Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Steve Cruz & Bruno Bond Are Stockroom Cover Boys

Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond are on the cover of the Stockroom catalog that will be available at IML this weekend in Chicago. They will be there too! See their availability at Steve's blog. Plus, more NSFW photos. *wink, wink*


YvesPaul said...

All the pics are so hot. I especially like the wrestling one where Bruno is playfully lifting Steve.

Sue said...

I know! Aren't they great together???

T-Bird said...

Now yours is one of the odder blogs I have seen -- in a very good way. Lets see, tea cups, weaving, jade shopping, and great hummers. I suspect you are uncategorizable as being anything other than “you”.

Since you list “Koi Ponds” on your profile, I give you a link to two “Koi” themed posts (scroll thru the erotic art to the bottom two posts to see the “Koi”).


The wonderful paintings are by my blog duplex mate, Tony (and by guest artists who occasionally send me contributions). The erotica collages, lush rhododendron photographs, and the signiture "Saturday Night Soup" posts are my blog bits.

Cheers, Will