Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stag Homme Is Coming Oct. 8th

Press Release:

Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse have started their own Spanish-based adult production company scheduled to be up and running October 8th, 2008 at www.StagHomme.com. The multimedia-website will not only feature Damien and Francesco as performers every month, but will also feature never-before-seen studs from Madrid as well as other cities in Europe, United States and South America.

The XXX-features will contain unscripted, real, up-close and personal sex including hot and daring guerilla footage as well as more creative fantasy content. The site will release two XXX-features as well as one release of backstage and deleted footage monthly.

The studio is also bringing "reality tv" to their site with two episodes monthly of "StagTV", where Francesco and Damien take you along on their trouble-magnetic adventures across the globe, taking their site's members deeper into the porn world. And yes, you can expect to find plenty of sexual content within the episodes.

StagHomme.com will give you even a closer connection to porn stars with "Coffee with the Stars" (a filmed interview of world-renowned pornstars once a month) plus two monthly opportunities to chat live with Damien and Francesco as well as any other porn stars who might drop by.

The site will feature an online store where you not only can buy various autographed DVDs and porn paraphernalia, but also more perverse items like filthy jocks, stinky high tops and abused articles of clothing used on set.

Members will feel like true members in this interactive community where viewers can rate and comment on the various content being presented. Your feedback will allow the studio to bring you the kind of content you truly want to indulge in.

Here's the trailer of Stag Homme Studio's first official XXX-feature, "While the City Watches", as well as a taste of Stag TV:

Visit: Stag Homme

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Paul's Photos at Folsom 2008

Paul avec Monsieur Sagat

This is just one of the many photos blogger friend of mine, Paul, took with his tiny cellphone camera in San Francisco yesterday at Folsom Street Fair, and some with a famous Porn Star. They are really worth seeing so go here and then if you have a flickr account you can see the nsfw ones. You won't regret it!

(As you might recall, I met Paul earlier this year at Folsom East.)

On The Set: To the Last Man

Source: Queer Me Now

Folsom & Blue Movie Wraps

Per Steve Cruz, Blue Movie wrapped last Saturday and the bust served to only spice up chemistry of the remaining scenes to be shot. Then he and the cast headed out to Folsom to celebrate.

Acting out the bust at Folsom

Colton Steele, Dillon Buck and Steve Cruz

Steve Cruz samples Hot House fresh meat Ethan Wolfe: Yummy!

Colton Steele tastes Jake Dakota's bone

Steve is amazed at the quality of Ethan's derrière.

There are many more photos at his blog as well as at Dillon Buck's blog.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Movie Review: Vicky Christina Barcelona

This movie was a delight! It was directed by Woody Allen and stars Javier Bardem, Scarlett Johanssen, Penelope Cruz, and Rebecca Hall.

Vicky and Christina go to Barcelona for the summer and while there they meet an artist named Juan who invites them both to a nearby town for the weekend of sightseeing and love making. Vicky, who is engaged is reluctant, but they both go. Trouble ensues when Juan's ex-wife reenters the picture.

I have decided that I must at all costs see Barcelona after seeing this movie. I was going to see it before, but now I really must. If nothing else, you must see the movie to see the city of Barcelona. As if that wasn't enough reason to see this movie, There is Javier Bardem. I almost passed out cold when he asked the girls to come away with him for the weekend. I was so there. Then throughout the rest of the movie he is so hot, oh my god! I could die! Oh yeah, and they all did that acting thing pretty well too. I didn't really like the ending, but Hollywood has spoiled me and I only really like happy endings. I accept that I am a spoiled American brat. But it was a typical Woody Allen ending. You know, the heart wants what it wants. So it goes.

This movie is a must see. I give it

**** of five stars.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fantasy - Iceland Investigation Part 7

Previously Posted April 27, 2007

Sue woke the next morning in pain. You know, sometimes when you have rough sex, you don’t realize how much pain you will be in the next day. But she got up for breakfast anyhow. She met Mr. Butterfly at the fire and drank some coffee that he had just made.

“Good morning!” she said.

“Good morning to you too! How are you today?”

“I’ve been better.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’m in a bit of pain from some rough sex last night with Pavel.”

“How much pain?”


“What do you mean enough? How much did he hurt you?”

“Not that much. Really I am okay.”

But it was too late. She had raised Mr. Butterfly’s defensive nature and he was on a tear.

“Pavel, would you please come out here?” said Mr. Butterfly.

After a brief time Pavel did and said, “Yes, Mr. Butterfly, what can I do for you?”

“Did you hurt Dr. Fairview last night?”

“Excuse me?”

“Let me repeat myself. Did you hurt Dr. Fairview last night during some rough sex?”

