Saturday, May 02, 2009

Herodotus Comixxx: Vampyr Hunter

Don't you just love this illustration by Herodotus? Look at the smirk on the Vamipire's mug! Youi can tell he's done a nefarious deed already! But isn't that what Vampires do? Especially the gay ones; I hear they can suck golf balls through a hose! For realz. [Don't mind my bad humor, just enjoy Herodotus' work.]


LUCIEN said...

Enjoy every spooky fiendish detail of Herodotus' dripping erotica

Wolfpek said...

In the interest of shameless self promotion, I offer a link to the story

Anonymous said...

Great picture and I ll promote you
Wolfpek. hehe
Your wrestling stories were great
and so was the one about the Puritans.
I would love to see one for some reason on Batman and the Joker.
I guess we all have out vices.