Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bookfield, Parking Lot

Gregg and Bill, whose territory was north of ours offered to give us a ride back that night. Also, Gregg offered to give me some training on Monday. Bill was a sturdy fellow with wiry blond hair and a trollish, yet attractive, face. I was hoping to get home early from the meeting to rest up for the coming week, but we didn’t end up leaving until nearly midnight on Sunday. After driving until 1:00 AM, Gregg pulled the car over into a parking lot.

“Phew! I’ll tell you. I’m all in. I don’t think I can drive another mile without falling asleep. I just have to pull over and get some shut eye.” said Gregg. “Bill, are you awake enough to drive?”

“No. I was already asleep when you pulled over, and that woke me up. It’s okay with me if we sleep a little first. Unless one of you girls would like to take the wheel.”

“Neither of us drive.” said Mary.

“Are you sure you can’t drive any more? We’re only about an hour outside of Athens, aren’t we?” I tried to be the voice of reason. I just couldn’t believe that they wanted to stop here.

“Well, Bill and I are just too tired to go on, and you two don’t drive. What would you have me do?” answered Gregg.

Mary seemed accepting of all this, but I was upset. “Where in the hell are we going to sleep?” I asked.

“I’ve got two blankets in the trunk and we could lay them out and sleep on the parking lot.”

I had no money, having remitted all of it, and there weren’t even any cars going by to hitch a ride with. I felt trapped.

Mary and I walked a block to a nearby house and squatted and peed in their bushes. There was much giggling and nervousness. Urinating outside was a first for her, although I had done it before with my best friend during a sleep over, when we went outside and climbed a tree and peed from there. Still it was new enough to be worth giggling over.

Meanwhile the guys laid out the blankets in parking spaces and lay down. Upon our return, it was made clear that I was to sleep on Gregg’s blanket, and Mary was to sleep on Bill’s. This was such an obvious set up that I was angry enough to spit. I tried the back seat of the car, but it was too hot and the seat was short and had a big bump in the middle. I lay down on the blanket facing away from Gregg. A few moments later he tapped my shoulder, and when I turned he gave me a little kiss. “You know, I don’t bite”, he said in a bedroom tone. I rolled away from him.

Boy was that parking lot uncomfortable. I have a hard time falling asleep sometimes as it is. I told Gregg and he offered for me to sleep on top of him. I was so uncomfortable that I tried it. I did, with my back to his front. I’m sure he appreciated it, but I still wasn’t comfortable enough to sleep so I got off.

We awoke (I really didn’t sleep a wink) well before sunrise on Monday morning. We dropped off Bill and Mary in Bill’s territory. Gregg and I drove towards Athens on back roads. When eight o’clock rolled around, we weren’t close to my territory yet, but Gregg saw some ‘prime’ territory and wanted to sell some books for the deposit money. He counted out five or six houses for me, and left me on the road, saying that he would return to pick me up before I could finish them.


mr tickle said...

Hi Sue. You're the beeessst! I'm gonna post more guy pics just for you.

BTW: Ned's dog, and my future dog, they're also called Layla.

mr tickle said...

BTW: Where is my link?

mr tickle said...

Haha, I was getting ahead of myself. What's the jetlag doing to you now?

Sue said...

Hi Aron, Your thank you for your link can be found at (What a Lucky Girl Am I?). I don't have jet lag because I was in Singapore in 1996 and in Georgia in 1976.
I really like the guy pics and post some myself on Sundays.

So, you and Ned, huh?

Sue said...

Aron, your link is there after Alex. I guess I was too sleepy to get the point of the comment about the jet lag, you meant because the posts alternate between Singapore and Georgia. Got it. LOL

Anonymous said...

jeepers, i missed the peeing from the tree thing when we were kids! i'm going to run out and try it now!


Sue said...

It's never too late to be young at heart.

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