Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Double Zip Jeans with Yellow Stripe!

Available at Slick It Up
Model: Gregory NYC
Photographer: Aaron Cobbett

Francesco D'Macho a Portrait by Rob Bartell

From Rob Bartell's blog:

In response to his many, many loyal fans around the world, I am so pleased to present the release of this Premier Limited Edition Print of the portrait I did for the legendary Francesco d'Macho. This is slightly different than the one I did back in 2007 -- I made some changes, and hopefully some improvements, but I'll let you be the judge -- the earlier version is posted in the May 2007 archives of my companion blog -- the Art of Rob Bartell.

This Premier Edition of Francesco is limited to only 30 prints. Every print is personally hand signed and numbered.

I am deeply grateful to Francesco for all his support and kindness -- he's truly a great, gracious and immensely talented man.

The auction for the FIRST EDITION Print starts tonight and ends next Tuesday, May 26th. Don't wait until it's too late to!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Don't know what I was thinking - big oops here!


Travel Plans

I am going to Spain to see the boys get hitched this weekend. Blogging will continue when I return on May 31st. I leave tomorrow so wish me well!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ross Hurston at Butch Dixon

The ever hot Ross Hurston is featured on Butch Dixon and two of his past videos are there to be seen as well. See them here.

Sunday Comics: Etienne - Leftovers Part 1

Yes, it is true. We are running out of Etienne comics. This is half of what is left. Click to enlarge.

Source: Markus Area51su

Saturday, May 16, 2009

MAP: In Bed with Francesco & Damien Available

In Bed starring Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse is available from Men at Play. See the preview here.

It was so hot, that I almost joined to see the whole thing!!! I'm not used to not having my porn crush and his betrothed fully available to me at all times now that I have Stag Homme. I've been well and truly spoiled.

Hat tip: Attempted Entertainment

French Lessons with Sagat


Hat tip: Attempted Entertainment

Friday, May 15, 2009

Stag Homme Introduces Stag Live with Pedro Andreas Plus Ep. 2 of 30 Loads of Facials

StagHomme Studios introduces "Stag Live"! The first show will be an Erotic Live performance by Francesco D'Macho, Damien Crosse and Pedro Andreas and will be free to non-members and open to members too! The show will take place on May 18th at 8:00 pm EST and will feature giveaways such as DVDs to members and memberships to non-members.

Damien blows some really huge cocks in this one. Watch out or you'll get some on you!

Stag Homme can accept credit cards worldwide now!

For more information click here.

Herodotus Comixxx: Super Dave in Peril

Friday Fantasy, Ecuadorian Equinox Part 4

Previously posted October 4, 2007

During the walk back to the tent, everybody had their own thoughts.

Dr. William Brandtley the third was consumed by the thought the Dr. Sue Fairview was certainly his type. Petite, cute and dirty blonde, it only remained to be seen if she was smart and could be presentable in company. Perhaps she would even be pretty if she was dressed up and wore make up. He would seduce her on this trip and then bring her home to see if she could make it in his world. His world was one of money; that meant big money. He had been searching for a mate for some time. This expedition was going to be the one where he could find his perfect match. That meant not only a female, but one who specialized in orchids, just as he did. He didn’t care if she had some mileage on her. Well, that wasn’t really true. He cared, but that had to be put up with in these modern times. Times when one could count on getting a virgin who would be all that one wanted in a mate were sadly over. Dr. Fairview was the one. She was his perfect match. He had to have her. He just had to make her see things his way. He would start his plan during the briefing on orchids.

Dr. Allen Wise thought Mr. Butterfly was very attractive. What a hottie! But unfortunately, his former lover had committed suicide and he was not over it yet. Even though it had been well over a year ago and his therapist told him it was time for him to have a fling or even a romance. But he was hesitant. He couldn’t help feeling that he was the cause of his lover’s death, even though drugs had been involved. If he allowed himself to love again, would that person kill himself too? He knew that it was irrational to think that way and took the time to know it and hear himself think it. Instead, he focused on how alluring Mr. Butterfly was. They were going to be in the field together for some time. Who knew what could happen. They were both lepidopterists too! How exciting that was! He actually felt his groin give a little stirring and he smiled. Yup, there was life there still.

Chuck lusted for Sue. He knew he had to hit that piece of ass. She was his only chance to get laid here since Pete said that the local ass was off limits. Native girls could cry rape and make life difficult for an American. He didn’t need that shit. And what an ass Sue had! Man, spectacular was an understatement! He was lucky he didn’t get aroused back in the river. Fuck! What he wouldn’t do to get close to her. Phew! He hoped he would get assigned to her group to go out and look for whatever damn flowers they were there to find. Then there would be only one other guy. So she was a bit older. That sure didn’t matter. Fuck. He had seen her in her Speedo. Ugh, for crying out loud, she was so fucking hot. Her body was hotter than many twenty somethings he had seen. God he just wanted to boff her until she screamed for mercy. So her tits weren’t that big. He wanted to impale her on his dick from behind and pump her until she couldn’t walk right. Think of what her ass would look like then. But then his penis began to get aroused for real and he had to control his thoughts. He thought about how he wasn’t allowed to smoke cigs or drink beer on this trip and how that really sucked to get control of his meat.

