Saturday, September 20, 2008

Francesco D'Macho & the Mystery Man

Francesco D'Macho brings us a new video tonight from his and Damien Crosse's Staghomme Studios of himself and a "Mystery Man".

The Mystery Man is alone in the kitchen/laundry room and is already partially erect, as we can easily see as he gropes himself beneath his shorts. Francesco enters and is also already hard.

Francesco gains access to the other man's cock through his shorts leg opening and begins to blow him while jerking himself off. Almost at once, the Mystery Man's breathing speeds up audibly, making this video hot.

Later on in the video, the man begins to speak in Spanish, but even if you don't really understand the language, you know that he is saying that he is close to cumming and that what is being done to him feels pretty darn good. I found this part to be extremely hot. What surprised me the most is how long Francesco kept up this blow job and that he allowed the Mystery Man to cum into his mouth. Boy, you don't get to see that in porn too often!

Then Francesco stood to show us the cum on his pants and mingled the cum of the Mystery Man onto his own cock as if if had some special significance to him. This seemed really romantic to me.

Okay, this is what I think. I think the Mystery Man is none other than Damien Crosse and that we have been treated to a show of the partners having an oral session. So, let me know if I am correct or not Francesco.

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