“Stop right now Mr. Butterfly, before it is too late! Pavel, you don’t have to answer that.” exclaimed Sue.

“Was what I did so different from what Volchuk did to you?” countered Pavel. He could see the look of surprise on Mr. Butterfly’s face and said, “Don’t you think that I have traveled before with Volchuk and know his ways?”

But Mr. Butterfly recovered quickly. He then responded with, “Yes. I could have stopped him with a word. I’m not so sure Sue could have stopped you.”

“I could have stopped Pavel. He did everything exactly as I wanted him to.” blurted Sue, replying to the response from Mr. Butterfly.

“Why yes I did Mr. Butterfly, I did and she loved every minute of it. It was all she could do not to scream with pleasure when I bit her ear and forced her to climax.” said Pavel with a leer.

That was it. Mr. Butterfly’s fist shot out and connected with Pavel’s chin, knocking a surprised Pavel to the ground.

Sue screamed, “Volchuk come quickly the men are fighting!”

Volchuk scrambled out of his tent in time to help Sue hold back Pavel as he got up from the ground ready to pound Mr. Butterfly.

“Boys, boys. Why don’t we all settle down to our jobs today and cool off. Pavel and I will go and study the geothermal phenomena and you guys will survey the plants and bugs. We won’t be in touch in until the end of the day. Sound like a plan?” said Volchuk, the voice of détente.

Sue agreed readily and grabbed Mr. Butterfly to drag him with her both physically an ideologically.

So after a hurried and silent breakfast, they split up to work for the day.

Sue and Mr. Butterfly marked off a large grid in a valley with string and counted each plant and insect species within each square meter area. Surprisingly there were even some orchids and even rarer, they saw one peacock butterfly that must have blown in from the UK. Of course, Mr. Butterfly had to take a photograph.

The data from each grid was recorded into a lab book and the data later entered into a laptop computer for analysis. In one day, they were able to do four such large grids. Then they were exhausted and returned to camp.

Sue couldn’t wait to get into the hot spring to relax and soak her painful areas. As soon as she got back to her tent, she stripped down, and made her way to the spring clad only in a towel. She got in quickly without even checking if the Russians had returned. God, it felt good to be in the hot spring.

Mr. Butterfly felt a bit guilty for popping Pavel and decided to make dinner as a peace offering. As he was preparing it, the Russians appeared and looked pretty dirty and tired. They noticed that dinner was being prepared and were thankful and then headed for the hot spring.

Dinner conversation was pretty subdued. Everyone was tiptoeing around, trying not to start a fight between Mr. Butterfly and Pavel. Sue was mortified that everyone knew her personal business. She just wanted to go to bed and forget the whole thing. She got her wish pretty quickly.

As she lay in her sleeping bag, the tent flap opened and it was Pavel. He came in and lay down beside her.

“So how sore are you?”

“Too sore to have sex with you tonight.” He frowned.

“Can I kiss it and make it better?” he said suggestively.

“Rain check.”

Pavel laughed at that answer. “I am sorry that you got hurt so bad. If I had realized that you were being hurt so badly, perhaps I would not have been so rough.”

“Who are you kidding Pavel? I wanted it exactly like that. I wanted exactly what you did to me exactly like you did it. I wouldn’t have had you any other way. It was all my foolishness. I just never realized I would be so hurt. Let’s not make such a big deal of it. I am sure I will be fine tomorrow. I’m sorry Mr. Butterfly hit you. I probably shouldn’t have made such a big deal about it to him.”

“That is okay. You guys are close and have no secrets. He just doesn’t understand your need for rough sex. But I do.” Then he smiled a wicked little smile. “I hope we get to do it again.”

Sue unzipped the sleeping bag and Pavel got in. He rubbed his erection on her ass crack and said, “I would love to fuck you here so I could watch your glorious ass as I pound it.”

“Oh, so it’s not enough that you hurt my pussy, you want to hurt my asshole now too?” She turned to look at Pavel’s face and he was just grinning. “I don’t think so. I am going to try to sleep now. Is that okay with you Dr. Sidorov?” But she began to think that she didn’t quite trust this man in bed with her. If she had truly decided not to have sex with him, would he have really raped her? He certainly wasn’t trustworthy enough to be her first for anal sex in any event. And that tool of his was way too wide for it too. She had to find someone gentle and more modestly endowed to investigate the back alley, so to speak, were she to go that way.

“Da. Go ahead and sleep. I will be right here if you need me.” he said as he winked at her. So they slept and Pavel held her as if he meant it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Scott Chases Our Blues Away

As Scott would say, click to engorge.

Source: Bill In Exile