Austin was frustrated. This trip took him away from his fiancée. He was doing it as a favor to his old buddy Pete before he got married to make money to afford the honeymoon trip to Barbados. His thoughts were with Diane. His beautiful Diane. She had red hair, green eyes and a bountiful body and was prom queen in their senior year. They were childhood sweethearts and true to each other since forever. This was going to be his last mission period. End of story. This was the last of his being a mercenary with Pete. Complete this mission. Go home to Diane. Get hitched. Go on his honeymoon. His job running a local security firm was waiting for him at home in Texas. That was his agenda. He thought wistfully of his Diane bouncing up and down on his cock while they made love; her huge soft tits swaying this way and that. She would throw her head back in ecstasy. But he had to keep his mind on this fucking job in this jungle hell hole. At least people weren’t shooting at them.

Oscar thought that Mr. Butterfly was adorable and so was Dr. Wise. He thought a threesome would be fabulous. But he was game for anything. All of the male members of the expedition we certainly doable and that fed his fantasy of doing a straight man. That was what really gave him a chub. He enjoyed seeing Chuck in his altogether; his butt looked good enough to eat that was for sure! He certainly had nothing to hide and had demonstrated that during the river bath. He was just happy to be here on the expedition to make some money, help out, whatever. These were nice well meaning people, here to study the environment, not hurt it. He was all for that. So, whatever happened was okay with Oscar.

Pete was hoping that the expedition met with no trouble. Ecuador was basically a safe place; the safest he had been to in a while. There were bandits, but attacks were rare, and this is why they had security. There were poisonous snakes, scorpions and such, but these were also rare and they were prepared for them. He had certainly taken all precautions for the expedition team. He was trying very hard not to have distracting thoughts, like about how cute that Dr. Fairview looked in her camo Speedo. Mmm. What he could do to her. FOCUS! He tried very hard to get his mind back on the mission. In true Marine fashion, he succeeded.

Photo credits:
Chuck, Austin, Pete, William from Brawny Stud Allen & Oscar from So Slowly

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pedro Andreas & "His Fill"

Above is a photo of Pedro Andreas and his friend he calls "my Fill". It is very nice to see Pedro smile so big after all he has been through recently. But just who is this Fill guy? And like what is he 'Filling' that is making Pedro smile like that??? Hmm? Well, what ever it is, I wish Pedro all the best!!!

Damien Crosse & Francesco D'Macho at Men At Play

Alert: Porn crush in a suit!!! Fainting is imminent!

Source: Men at Play

Hat tip: Guilty Pleasured

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Herodotus Comixxx: Knight's Plight

Source: Telemachus

Nick Moretti & Race Cooper Shoot for Egder9

Nick Moretti and Race Cooper were in San Francisco recently to shoot a scene that will be used in Race's website, Edger9. Read all about it and see NSFW photos at Nick's blog. They used an unsecure site and got busted just as they were finishing the shoot and as Nick said he "barely got his dick out of Coop's ass and Coop was still in a jock!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond Are Stockroom Cover Boys

Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond are on the cover of the Stockroom catalog that will be available at IML this weekend in Chicago. They will be there too! See their availability at Steve's blog. Plus, more NSFW photos. *wink, wink*

Cody Cummings Straight Porn

Dedicated to the boys at Stag Homme Studios.

Photos from Singapore

Sean recently gave me a scanner and I am just a scanner crazy gal! Here are some photos from my trip in 1997 to Singapore.

Below: This me in Nirvana. SHOPPING FOR JADE! The only issue is that I was not fabulously wealthy. But these lovely ladies were having a ball negotiating with me. I bought the two necklaces on the wall (left) and then showed them to a Malayan colleague (I was there to work, cough) who told me I got a really great deal, so I went back again and bought more!!!

I tried on so many bangles that my hands and wrist hurt! They had a lavender one that I was in love with, but it cost too much!!! But I did buy a bangle for my twin sister. It was mostly white with a dark red band and some bright green cloudy lines.

Below is a photo of me in the Chinese / Japanese Gardens Bonsai section. It was taken by a Japanese woman tourist who was there with her young son.

Here is a "small" sidewalk hazard that I saw in Holland Village. A chasm just opened up in the middle of the sidewalk, but never fear, there was a handy concrete tie that nimble pedestrians could step over to avoid falling into the bottomless pit!

Really!!! Could you imagine seeing this in the US??? Could you imagine the lawsuits??? I don't recommend that people dependent on wheelchairs visit Singapore, as in general things were not handicapped compliant at all that I could see.

If you want to read about the rest of my Singaporean adventure, just click on the label "Singapore" and they will all appear. Magic!