Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Fantasy: Ecuadorian Equinox Part 2

Previously posted September28, 2007

Our flight from Baltimore to Atlanta took off on time, but due to thunderstorms, we circled the airport endlessly and landed late. Mr. Butterfly and I had to run up our concourse to the moving walkway and then run on the moving walkway to our next concourse to make our flight to Quito, Ecuador. We arrived out of breath, but glad to make our flight. Finally seated, we looked at each other in triumph. The rest of the flight went without incident.

When we got close to Quito we began to look out the windows for the airport. Where was it?

Finally we saw it right before we landed on it.

Mr. Butterfly and I grabbed our carryon bags and waited for what seemed like forever to get off the huge plane and made our way through the airport to baggage claim. We waited for our bags and snagged them off the carousel and made our way to customs and immigration. Once clearing that, we made our way to ground transportation to meet José.


Fortunately, he was holding a sign with our names on it, so we located him easily. He was young, cute and cheerful. José was going to be our translator, guide, technician, mountain climber, security guard and porter on this trip. We had to assemble a team of people who could assume multiple responsibilities to cover our needs. José could speak the language and knew his way around the country, so we sent him for training in mountain climbing and the technical aspects of botanical collection to fully utilize him on our team. We did the same with other members as well. Mr. Butterfly and I had also gone for some training in mountain climbing at certain points in our field experiences.

“Buenos días Señor y la Señora! I am José. I am pleased to meet you.”

“It is so nice to meet you José! You can call me Sue and this is Mr. Butterfly.” We all shook hands.

“My truck is just outside. Let me grab your bags and take you for a quick tour of Quito. Then we will head for the base camp and try to make it there before nightfall.”

We followed him outside and there was an off-white Toyota Land Cruiser. We stowed our gear in the back, and we all sat up front on the bench seat. Off we went for our tour of Quito.

We saw the Plaza Grande,

The San Francisco Plaza and Church,

The Presidential Palace,

La Compania de Jesus which has more than 1 ton of gold in leaf and other decoration used in the interior,

And a typical street scene.

Then we began to drive northeast towards Baeza and our base camp in the Mindo cloud forest. Some of the roads through the Andes were quite narrow. I felt quite tired and asked if I could go lie down in the back seat. Of course the guys agreed, so we pulled off the road and I got in the back and curled up across the seats. Mr. Butterfly reclined in the front seat to try to catch a nap also. We trusted José to drive us there.

Now that there was no conversation, José began to think of his teenage love, Trella. Her skin was as soft as cream, not like the Señora, the medico Fairview. That was not to say that the Señora’s skin was not nice, it was just not as soft as cream, it was that of an adult. His Trella had a beautiful young, lithe body with small perky breasts capped by brown nipples, a small waist, and soft little buttocks. The Señora had a similar body, actually she was probably in better physical shape than Trella, but he was in love with Trella’s youth, soft skin, tenderness, and untouched nature and virginity. He was the only man that would ever have her. Could he say the same of the Señora? So, he could not think of the Señora in a sexual way. He was too busy thinking of Trella. Her long black tresses, her black eyes, her soft loving form; these are what made his little mushroom headed cock stand to attention in the middle of the night. He just couldn’t wait to finish this job and rush home to marry her and finally make love to her. He inhaled deeply. They had gotten pretty close already and she was enjoying their encounters. This job would earn him the money to make his dream come true. Now that he had the training that this job provided, he could earn a living as a travel guide in his country in either the city or the jungle. He was pretty much set for life. José was a happy young man; he had everything he required for his universe, even his star.

José photo credit: Brawny Stud


Stan said...

So I guess Jose is straight then. What a shame but good for Sue! Damn, those gorgeous eyes just go right through you! Love that beard stuble, so hot looking (had to save his pic). What an Adonis!

Stan said...

Just noticed his cap says some kind of delivery service.....hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

This led to me looking up La Compania de Jesus. What an incredible building.

Great casting for Jose! Quite the looker...