Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pleasant Dreams

Okay, here we go again. Just gaze into Hayden's green eyes, or are they blue, and feel yourself falling. I wonder what his cock looks like?

Does it look like this young man's? Hmm. It is probably cut. Not that this guy's cock is unattractive. Not at all. Actually it is quite edible looking.

Or is his cock more like this one? Too large you think? Looks great to me!

Here we go, this one looks just right!

Uh oh! This one is way too big! This man can hardly get his lips around it! I'd have no chance of blowing that one!

And here is your bed warmer for tonight - Daniel. Doesn't he look cuddly? He's waiting for you.

Source: Brawny Stud


modernguy said...

I dated a guy like the man in photo #5. It took awhile for me to learn how to um... accommodate it. But once I did... damn, it was good!

YvesPaul said...

I never thought it could be too big, even though my mouth can hardly get around it, it just add to the whole sensory overload. :)