Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blue Movie Bust!

You heard right girls and boys! Hear it from the source, from Steve Cruz himself:

In the middle of production on my first directorial project- 'Blue Movie', we got raided by the LAPD Detectives. I myself am not too clear on the details of why the location was sited... all I know is the raid resulted in production being shut down until we relocate the shoot to San Francisco this weekend. Am I Blue? Not at all... I look forward to resuming under more favorable conditions. This movie has far exceeded my expectations already. What seems like a set back is actually an opportunity... It bought me another day of production, more time to perfect my craft!

Here's the story as it ran on The Sword this evening:
"When Steve Cruz set out to film a porn that captured the sketchy, undercover eroticism of the late 70s, he couldn't have predicted how accurately it'd play out. Blue Movie, his directorial debut, was shut down today by the LAPD Vice Squad on the basis of an anonymous tip. It turns out the tip may not have been that anonymous.

"They clearly knew who we were and what we were doing," said Steve. "They asked for specific Falcon employees and verified my identity by my stage name. If this was an anonymous tip, it was only anonymous in that they wouldn't tell us who it called it in."

The shoot, which took place in a nondescript warehouse in Northridge, began filming on Sunday. Cruz was in the middle of shooting a sex scene between Dillon Buck and newcomer Colton Steele when several police officers entered and demanded to see a film permit. The production was shut down entirely costing thousands of dollars in lost wages and fines. The filming will be moved to San Francisco and resume later this week.

"We found it strange that the LAPD vice squad went through the trouble of entering private location to issue a mere citation," said Troy Prickett, Falcon's Director of Promotion. "It's the wrong department, and studios shoot on this set every week without problems. I hate to sound over-dramatic, but this was an inside job." Prickett declined to speculate further, but suggested there were few people who have both connections to LAPD, and an interest in disrupting Falcon production.

While we were on the set yesterday, we left (sadly) before all the excitement." -The Sword

Blue Movie Production Blog Coming Soon

For a full story on the production so far with pictures taken by the, Click here. The official blow by blow production blog with photos and interviews will be featured here from October through December when the movie releases.

The production crew waits outside for the vice squad to finish

Dillon Buck, Zak Spears prior to the bust

Dillon with Colton Steele

Photo source:
Dillon Buck


Anonymous said...

Wow, dramatic! And now I must know who has it out for Falcon?

However, Colton Steele has an even more exciting tale for his friends about his new career!

YvesPaul said...

And then the cops brought out a boom box and started stripping!

A guy can dream.

Adendatha aka Aden said...

hmm sounds like a conspiracy novel I once read, minus the hot guys and porn shoot lol!