me to reach, I couldn’t read them. Of course they were the most expensive in the store; let me tell you I can pick them. The owner would not bargain on the price. I bought them both for prices similar to that of the US but they were small and very finely crafted. They are the smallest in my collection.

Then I went back to Hong Wan Jade and they were excited to see me and offered me some juice. Did I mention that it was really fucking hot out and I was red in the face from it? See, that’s the thing when one is very fair with freckles and gets overheated. I looked again at earrings and decided they were just not that special. I tried many bangles, which was fun, but a bit painful after a few. Since they are for my twin sister, at her husband’s request (nice guy, a keeper I think); if they fit me they should fit her. I tried a lovely lavender one that was much too heavy and too expensive. I did find a white one with some red and a lovely light streak of green, and negotiated from S$580 to S$310. She loved the bangle and the jade necklace I had bought earlier.

Next was Dynasty Silk House to have a jacket made for myself. I picked out a bright pink brocade fabric and it was done by Wednesday. I also bought two kimono style pajamas for my nieces. The prices were all so inexpensive, and I was too tired to negotiate, so I didn’t. When the proprietor offered me a free silk scarf with my purchases I got the feeling I should have negotiated. Oh well, my assistant at work loved the silk scarf.

When I was finished shopping for the day, it was after 5 PM, and I could not get a cab back to the hotel even though I was dying of the heat. By the time I got back I had a blister on my toe and my lower back hurt. A shower helped me feel better. Then I went to Unkai for dinner. After a long, hot day, I collapsed into bed to sleep.


mr tickle said...

Hey, thanks for your comments. Yeah, I spent a great deal of time and effort to get the layout groovy. You might want to check this new blog -- it's called 2characters -- I found just now. I've got a link to it on my blog: it's full of intelligent stuff, I was terribly impressed.
I'll let you in on some stuff -- I grew up in Singapore, spent many years there so what you're describing on your blog right now is eerily familiar.
I'm also putting your blog with 2characters -- putting the smart guys together ;)

Sue said...

Hi Aron! Thanks for commenting. Yeah, my trip to Singapore was a company boodoggle; worked a day, stayed a week. Thanks for considering me smart and linking me; flattery will get you everywhere. ;) You should check out Bedtime Stories (there is a link on my blog). It is written by Paul in Malaysia and is quite entertaining. I will link your site on my blog.

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