Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last Night's Dream - The Latin Biker

I don’t know about you Doug, but I had the hottest dream last night!

I was riding my bicycle in my old neighborhood, when I was picked up by a Latin biker and his chick. He was mega hot and sexy with long dark hair and muscles, wearing a leather vest and his gal also had waist length hair and was voluptuous too. They asked if I was interested and I said that of course I was. So I gave them directions to my house and I followed them far more slowly on my bike. When I got there, they were already waking up the neighbors with the noise from their bike’s chromed mufflers.

I showed them in and to my surprise, they wheeled the bike in too and then right upstairs to my room. We took the three mattresses off the upstairs beds and put them on the floor. He took the front tire off of the motorcycle and rolled it over the white walls of my room, where it left the most intriguing patterns on the walls in blue, gray and black. They partook of drugs such as special k. Another hot Latin guy showed up and he was introduced as the biker’s brother. The chick and the brother soon passed out leaving me alone with the sexy biker.

The sexy biker and I had wild, sweaty satisfying sex all night. In the morning they all left, but I still had the tire tracks on my white walls to remind me of our evening of abandon.

What a dream! How did you sleep?

Photo Source: So Slowly


Doug said...

Hmmm I wonder what tire tracks on the walls signifies in dream language.

I vaguely remember dreaming last night. I think it may have been a variation on my usual: getting lost trying to find where I live. Not a sexy anything in sight, unfortunately (though Ricky Martin showed up in a dream a while back; I don't remember now what the context was).

Sue said...

Tracks on walls : loss of purity?

Doug said...

hmmmm . . .

Sue said...

I am sure that mom would make me paint over them anyhow. :( What would that mean in your dream language????