Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Landing Mat Ordered Today!

Today I ordered a 7'6" x 4' and 12 cm thick Tiffen gymnastic safety mat for my trapeze. It will take 3 to 4 weeks for manufacture and delivery. I have also located and tried on my safety harness and it is in working order for when I swing on the trapeze.

Sean and I have watched videos of trapeze artists and have decided on how to construct it. We will use a stainless steel bar (about 1.25' diameter), with stainless steel chain attached at both ends with carabiners so that the height can be adjusted. Above that there will be stainless steel cable.

A carabiner

Then I will be able to post photos of myself where I look like this!


thonnibg said...

I`m sure you`ll have a great time on it!Looks exciting.

Cristiano Mancini said...

Ok, when everything is set , can I come over and play ? My lifetime dream is to be part of a Cirque du Soleil show !

Dillinger said...

yooo we have a trapeze school like 45 minits drive from me. Well generally a circus school. I might do some of there stuff. haha it's actually an out dated term in gymnastics crashmat now they are called landing matts lol.
congratz thoughs

Sue said...

Toni - I am very excited about it and feel like it will never happen! I can't wait!!!

Cristiano - Yes you can come play on it, but it may be late enough that you will miss seeing our fabulous leaves! :(

Dillinger - You are so lucky that you have a trapeze at school! We never did. I was only on my gymnastics team and did balance beam, vault and uneven parallel bars. Yeah, you are right, they called it a landing mat when I ordered it.

Thanks to everyone for their comments! :)

YvesPaul said...

Wow, another friend told me that he's learning trapeze as well. Is that what your Harley boots were for? lol.

dibern said...

you are too cool Sue. cant wait for the pics when its done!

Sue said...

Paul - how did you know???

Michelle - Aren't I though!!!